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Sofirn HS10 USB-C Rechargeable 1100lm LED Headlamp US$19.60 (~A$26.20) Delivered @ Sofirn Official Store AliExpress


Great price on the new head/pocket lamp from Sofirn that features Type-C charging, magnetic tailcap, pocket clip and IPX8 waterproof rating. Check out review for more info.

As a comparison selling for $40 from their official site, $65 on eBay and Amazon US

To get price in title:

  • Select Sofirn HS10 with 16340 battery
  • Apply promo code 2BUFGQAND4DZ at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • A nice torch, Sofirn torches are good, but I prefer HS05 that can use AA/14500. Does size really matter?

    • +2

      Yes, if you have a practical use for one.

      21700 master race

      • +1

        26650 master race

      • It's how you use it that counts! (I'm mostly still rocking the 18650s.)

      • I've got a couple of PL47, too heavy for every day. SP40 is ok but HS05 or Maker E02/E03 are much more comfortable

  • +2

    I want to buy one. Just need to know what kind of things I can use it for

    • +7

      Running at night, walking the dog at night, camping, checking on weird noises around the house at night

      • +3

        I have a long security one just for the last reason.. 😉

    • +2

      squid fishing, camping…

      • May I ask how do you do squid fishing at night ?

        • +1

          get squid fishing gears, winter jacket and lots of patience that's how

    • +18

      Illuminating things you couldn't previously see due to lack of light

    • Fishing, crabbing, handyman work, looking for something you dropped. If you ever need to work under they table, hood of something, they're incredibly handing if you make use of them.

  • +2

    Is there a headlamp like this with warm white instead of cool?

    • There's the option on the item page… It's just out of stock at the moment.

    • +2

      There are so, so many. The reddit flashlight sub is a deep and winding rabbit hole.

      • +7

        Just don't go to the fleshlight sub

        • Also a deep and winding hole.

  • 1100lm, 35 grams, 1.5h charge time and $26

    I feel like there is a catch.

    Leading brands in this space cannot achieve the above in $2-300 models.

    • +5

      Sofirn is an excellent brand for price to quality.

      • +3

        After some googling it looks like battery life is a catch.
        105 minutes on medium (200lm)
        55 minutes on high (1100lm)
        That might be OK for some, it depends on your purpose.
        I wonder if the lm is accurate of if this is another catch.

        • +1

          Those runtimes are about right for a 16340.

          The reported lumens for Sofirn torches are usually accurate.

          • +1

            @dust: "The reported lumens for Sofirn torches are usually accurate"

            I believe it's quite the opposite from reviews and testing I looked at

        • +3

          There's no way it will sustain 1100 for 55 minutes. The way they specify is that it will be in high mode for 55 minutes but not at high lumen. It will drop down to maybe 400 after a minute.

      • +1

        Can confirm, SP36 Pro just arrived today. It's a FAT CHODE.

    • +1

      Very short run time is the catch. No runtime specified but at 1100lm it will ramp down fast

    • +3

      My friend, yes, yes they can. There's a shitload at the $60-$100 mark, and no, the brands you know are not "leading" in the space by any metric.

      I warmly invite you to peruse the flashlight subreddit.

      Example #1 : Check out the Fenix HP25R, at it's pricepoint. Amazing.

      • -1

        Your one example is 1000lm, 183g & 4 hour charge time.
        How is that relevant when comparing it to this 'deal'? (Claimed 1100lm, 35 grams, 1.5h charge time and $26)

        The brands I know are leading for my purpose which is trail running and the HP25R doesn't get a look in for this market but hey, it might be great for you.

        • I'd be keen to hear about some of these as a wannabe trail runner :)

          • +1

            @drprox: No such thing as a wannabe runner. If you run, you are a runner.

            It depends on what you're doing, if you're pottering around some fire trails for a couple of hours at a time then I liked the look of Biolite 330. It is very lightweight and you will barely know you are wearing it. I have tried one out but dont own one, some reviews question the quality so I wouldnt rely on this if you're in the middle of nowhere.

            If you're doing all-nighters and need to go all night and light up the path then some suggestions are:

            Ayup - Australian brand, very highly regarded, you will notice instantly when someone has an Ayup as they light up the night. Long battery life, downside is that it is heavy and fiddly with a separate battery.

            Petzl - I have the swift RL, reactive lighting so it will brighten/dim depending on your surroundings, This increases battery life significantly. Very bright, only 100g and very comfortable to wear. Petzl Nao+ is another strong option.

            Ledlenser have some highly regarded models as well, I dont know which models but I know a few runners happy with them.

            Again, it depends on your use as all options have a compromise whether it is weight, size, brightness, battery life. You can find lights that can be charged while being used if you can deal with running at night with a battery pack and cable lol.

            I have a couple of all-nighters coming up and I am going with Swift RL as primary and might replace my crappy Black Diamond backup with a Biolite 330.

            • +1

              @JelIyfish: Thanks so much for the detailed reply! At the moment I'm stuck around the 20km mark but looking to push it on up, such a good sport :)

              I used to have an ayup many moons ago for cycling, they were the golden standard for a while!

              • @drprox: I’m by no means an expert but I have found that getting over 20km comes down to hydration and nutrition. You can kind of ‘wing’ 20km without supplies but getting to 30km relies on a solid plan. Just remember that long runs are meant to be easier effort and at conversational pace, keep the HR in zone 1 & 2 and you will be able keep going. Main thing is to just have fun!

            • +3

              @JelIyfish: You have just named 3 mainstream but relatively trash brands. It's like someone asking for a craft beer and you recommend heineken, corona and VB.

              I'll refer you to this list for a starter : https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/tfz3y3/good_hea...

              Even the high end, ultra premium boi's are less than your $200-$300 range.

              • -1

                @Obsidiate: I had a look at some suggestions on that list. Many aren't up to scratch for battery life and many look bulky and are heavy for my purpose.

                In real world experience I will stick to the brands used by the people winning the events in the global arena.

                I would start by looking at the trail running subreddit and then headlamps, not light subreddit and then 'jogging'. You're not going to find many trail runners on a flashlight forum, on the other hand every trail runner has a headlamp.

                But hey, you do you, and if you're happy with your gear then great.

                • @JelIyfish: Taking torch advice from a runner instead of a torch nerd is like taking car advice from a taxi driver instead of a mechanic.

                  • -2

                    @Sillen: Right, cause the people actually using them don't know anything, and advice should be taken from a neck-beard subreddit. Please let me know when your TED talk is scheduled.

                    The suggestions here have been rubbish, but all power to you. I asked for suggestions for the best option available @ $200 and got something that lasts 30 minutes, that is laughable.

              • -2

                @Obsidiate: Just curious, if you had to pick one model for ~A$200 for trail running. What would be your recommendation?

                I am intrigued to see what you come up with and whether it is a model anyone in the running community uses.


                • @JelIyfish: It doesn't matter what the running community is using if the running community doesn't know better. They'll probably recommend something Petzl. Sure, they'll do the job.

                  The nitecore NU25 fits the bill, and the new nitecore ut05 looks interesting. The H04RC Mini is going to tick all the boxes too, cheaply.

                  Or you just get a a zebralight right angle light, drop the recharging internally, and get mil spec, lightweight, compact lights that have far better efficiency than the other marques.

                  • +2

                    @Obsidiate: Sorry but the NU25 doesnt cut it, the options I listed (ayup, swift RL) will operate all night @ 300 lumens. NU25 will operate for 30 minutes. It's not a matter of runners not knowing the space, it is a matter of runners using what is suitable for their purpose, there is no entry test to open up the flashlight subreddit so please don't act as though the information is somehow exclusive. 30 minute run time might be fine for you but not for me.

                    I have a couple of Nitecore torches that came strongly recommended on similar lists of what was best available at the time. I find both of them to be pretty crap and have major flaws including extreme overheating, I guess as a result I take reddit lists with a grain of salt and prefer to talk to people in the actual space.

                    • @JelIyfish: I know this is late to the convo but I'd love to suggest the Acebeam H40 (hi-cri) as a head torch for any runners out there, as it's the one I've used for a few years now. It has a great headband, is cheap for the quality, has a ramping UI and can use AA/14500. Cheers

                      • @bananabendera: No worries. We are talking a different language.
                        I am recommending options that will last 10-12 hours overnight @ 300 lumens.
                        The models that has been suggested to me will last 30-90 minutes which isn't even a warm up :)

                        …but apparently I don't know anything about lights (ha!)

      • All of the lighting aficionados hang out at budget light forum.

      • You're recommending an XML2 headlight in 2022? They are so dated now. And awful for the price.

        • Cree did just release that new edition of the XML2, looks like a flip chip design. Got one on the way.
          Not many lights using the XML3 still.

    • 'leading' brands sell you an image or perception of quality, the cost of this marketing is passed onto the consumer, therefore, price to performance is skewed to favour price for higher profits.

  • Any one that has this can you test to see if it will charge with a USBC to USBC cable?

    • According to someone on Reddit, it does. Waiting for mine to arrive so I can't verify for you

  • How is this one compared to other headlamps?

  • +1

    Not Tactical. Pfffft

    • require red light for work

  • How are the modes controlled with this torch? Do I need to shuffle through the entire library just to turn it on and off?

    • No, just a single click on and off.
      Long press to cycle through low/moon, med, high, turbo/bright
      Double click to turn straight on into turbo mode.
      Triple click for strobe (horrifying), then double click to go from strobe to SOS.

  • +1

    Grabbed one for when I do any work in the roof. Replacing a yearrrrrrrs old led lenser that needs 4*AA lol!

  • Thanks adr8! Can't say no to LH351D hi-CRI!
    It'll join my SP40 and other friends

    • How do you find the SP40? I think the battery life of the HS10 is too short for trail/night running, but is the SP40 too big and heavy ?

      • Yeah, SP40 is a bit heavy and it might flop around while running. You could get an 18350 tube for it but the overall size is still larger than something like a ZebraLight H600Fc Mk IV 18650 headlamp and the 18350 capacity is about 1/3rd of an 18650.

        Skilhunt H04 RC Mini 18350 is smaller and the headband is better. The beam is narrow.

        I prefer a ZebraLight H600Fc Mk IV due to the floody beam.

        Runners might have better suggestions.

      • I don't run with the SP40 so can't comment. It's great for working on stuff in the yard after dark or crawling the the ceiling space or just night walks.

        Could do with better headband like Tim said but good enough for me.

  • Would be be good for
    1. Dog walks after sunset?
    2. Dog ear inspection?
    3. Car detailing - working on swirls, scratches, and waxing/polishing?

  • +1

    Received mine today. Great little torch.

    Might take me a while to remember the button sequences for the various mode. Also wish the tailcap magnet was stronger.

    • After using it for a day, I've discovered some minor issues:

      • The charging port is recessed, so some USB-C Cable won't fit in the port
      • No indicator for when the battery is full? - Not sure if mine is defective, as I've charged overnight and it's still green
      • I received my 2 yesterday - they both blink red when charging and go solid green when full.
        I agree on the USB port being recessed, a few of my cables don't fit in the space.
        Overall it's exactly what I wanted though - a very light headlamp that's USB-C.

        • they both blink red when charging and go solid green when full.

          Interesting, mine is always solid green when plugged in (even with low/flat battery)…

          • @RichardL: I had the same problem until I removed the orange cardboard inside the battery compartment?

            • @bongom: Forgot to update my post. I solved the issue by completely draining the battery and now it charges with the correct indication lights.

  • -1

    ordered on the 9th April still have not arrived.

    This is ridiculous

  • Mine says delivered but it hasn't been. What's the recourse for aliexpress

    • +1

      For me AliExpress tracking says delivered, but if you put the tracking number into the Australia Post tracker, it gives up to date tracking that reflects its actual status.

      • Thanks. It finally arrived yesterday.

      • Found this too, after messaging the seller. Arrived today

  • still have not arrived, it has been 20 days since purchase

  • Just got mine, very powerful little light!

  • Got mine delivered today. Agree with above comments, it packs a lot of light for something so compact. I also have the HS40 which is effectively the same featurewise except uses a larger(18650) battery. I can see this being my go-to to carry light to stuff into a pocket for a quick walk at night and just another one to add to the growing flashlight collection.

  • finally got the light. very happy with it

  • Good little torch but I can't seem to figure out how to strap up the headband. Not sure if its missing something but the ends don't connect and I've weaved it this way and that without it staying in a locked position. Tried to Google photos of how the strap should be and nothing on YouTube either.

    • +5

      Took me a bit to figure it out too

      You have to thread the clip with the split through the other one(with the wider gap, tilt it almost sideways to get it to fit through the hole, then with the split clip overlapping the band of the wide clip, pinch the band vertically and slip it through the split clip so that half of the band sits in the longer prong of the clip and then pull it through so the other half of the band comes through the gap and gets jammed in toward the top of the clip.

      Finished product should look like this

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