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Pizza Hut - 100% Cashback ($15 Cap, All Promo Codes Allowed) @ Cheddar App


I'm pretty sure Cheddar are monitoring and providing direct responses to a lot of these SB and CR deals.

100% Cashback.
$15 Cap.
Today only.

Take advantage of Tuesday 2for1.

  • Up to 10 days to track.
  • Not redeemable via Pizza Hut App
  • Pizza Hut promo codes allowed (official)
  • Cashback ineligible for cash payment
  • Cashback ineligible on Sunday and Pub Hol surcharges
  • Cashback ineligible for Zip Pay or other 3rd party codes
  • Cashback eligible for both delivery and pickup
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      • Hey, curious what (if any) is the minimum amount required in order to withdraw?

      • It currently shows as Pending cashback. Are there any requirements for that $50 bonus? Or the only requirement is to sign up? Cheers

      • +1

        Thanks but Pizza hut promotion suppose to be for today. What happened to that?
        IF you do that again you will lose trust of OZbargainers

  • +2

    Signed up for cheddar with the $50 bonus link, and purchased pizza hut with paypal. $50 showed as pending in account immediately. Pizza tracked after 30min or so.

  • +1

    Yeah…ill give this time to clear up. What time does the promo end?

    • Appears to be today only, no mention of time so midnight i guess … app currently says "1 day left"

      • Well…guess not. #Shitshow

  • -1

    mine didnt track? and I used mobile data, their app, their browser, paid using cc.

    do i email their help with screenshot of the order for it to work?

  • +1

    I only see 7% for pizza hut. Are there any steps I need to activate the offer?

    • There will be two pizza hut banners - click the 100%

      • +1

        me too, no 100%

    • +4

      Opposite experience for me. Instant tracking with CR every time.

  • +5

    How do i ascertain if it is the Cheddar browser or not? Once I completed my order, and click the x up top, it brings me back to the Cheddar App.
    Assuming I am using the Cheddar browser. @getcheddarapp, can you confirm?

    • I was wondering same. It does look like Cheddar browser if it brings back to App after clicking X. It would be so good if App can have FAQ to answer all these type of questions.

    • +1

      Same query, I made a purchase.. Will update you if it tracks

      Edit - tracked ๐Ÿ‘

      • Mine has tracked as well.

    • https://imgur.com/QSoMfgz

      Does that count as in app browser? I think that's a custom tab?

  • When i click the pizza hut link in cheddar, it says VOUCHERNOTFOUND, is that normal?

    • yup, happened to me many times before with Cashrewards/Shopback. I just proceed as normal

  • +1

    If you work at pizza hut on Tuesday…might want to take a sicky!

  • +1

    Just purchased. Would I need to wait for an in-app notification to confirm that it's tracked?

  • App is a bit of a hassle to use however the offers are good enough to make me deal with it. If you use ubereats you need to remove the app itself from your phone otherwise it won't work.

    However I signed up using the link for the $50 signup bonus and placed an order a few days ago but there's no mention of it in my account at all, only the normal cashback for the purchase itself (which means it did successfully track). Have contacted their support so hopefully they can rectify it.

    • How long it takes to track? Just made a pizza hut purchase. How long it will take to show up in pending transactions?

      • The actual uber eats order itself tracked almost instantly. But no mention of the $50 bonus unfortunately.

        • -1

          Hi there,

          If you can't see the $50 cashback bonus straight away could you please email our customer support so they can fix it for you?

          [email protected]


  • hm PayPal on the Pizza Hut site doesn't seem to be working in the browser, can't enter my credit card number either

    • nvm changed to desktop site and it worked

  • I ordered 30m ago and no tracking confirmation yet. Also no sign of the $50 new user bonus.

    • +1

      Hi there,

      If you can't see the $50 cashback straight away could you please email our customer support so they can fix it for you?

      [email protected]

      Regarding the tracking, please note that some transactions can take up to 10 days to appear in your Cheddar profile.

      Have a good day!


      • Is there a way to confirm that it will track? I took a screenshot of my pizza hut order confirmation within the cheddar app browser just in case as proof…

        • -2

          Hi there,

          Our tech team is working on a click history within the next few updates.

          If after 10 days you can't see it, please e-mail us with details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the receipt showing items purchased, breakdown of total amount spent, and the date of purchase, so we can investigate the transaction for you!

          [email protected]


          • @getcheddarapp: Thank you. I stayed with the cheddar app, used WiFi and purchased via PayPal. Is that okay?

            Are we allowed to purchase via PayPal? I did this per habit from Shopback pizza hut deals.

      • +1

        Hi, where is the link for the $50 bonus for signing up?

      • Hey Mate
        I clicked through the pop up box for Pizza Hut. But just after I finalized the order, when going back to Cheddar app, a pop up box "deal has expired" came up. There is no tracking info, what do I need to do? (App is a bit laggy)

  • I didn't realize you had to stay in the app, it took me out to to the chrome browser and I ordered it without thinking.

    Oh well.

    • +2

      Call your Pizza Hut store. I made a mistake once, and they were happy to refund back to original payment method. And cashback was approved on top too lol

  • +2

    My local pizza hut is so so bad I wouldn't even eat it for free. Literally massive patches with zero ingredients on their loaded pizzas.

    I'm sure it depends on the franchise. Avoid pizza hut North Balwyn!

    • I go for the Ben & Jerryโ€™s icecream ๐Ÿ˜

  • +6

    Just want to say that whoever is running the cheddar OzB account is doing a great job.

    Didn't even directly ask them for help but I had made a comment mentioning that my $50 bonus hadn't tracked. Within 10mins I had a DM from them asking for my email and within 5mins I had $50 credited to my account.

  • Is the deal expired?

  • Ordered pizza, no tracking confirmation.

    No sign up $50 new user bonus.

    Eamil send no respond yet.

    • +1


      Pizza, tracked

      Sign up bonus credited by team.

  • Clicked on the deal through app, mid order it tells me it's expired and now I can't see it anymore? Any ideas?

    • I think so, can't see the deal anymore on the app, was pretty sure it's 1 day timer previously. Ozbargained I guess

      • That's sad, especially being right about to order too… :(

        • same here. i was trying to fix the app opening into a default browser and next thing its expired…

  • +1

    I can only see 7% cashback on the Cheddar App for Pizza Hut. Is it expired? I assumed it was for the whole day, or at least till 5pm?

    Edit: Turns out I joined just as it expired. Time to go back to Shopback

    Edit 2: Deal expired despite still being advertised on their website. Convinced me to join up despite it not existing. Misleading/false advertising.

    Edit 3: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/say-cheese-cba-launches-che...
    Hard to believe it is a CBA venture since CBA usually is more customer-orientated than this.

    • +1

      Itโ€™s not really as the Ts & Cs clearly state:

      Deals are subject to change or remove without notice by the Merchant.

      • +4

        60 mins is too short, like baited sign up, negative star

      • +1

        Hey, WoodYouLikeSomeCash, you are the Dominos employee right?

      • Well they are going to lose customers then.

    • +2

      Hahaha.."CBA are more customer friendly than this"…

      CBA are the absolute worst.

      I called every day after work for 5 weeks. Never got through.

      The app has a message / chat service that only works if applying for a new card or loan. Existing customerams directed back to phone.

      Credit cards no longer have any contact phone numbers on them whatsoever.

      So i left a message (pretending it was new card application so it would work)

      Said my card was stolen two months ago. Here is my log of all the times i have tried to contact you. Also lodged a report with AFCA.

      So this sounds EXACTLY like CBA…Cant Be Assed bank.

  • Is this deal expired already? I see two peeps have marked as expired.

  • Says deal is expired…

  • Deal is expired now as you can see from their T&C

    Deals are subject to change or remove without notice by the Merchant.

  • +11

    A bit dodgy, it said it was available all day and itโ€™s already expired!

  • +2

    true, expired early. I was thinking of ordering sometime in the afternoon.

  • @getcheddarapp I just placed a pizza hut order via the app and when I returned to the app page, it said the deal expired.
    I felt cheated. Will my cashback still be considered because when I visited pizza hut via the cheddar app, the deal was not expired!

    • As long as you have clicked on that deal and made the order, you will get the cashback.

      • Thanks, Indeed, I clicked the deal > visited pizzahut via that app browser itself > placed the order > returned to main cashback page > deal expired.

        I will keep an eye on my cashback status as for now I got no cashback notification.

        • Same with me

    • Same with me, but good news is that I got my cashback after 40 minutes. No need for you to worry.๐Ÿ˜„

  • +2

    Just sign up… To claim $50…. What should i buy now ???

    • +1

      Most of the everyday retailers are on there, like Chem Warehouse, BigW etc. Just buy one cheap item.

  • +3

    Signup-baited, only to find the deal expired

  • +1

    Cheddar app useless, just freezes, cant complete order.
    Useless today anyway.

  • +1

    Cashback for Pizza Hut just tracked for me. 30 mins after transaction

    • same for me. I hope they are working to improve the App to give us more certainty on tracking.

  • Err are there any minimum spend or purchase conditions to get the $50 sign up after the 10 days are up? Ended up missing out on the pizza order.

    • Nop, just order $3 unreal pizza with 7% cashback offer from APP.

  • +4

    Signed up and then the 100% cashback was removed

    • Same :( and the cheddar app is horribly slow too

  • +3

    Expired early joke

  • made the order at
    11:53am (melbourne time) from Cheddar app and pay by credit card

    not tracked yet

    —— my bad—-

    i found i had to click 'more info' then i can find it has been tracked

  • Paid at 11:59 (AEST) for 2 for Tuesday with Paypal, tracked about half an hour later.

  • Signed up to cheddar for this, was about to order then noticed it expired. What a joke

  • +2

    Click here to revoke your vote after this BS of expiring conveniently just before lunch time despite saying all day.

    Won't bother about all these shitty upstarts and just use CR and SB.

    • +1

      With this said, more competition is healthy and good for everyone. But they really need to make their first impressions stronger if they want to enter a saturated market.

      • +3

        Agree, I'd love some decent competition but one that doesn't fleece people.

        No communication. Store rep was online but made no effort to explain, apologise etc.

      • Yeah, you don't want a monopoly/duopoly and then all of a sudden data hack *cough

  • +2

    Bait and switch

  • +3

    Registered an account and when I clicked, it showed this deal is expired……..what the hell….

  • Damn it!

  • This maybe a dumb question, but does the $15 cap mean the refund amount capper at $15, or does the order total should be less than or equal to $15

    • The former dumb question

    • Cap = maximum earnable cashback

  • -1

    Only one publisher can have 100% from PH so Cheddar broke the rules. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰

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