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Arlec Grid Connect Smart IP44 Weatherproof Plug-in Socket with Energy Meter $20 @ Bunnings


This is a tuya-based smart WiFi controlled wall plug that's designed to be used outdoors with it's IP44 weatherproof rating. It can be powered on via the button or controlled with the Grid Connect app for iOS/Android. Through the app you can control and track the energy usage of devices connected to the plug.

I checked a few local stores in Tassie and they had stacks of these on sale for $20. The I/N for this is 0331159 and currently Bunnings have the exact same model on their website for $36.34 with the I/N 0273373. I checked with staff and they confirmed that they're identical models and should be on sale nationwide. It's unclear why the website has a different I/N. It may have a different I/N due to using a chip that's not hackable.

For the technical people out there who want to integrate this with Home Assistant I found a guide and there's some work required. You'll need to use LocalTuya integration and obtain the "localkey" for it to work. Alternatively use the dev portal to obtain the local key and skipping the steps below.

  • Install old "Smart Life 3.7.1" on your rooted Android phone
  • Pair the device using the app
  • Connect the Android phone using USB cable to a computer and enable USB debugging
  • On your computer, in shell, use adb to find the localKey:
    • adb root
    • adb shell
    • cat /data/data/com.tuya.smartlife/shared_prefs/*
    • // search for "localKey"


  • 1 Switch state: False/True
  • 9 - example value: 0
  • 18 - example value: 192 = 0.192A; Current, unit= [mA]
  • 19 - example value: 208 = 20.8W; Power / Current Consumption [W], multiplier 0.1
  • 20 - 2292; Voltage [V], multiplier 0.1
  • 21 - example value: 1, ???
  • 22 - example value: 1704, ???
  • 23 - example value: 19745, ???
  • 24 - example value: 57428, ???
  • 25 - example value: 720, ???
  • 26 - example value: 0, ???
  • 38 - example value: memory, ???

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    They look identical but might not be the same to those looking to flash them for tasmota as Bunnings is gradually replacing the old esp8266 based with non flash-able chip.

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    Easier to use the Tuya developers portal to retrieve the local key. Free signup and no need for rooted phone.

    • That sounds so much easier. I'm not much of a Tuya user so I haven't dabbled in it much. I assume this site?

  • +2

    Been $10 for a while now in WA. I grabbed one a couple of weeks ago I think from O'Connor (sorry I'm Bunnings promiscuous) and there were more today at Halls Head.

    Yes I'm a bad Ozbargainer not reporting it. I actually didn't have the motivation to install it until today. Works fine on the official app. Thanks for the Home Assistant hints though might be handy!

    • Was also $10 at Nunawading VIC last week

    • +1

      They were $12.50 at my local Bunnings (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11867253/redir) but I didn't create a post as there weren't many there….

    • Dang, i picked up one at Rockingham Bunnings last week for $20 thinking it was a bargain. Will head to halls head on the weekend and see if any left for $10. Handy to have.

  • 0273373 is IP44 rated and 'heavy duty'

    • I can't see an AU plug being IP68 and taking a dip in the pool. IP44 protecting it against splashes is correct given there's a cover for the socket.

  • I have three from this range since December 2021 so far they have worked flawlessly.

  • +1

    I have a bunch of these too, in an uncovered outdoor power point and they work fantastic!

  • These are great. Have 1 for outdoor fairy lights, 1 for indoor Colum heater, 1 for kettle, 1 for a lamp.

    • How's it doing for the kettle?

  • i got these for under $15 and use it with HA and local-tuya

    works great also have the indoor version and i use it with the energydash board to monitor my big appliances and to get alerts when dishwashers and washing machine finishes

    once they are setup you can blackhole the dns resolver and they wont dial home

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