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AMD AM4 CPUs: Ryzen 5 5600 (6C/12T) $289 ($282.20 w/Plus); Ryzen 7 5700X (8C/16T) $428.40 ($418.32 w/Plus) Shipped @ GGTech eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Link for Ryzen 5 5600: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402542770373?var=673533661908
It is the non-X Ryzen 5 5600 (SKU number is 100-100000927BOX, so it's the retail box version which has the wraith stealth cooler), only difference is 0.2GHz lower base and boost clock compared to the X variant (3.5/4.4 vs 3.7/4.6), it is not expected to notice the performance difference in real world usage.

Link for Ryzen 7 5700X — Only 9 units available: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402542770373?var=673533661909
SKU is 100-100000926WOF, and note the 5700X does not come with any cooler, just like the other X variants of Ryzen 7 and above line up for 5000 series.
The 5700X is also not too much different to 5800X, with 0.4GHz lower base clock, and 0.1GHz lower boost clock (3.4/4.6 vs 3.8/4.7). 5700X is rated at 65W instead of 105W for TDP, although I'm not sure whether the lower base clock is the cause of the lower TDP, or to fit a lower TDP of 65W, the base clock was intentionally lowered. Nonetheless, general usage wise the two CPUs would be considered to be virtually identical. Although for sustained full workload, the higher TDP rating of 5800X gives it a higher power usage allowance so higher speed, so probably ~10% higher performance. But of course, if you overclock, then these can all go out the window, and both CPUs can probably be treated as the same.

Bit of an OzCurrentMarketPrice post, as they are not much different from the street price of $285 for the 5600 and the street price of $429 for the 5700X, but it does give you free shipping and no surcharge with using CC or Paypal. So, good if you really want an upgrade on the AM4 platform and don't want to wait any longer?

Don't really expect the prices will fluctuate or go down too much in the next month, unless if Shopping Express is going to do a 10% off again soon (although I doubt as I guess the discount was to get rid of excess Ryzen X SKUs before these parts come to market), or until when Computer Alliance list these parts on eBay and when another CA eBay deal comes along.

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    We're late-gen for the Ryzen 5000 series, so I'd imagine prices will drop again soon, including the new models.

    These new variants represent an easy way to cheaply bin the Zen 3 chiplet run-offs from EPYC production lines.

    • It will be good to see lower prices. In writing that I am still surprised by the price of Zen 2 CPUs. Why there is even stock of Zen2 at stores so close to expected AM5 release.

      • Zen 2 EPYC is your answer there. Same thing happened for a long time with Zen 1.

    • +1

      How come you aren't hyping up the RTX 4000 series?

      • +1

        Do I have to do that in every post? :P

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    How do they fair against the 5600x and 5800x respectively? Because the former could be had for sub 300$ in a sale and the latter under or around $450. Not sure if going for the lower end sku is worth it when its only around 20-30 dollars difference?

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      Considering they are pretty much the same chips with only clockspeed difference, the performance is expected to vary by clockspeed difference too. The clockspeed difference between 5600 and 5600X is ~5%, I'd expect the performance difference to be just 5% too. The 5600X was on sale for similar price but I don't find the lower prices any more. The discounted price was likely to sell off excess inventory of the 5600X, as now the 5600 is released, nobody is going to buy the more expensive 5600X unless if it is within 5% price difference, as they are virtually the same chip, and the 5% performance difference is very hard to notice in real world usages.

      The 5700X/5800X comparison is more interesting by a very tiny amount, as the lower base clock gives it a lower TDP rating. In short, the higher TDP rated 5800X can work at higher base clock so at full sustained workload, it might be ~10% faster. Although again, 10% performance difference might not be noticeable, depending on your workload.

      • +1

        thats nice to hear, thanks for the write up!

    • 5600 is very very close to 5600x in terms of gaming performance, there is only a 1~2% of difference when using a 3080, the 5700x hasn't been tested yet, but I would assume it wouldn't perform so far apart from 5800x.

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      Gamers nexus tested the 5600 non X.. its 99% identical to the 5600x… the 5700x will be the same with the 5800x

      They will be reviewing that too soon.

      These prices are still too high for outgoing generation chips…. zen 4 comes out end of year

  • For new system, it's still better to go with alder lake isn't it?
    I mean 5700x vs 12600 probably alder lake is still faster and cheaper, and already have iGPU as well?

    • Plus you've got a potential upgrade path with intel (there's talks of the 13th Gen parts working on z690 boards and lower skus), where as this is end of the line for AM4 it seems?

    • +1

      My opinion is go for AM4 if it is significantly (and i mean very significantly) cheaper. Otherwise Alder Lake.

    • Yes, though early DDR5 has been a disappointment in terms of advancing speed and timings quickly.

      Depending on what you're coming across from, there's a good argument for waiting for Zen 4 and Intel 13th gen to push that market into gear, and both should have iGPUs in the mix.

      • +1

        Those should come out Q3-4 this year isn't it?
        Don't we all love competition?

  • Not much info about the 5700x but I love that its finally here. Trying to see how much it improves perf over my 3700x.

  • There are some gaming benchmarks here with the 4500, 5500, 5600 & 5700X, but I'm still waiting for someone more reputable like Gamers Nexus to do a full review;


    As far as I can tell, these new CPU's can make sense for in socket upgrades, but are still not recommended for a new build. Instead an Intel i3-12100f (budget) or i5-12400f (mid-ish range) with a B660 DDR4 board seems to be the way to go.

    The Intel i3-12100f is on sale for $149 delivered atm, and exceeds the $229 Ryzen 5500 in gaming performance in most situations, Counter Strike being an exception. The only 'problem' is the B660 boards are ~$200.

    I'm tempted to upgrade from a 1600AF to a 5500, and 1660s to a 3060 and try recoup costs by selling my old components as a final upgrade this gen, but just as tempted to hold out and hope next gen doesn't drop with a massive price increase yet again.


    There's also Linux benchmarks for the 5500 if it interests anybody;


  • I'm getting a price of $286.35 after applying the code and i'm an ebay plus member. Must have been jacked…

    • Yup, looks like they jacked it =S

      I will expire the post as it is even more OzMarketPrice than before.

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