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Groupon: 30% Cashback on All Categories (Capped at $30/Transaction) @ Cashrewards


30% cashback - $30 cap per transaction. Ends 11:59pm 13/04 AEST.

Stacks with (codes listed on CR):

Extra 10% off Sitewide - BESPOKE10 (Code BESPOKE10 can only be used once per Groupon account during April. Maximum discount is $40.)
Up to 25% off activities, beauty and more - MYSTERY

Terms / Notes:

Cashback is ineligible on purchases via the guest checkout option. Ensure you are logged in to your Groupon account prior to purchase.

You may not be eligible for Cashback:
If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.
If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.
If your order is not fully completed online or is later changed.

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +7

    What do people buy from Groupon these days

    • +4

      Agreed, most of the stores I used to buy from aren't on there anymore.

    • Mother’s Day spa/massage vouchers

    • +7

      Even a lot of the food stuff still listed are from businesses that closed down last year, they just never bothered to tell Groupon they closed. I did, but still its up there so idk whats up. Just wastes time. Better get like massage deals since they are everywhere.

    • Used to get tons of that Lanzhou noodle vouchers when they were mushrooming and talking about massage it was always a hit or miss. There's always new names. When it comes to items to buy there's tons but cluttered.

    • beauty treatments. lash extensions, facials etc

    • +1

      I bought my Invisalign from them and they refused to give me back my 15% cashback

    • Nightmares

  • Sitewide coupons unless you try to buy top golf vouchers; never works for them :(

  • The Little Snail Never Die! lol!!

    I remember bought from $59 and now $99…..

    • whats that?

      • It’s a french restaurant at Pyrmont. It’s been on Groupon for years. I’ve never tried it.

    • is it good?

      • +1

        10 years ago was good, not sure about now.

        last time i went was 6 years ago and i didnt like it

        • actually my friend went there recently, he said he liked it.
          obviously bought the groupon at $99 so he wouldn't have known $59 before

          oh wells thats inflation for you , everything getting more exy

  • +1

    Double dive to HMAS Brisbane for around $110 minus gear is not too bad!

    • Excellent idea, I will see if there’s something similar in Melbourne

  • +1

    Just spent over $40 yesterday. I know this WOULD come but didn't want to miss the deal on Groupon. I bought Always Discreet pants for my aged mum.

  • Ben n jerry is good

  • +5

    Before you buy off groupon, make sure the store exists, and if exists, it will honour the deal by calling them first. If they don't respond, most likely they are closed. If they respond, ask them if they honour the deal, and record your calls if possible.

    From my own experiences, groupon did refund some of the deals where merchant was closed down but with a few merchants, my experience was they didn't want to honour the deal, some charged more unnecessarily.

    Groupon does too little or nothing to curb this. It was waste of time when found out merchants were closed.

    There were some good experiences too but very limited. Most were the nightmares.

    • +1

      yeah and if anything, they just give you a credit back as opposed to a refund i think

      • +4

        I believe, if the deal is unused, they provide you with options, one of them is groupon credits. If you don't want credits, you can have the refund to its original method of payment.

  • +3

    Groupon will refund is sh** happens. They had been extremely helpful in this instance

    • Is this your real experience ?

      • +1

        Yes! Btw many times lol

        • Great to hear !

          • @sistermay: Yes +1 for Groupon providing GroupOn bucks if something happens.

            It's the only reason I continue to purchase from them

            • @arcticmonkey: Bear in mind I always ask for Groupon credit. I do not recall asking for money refund. Sorry if you are after money refund but I believe they are happy and quick to refund your issue

              • @mooreshady: They don't offer a card refund unless you specifically ask for it. I've recently always asked for a refund to card and it's always been granted.

                You can also ask for a refund if you think you're not going to use the coupon in time, or if you have a change of mind (unless the T&Cs specifies, like on the amaysim deal).

        • I think Groupon will only refund you to the original method of payment if it's within the purchase was within a certain time (I think like 7 or 14 days). After that they'll only refund on as credits.

          Was anyone able to request a refund back onto original payment for purchase older than 14 days?

          • @Alinnia: I've successfully asked Groupon to convert all my Groupon credit that are unused back to my card. This is Groupon credit that's been accumulated for a few months.

            Though note that their definition of unused is weird. If you refunded 2 deals worth $10 each to credit, and you used up $3, they'll count $10 as unused credit, and $7 as "partially used" credit that cannot be refunded.

  • Amaysim prepaid deals

  • I forgot the other day, and I do need a car service! Local place does oil changes for $50 on there.


  • So can we not use Groupon bucks for this?

    • I’ve always had cashback approved using groupon bucks, but YMMV

    • According to the T&Cs: Cashback is calculated on amount paid after use of any Groupon credit. It should track, but it'll give you less cashback.

      • +1

        I've just paid for a $29 deal with the 10% off code, paid fully with groupon credits and recieved $7.83 casback from Cashrewards

  • Got mine tracked. Thanks Cashrewards

  • I bought voucher A through CR links; didn't close the app, and bought voucher B that I didn't need cashback.
    Now I received the CR email saying they tracked cashback for voucher B, instead of voucher A…

    Lesson learned…

    • Could refund voucher A, assuming you haven't used it, and repurchase it to get the cashback. :)
      Note that Groupon does take 1-2 days to refund the purchase.

      • I did. I also bought another voucher A and am waiting for the correct email to come.

  • https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/amano-restaurant-3?deal_opt...

    3 courses for two people at Amano Restaurant in Perth seems like pretty good value. $69 after cashback.

    Amano can be hit or miss but worth a shot.

  • Does this mean that I can purchase 2 vouchers and get a max of $30 cashback for each?

    i.e. $60 in total

    • Yes I believe so, $30 cap per transaction, not per member.

      However you can only use BESPOKE10 once, also remember 'For each new transaction, return and click through to the store again.'

  • Definitely read the fine print and feel free to call up the store if you have questions or need clarifications.

    A Groupon deal I'm looking at showed every day of the week as available for booking in the "Check Availability" calendar. However, in the Fine Print it say not valid on Sat-Sun. So there's a contradiction there. So I called the store just to double check and the lady said it's only Mon-Fri and they're aware of the Groupon showing the wrong days as available, they've contacted Groupon but Groupon hasn't fixed it…

  • Did anyone else get a random code for $20? Main website says I've been selected and here's $20.

    I assume it doesn't stack with CB.

    • +1

      Yep i got it too! Didn't end up using CB because of it

      • I only saw it afterwards 🤣

        Ohwell $50 -10% = $45 and 30% cashback is actually about the same

        Now I'm wondering if I should buy something else!

  • Can't sign up for an account via laptop/phone browser/app/4G etc….any else having issues?
    "We could not process the last action, please check the errors below."

  • Think Groupon's website is struggling at the moment. Got this message after I placed an order, "We Are Processing Your Order. We've received your order. We'll send you a confirmation email shortly—no need to do anything else!"

    Then also got an error while trying to view My Groupons: "Oops! Internal Error". Also website feels laggy.

  • Cashback tracked within minutes. Great!

  • Bought something. No cashback tracking has come through. Bit of a concern considering it’s usually within a few minutes on Cashrewards.

    • +1

      I recently reached out to CR as a Groupon purchase hadn't tracked, I was advised to wait the full 7 days as some Groupon purchases really do take a while to track.

      My tracking email duly arrived after 6 days 1 hour 12 minutes.

      Be patient!

      • Thanks, I’ll wait a bit

    • I'm also in the same boat. Two of my 3 Groupon purchases tracked within a couple of mins. But third one which was done at night when the Groupon website was laggy hasn't tracked yet. I checked my payments to Groupon they've gone through. So the issue is not due to a pending payment.

      Hopefully the tracking will come through eventually within the 7 days eh.

      • Any luck? Mine haven't tracked either

      • +1

        Nope. I got the one that didn't track refunded as it was an extra purchase anyway.

        In your case if you don't want to refund the purchase, you can raise a missing cashback ticket to get the cashback from Cashrewards. Groupon is good that you can refund as credits anytime before the Groupon expires. e.g. for local food deals I was looking at it was up to 90 days.

        • +1

          even past 90 days and your credits expire you can still get your credit back by live chat. You just tell them you had covid or you was sick and couldn’t use it in time and they’ll give you another 90 days

    • +1

      Same. None of my purchases made at night tracked yet. My morning one tracked fairly quick.

      • +2

        So my purchases finally tracked, after 6 days 1hr just like the previous commenter

  • Bought 4x 2 person tickets to the little snail

  • Groupon still a pending transaction.

    So doubt it will be tracked until funds process

  • Mine tracked. Took 6 days.

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