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[eBay Plus] Razer DeathAdder V2 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse - HALO Infinite Edition $29.20 Shipped @ Razer eBay


Haven't seen a DeathAdder V2 for under $30 for a long long time. Only catch is its the HALO Infinite Edition. Limited time deal grab 1 while you can

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    Nice, saw this while watching episode 4 of the Halo TV series, so couldn't resist and bought one.

    • +4

      I watched the TV show and kicked my Xbox.

    • +1

      That's so trippy I just started watching episode four and paused to check OzBargain
      Couldn't resist had to buy one

  • Is this worth the upgrade from a deathadder elite?

    • Downgrade*

    • I think you answered your own question

    • No. You basically have the exact same mouse already

  • +2

    With the shopback $14 bonus cashback. And eBay gift card. This is my cheapest gaming mouse.

    Maybe just waste money. LoL.

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    This deal nowhere as good as this magnificent deal? - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/679095 But still a good deal since that one isn't available anymore.

  • Normally a $65 mouse, so it's quite a generous discount

  • ohh yess cheers

  • +1

    I bought one. Hopefully this helps me with spreadsheets at work :p

    • +2

      Work like master chief. Lol

      • +7

        I work like 343 on Halo Infinite. I close my eyes and hope all the issues go away lol.

    • Thanks to a USB switch, I use 3 Razer devices on my Surface Pro ;)

  • I would have bought one at this price if they have different colour

    • Vinyl wrap?

  • Price is now $79.20

    • +1

      It's only for eBay Plus Members and you need to apply the code upon checkout

      • Yes just noticed that, came back to edit my comment but you had already replied lol

      • +2

        That explains why it didn't work for me either. And OP said the only catch was the Halo theme.

        • Sorry I should've been more specific

      • +1

        Ahhh good ol' eBay plus - what a marketing winner… the thing that has Jeff Bezos rubbing his greedy little hands together with glee…

  • now if only there was a special on the matching Halo keyboard, then I would be happy :)

  • +1

    Didn't need it… But bought it, in the spirit of ozbargain

    • +5

      I dont need it but joined ebay plus and bought itโ€ฆ

  • Got one for work, even though Iโ€™ve the previous Razer Viper deal from Amazon

  • OOS now
    took over 1 hour to clear. i think ozbargainers are busy during holiday. LOL

    • Just checked now still in stock

      • Check again ? Oos for me

        • Sorry you are right

    • Woah There were over 100 in stock before I posted this . Never expected them to sell out that quick

      • Ozbargainers!

      • +1

        Welcome to OzBargain, when a good deal comes, weโ€™re very quick in buying ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • +3

        misleading - listed as infinite edition

        • You've lost me? Isn't that what I just purchased

          • @Sammy Boi: I recieved mine a few days ago. it's infinite edition, he's just saying it's misleading coz he missed out on buying 1. Don't worry mate

        • What makes you think this isn't the infinite edition?

          • +1

            @videoman: I recieved mine a few days ago. it's infinite edition, he's just saying it's misleading coz he missed out on buying 1. Don't worry guys

  • +4

    Managed to get one before oos. Will go well with my rgb 5tb halo portable disk.

    • That's just what i was thinking…
      At least i got the hdd. Picking up 2 more tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • i wonder what the top texture will be like. hopefully the green doesnt come off or get sticky over time.

  • +1

    Cursing I missed out. Actually need a mouse!

    • +1

      Unfortunate bro there were 114 in stock before I posted this

      • +1

        Building a desk for a couch setup and need a mouse and abone hand keyboard seen this and got excited… Oh well something else might pop up

      • +1

        I want to believe there were 117 when the deal started

    • Back in stock now I just ordered one today at the same price

  • Has anybody's order been shipped?

    • +1

      Yes they sent me a tracking number yesterday and Australia post picked it up today.

    • +1

      Got it today.

  • Got mine today. Urgh it's way uglier in person. Sensor is great, can notice the smoothness over 16k sensor. I like wide mouse so it's good but will take osme used to the lightness in such a wide mouse.

  • Got it today. Nice mouse but not good for my work. When you drag the opened windows around, it's getting glitchy. The roller is very slow to rolling the spreadsheet comparing my Logitech MX Master.

  • +1

    This mouse is back in stock and have ordered one at the same price.Thanks for the post OP

    • Thanks for informing me mate

    • I was just browsing ebay and still had this on my watchlist on the off chance it came back in stock and sure enough! $29 STEAL!

  • Still in stock! Bought one as well :D

  • Code no longer working? I signed up for eBay Plus.

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