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Hunter x Hunter - Complete Series 2011-2014 (Limited Edition Blu-Ray) $166.62 (RRP $299.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a good deal, lowest according to Camel x3

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    Is this the complete complete, or until the long break complete?

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      I'm assuming it covers all the 2011-2014 remake (Hunter Exam Arc to the Election Arc).

      • Thanks

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      Lol not sure if we would ever have the chance to see the completion of the story

      • +5

        I know. The guys been sick for years now. Hopefully he gets better soon so we can get to the end.

        This and One Piece is still on my reading list.

        • +5

          It's chronic back pain. Wouldn't hold your breath that things will improve significantly.

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            @Ezuku: His wife is the sailor moon author and he has told her the ending, so if he really is done with the series it still might be finished

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            @Ezuku: I think there's no passion left or motivation to finish it.

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              @JL1: Totally agree. The back pain thing I think is just a more socially acceptable way of saying he really doesn't want to. I imagine between him and his wife he is so well to do financially there's not really an incentive for him to continue if he doesn't really want to.

              The current point he's at though it's just so complex I imagine it's a bit of a nightmare to write, especially if it's been 3 years since he last did so.

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            @Ezuku: could he not get others to do the bulk of the work under his direction to continue the story?

            • @QuickdraW: He apparently doesn't use assistants as much as many other authors and wants it that way. I think it's what is leading to his burnout and lack of interest. He has apparently also made it very clear he doesn't want anyone to take it over.

              • @Ezuku: However he did tell his sailor moon wife 🤣 if anything happens to him, she will be the one to complete hxh.

        • So sad that the Beserk author passed away. Really deserve to see the ending to that fantastic Manga. That crap CGI anime they made a few years ago is a spit in the face to the awesome 90s Beserk anime.

      • Wish it could have an ending. Or just more chapters.

      • +3

        Not sure why he didn't just finish it at one of the natural stopping points instead of going on his most ambitious and complex arc yet which he has no chance of completing.

        • It's his legacy mate. The thing people will remember him by.

          • +3

            @sh4hp: Not being able to finish as opposed to creating one of the best manga ever?

          • @sh4hp: Being overly ambitious and having probably the longest and most frequent hiatus? Not finishing his work?

            It's fantastic work, don't get me wrong, but there was a very natural stopping point he could have taken. If he was feel ambitious he could have started a relatively modest arc. Instead he's started an epic level complexity arc which is a precursor for an even more epic and long arc. As it is the chance of it even getting completed is zip.

            His last time he consistently completed manga was in 2006. He has been on a 3y 4m hiatus. It's never going to get completed, and it would be a miracle if we manage to even get to the end of the arc. It's not so much on hiatus as basically cancelled at this point.

            It's a fantastic series, and I've recently reread it, but it's obviously going to go the way of berserk.

    • Ah, so it isn't complete, I thought for sure this was still going somehow.

      • Technically still ongoing if the author ever finishes. There's a couple of arcs of content rn

        • Ah, the G.R.R. Martin approach

          Speaking of which, not sure if he's gonna finish his own stuff before he conks out

          • @dbmitch: That's not a nice way to say it but I see your concern. If they enjoy writing then keep going I guess. But Hunter x Hunter has stopped for so long.

            HBO chose to end the series that way, I wish for a better ending in the books.

            • @JL1: There's not a whole lot of confidence if it's been since 2014 and they have released this 'compete' edition. Like they pretty much plan to not make any more anime of it even if he does resume writing.

  • +3

    One of my favourite!

  • +2

    get in quick as i reckon it will be oos soon

  • +8

    This is by far my most favourite anime show of all time ^^

    • Have you not watched Sailor.Moon? It will impact your statement.

      • which one?

        Crystal is not bad imo

      • Doesn't Sailor Moon have a middle school student dating a University student

      • +1

        Funfact, the creator of HxH is married to the creator of Sailor Moon!

    • +2

      I'd recommend Full Metal Alchemist

      • +4

        Brotherhood was awesome.

  • Want to collect anime, but they are alway so expensive

    • I used to collect the non English versions of the manga which are cheaper, but cannot find some older stuff. I really wanted to collect the whole GTO set but I think out of print last I asked.

      Anime always expensive to buy

    • Try eBay or Gum Tree but add bulk to your search terms. I sometimes get boxes of Anime for $150.

  • +1

    The movies not included, I've never watched it, only read it. Worth buying?

    • i think these things are for collection more than anything.

      • +1

        Agreed, I think most fans of the show are content to stream it.

        Manga however be a different beast.

        • agree.
          wish i had money and space to collect mange.

  • +12

    Bungee Gum has the properties of both rubber and gum.

    • and that blood last haha

    • Reminded me of a joke somebody made recently.

      Gomu gomu no bungee.

  • hahaha "complete".

    • They won’t make more anime. Have to read the manga.

      • They don't really have enough source material to make more anime. Has the dark continent arc even finished?

  • PS: Price has dropped to $149.96 - Only 5 left.

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