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Quest Protein Bars 60g x 12 Bars $12 + Delivery (Free Shipping w/ OnePass) @ Catch


$1 a bar is great value, do note these are close to expiry.

Chocolate Brownie - Exp 24/4/22
Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut - Exp 7/5/22

If paying for shipping, just sign up for OnePass ($4/month) and shipping will be free. Way better than paying $6.95 for shipping or $3.47 for C&C (in metro areas).

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  • +2

    Anyone else get ridiculously blocked up from these?

    • +21

      I think you're inserting it in the wrong end.

    • +1

      Bloated haha? For me then no, but it could be caused from its fibre or whey content

    • Yeah they do make you a bit constipated.

  • -2

    Still have about 30 free dinosaurs bars left from their “special”. I don’t think these are any better. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/690262

    • +3

      If you're referring to the protein bars from Blue Dino then they aren't even comparable. Idk what they put in their protein bars but they taste horrible (feels like I was scammed though they were free lol). These are way better in taste at least.

  • +1

    Worth noting that these are "short dated" (best before 25/04/2022), but that doesn't worry me.

    Also, the Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut version is the same $12 (and slightly longer best before date, 07/05/2022) in case you prefer that flavour (or just like variety ;)


  • +5

    taste like bat poo

    • +1

      Bad or bat?

      • +1

        But would bad poo taste good?

  • +2

    FYI Quest bars are on special for $2.25 each at Woolworths this week too.

  • +7

    These are not good.

    • I haven't tried these ones, but the other flavours like cookie dough & mint are quite nice. Have any recommendations for other brands?

      • -1

        Max’s protein bars are probably best in my opinion. Tad expensive though

      • +1

        Catch has grenade carb killer bars on sale. They are amazing https://www.catch.com.au/product/12-x-grenade-carb-killa-hig...

      • +1

        Yeah, I dont know why some people rave about them. They are very ordinary, I find quite low quality. But better than musashi and that ilk. Generally some of the US brands, much better texture and taste than the aussie bars. You could also try some of the chocolate bars that come with higher protein if you want taste with just some increase in protein.

  • I've had both. Chocolate brownie doesn't taste that nice and doughnut tastes more like a cinammon bar. Definitely better quest bars around and other protein bars are usually better than quest.

    • Fair enough. Cookie dough, mint or double choc are probs my fav, haven't tried these two flavours though.

  • $1 per bar is a deal, just freeze them

  • +1

    8 seconds in the microwave makes these 9999x better

    • That's very precise but you haven't provided a wattage, don't want to accidentally microwave it 1 second too little or long.

      • This is true, I suggest starting with 5s on your microwave and working up from there

  • +1

    Tried these in oreo flavour that people rave about… god what a mistake.

    It not only tastes like uncanny valley, I somehow get hungrier for eating them.

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