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[Pre Order] Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC 6G Graphics Card $399 + Post ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Looks like a good deal, since last post about the 1660super Out of stock quickly. 2% surcharge for AmEx payment. ETA 22/4

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    at this stage the 1660 TI/Super really needs to be about $300 mark, vanilla 1660 about $250

    • Yep - waiting

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      A similar model 1660 Super was $299 in November 2020 with free shipping, when the Australian RRP for such a card was ~$400…

      MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X 6GB Video Card $309 (-$10 extra for signing up to a newsletter).


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    3050 is $416 with free shipping at BPC, much better deal

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    Both the [email protected]$455 (centrecom) and [email protected]$419 (BPC) are better buys than this. The 2060 is around 15~20% faster on average for 14% more money and the 3050 is around 5~10% faster on average for 5% more money in rasterization performance, but will run circles around the 1660Ti with DLSS. Besides, prices of new cards are still dropping and 1660Ti was selling for $399 more than 3 years ago!. This should at least be around $350 to even worth considering now.

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    Yeah this is a good deal only for miners. Just a few more dough will get you a RTX 3050 with latest DLSS features for gamers.

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      Finally somebody makes sense here! Thanks

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    Awful deal. Same price as 2 years ago and a rx6600 is $50 more

  • Keep in mind guys, the prices are going to continue to drop.

  • How is this a deal? New gen is about to drop, current gen smashes 16 series in performance and has recently popped up between 429-450

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    The merge has been delayed.

    Keep mining folks.

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      I think its's a great time for gamers and miners. Gamers can now get the entry level RTX 3050 which repels gamers with its low hashrate.

      Miners can continue buying older cards which are dropping prices nicely (Once all them on ebay, fb and gumtree get the memo). There is such a big mining cabal out there and they will simply switch to another coin like ETC after the merge and it will be business as usual. I feel that one of the alt mining coins will get a nice pump when this happens atleast for a brief time. And if so, will it be ETC or ERGO or ravencoin who knows.

  • well good price in a long time, utter trash value though. for 100 bucks less u get marginally worser performance on 6500xt….raw rasterization that is…
    16 series all need to be 300 or under to be "competitive" in current market.

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