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1kg Aussie Grown Flavoured Macadamia Nuts $50.40 Delivered ($60 Value) with Coupon @ MacNutHut

Happy Easter to our ozBargain family!

After the overwhelming response to our last deal, we have decided to run a short Easter special further discounting an already discounted product! This is absolutely the cheapest way to try our flavoured Macadamia nuts.

The coupon code is also valid for any of the other products on our website, you can save 10% on anything with a $50 minimum spend.

The Deal

Enjoy our delicious flavoured Macadamia nuts at discounted prices. The value pack brings them down to just $50.40 per kilo (using coupon HAPPYEASTER) with the ability to choose any two flavours! (500g each). Buy more than 2 packs together to save even more, multi-buy discounts outlined below…

Multi-Buy Discounts

Get further discounts by ordering more of any product in our shop, including multiple value packs:

Order any 3+ packs get 5% OFF (Buy 3 value packs and the price becomes $47.60/kg delivered)
Order any 5+ packs get 10% OFF (Buy 5 value packs and the price becomes $44.80/kg delivered)
Order any 7+ packs get 15% OFF (Buy 7 value packs and the price becomes $42.00/kg delivered)

These discounts are auto-applied to your cart and require no coupon code.


We offer free postage on all orders of $50 or more.

About Us

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support OzB users!

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  • +23

    This so called discount and delicious deal has run two times for the last few weeks. This is the third time. I bought one in the first run. The quality is absolutely disappointed to me. It is small and normal quality. The deal is much worse than that in supermarket in terms of price and quality. Ozbargainer should be smarter than that.

    • +13

      Not sure why you were down voted. Seems like an unbias opinion based on experience.

      • +1

        Why did you downvote?

        • +2

          You're perhaps the only one of the few here who like these nuts; everyone else is complaining about the price/value (compared to Woolies) and the subpar quality (also compared to Woolies).

    • +6

      Can only comment based on the sample packs I've tried so far (ordered in the most recent deal)- hickory smoked and dark chocolate coated. I do agree that the macadamias were much smaller than expected. I haven't tried the foil sealed packs so can't comment but a little underwhelmed by what we've tasted so far.

      Coles has flavoured ones at $57/kg so this isn't a huge bargain per se.

    • +12

      Last deal was on 16/03, prior was on 24/02, that’s roughly every month. Seems reasonable. Good to see something other than video cards, RAM sticks and ear buds. In fact the last one got +245 score.

      I’m happy to spend a bit more to support a local family business than a $2b corp who took in $1b profit last year.

      • If your numbers add up, I will offer $3 billion for that company.

        • Why would they give up a golden goose that lays 1 billion a year profit for nothing?

    • +1

      I'm not kind enough of a human to experience what you experienced and not neg this deal. You are a better person than me. >$50 for some substandard nuts, in your opinion. That's nuts.

    • +2

      Finally people start realising these "bargains" aren't really bargains. Costco sells STYLE 1 (whole kernels or halves) for cheaper than Macadamia Nut Hut sells their style 5 (large pieces) nuts.

      • +2

        I was actually going to mention I got a 700g bag at Costco for less than my 500g sealed bag and the Costco ones were larger, better tasting and not crazy over salted like the hut ones.

        I guess the whole vs semi-whole really matters for taste/storage.

        • +1

          You'd be surprised how much difference in pricing is between the whole kernels and just chunks. Same as with prawns or scallops prices: larger the item more expensive it is. Style 5 macadamia nuts are technically leftovers.

          I believe it'd be fair to the OZBargain community if macadamia posts had their styles in title.

  • +1

    Just comment based on my unfavourable past experience.

  • Hey did you guys have any caramelised macadamias? They're my fav

    • +2

      They will be coming soon! 🙂

      • Awesome, let me know if you can as I'll definitely buy some

  • Are the macademia nuts like $20 at aldi for 500g?

  • +2

    Australian Macadamia Nuts are $45 kg at woolworths and are making about 30% profit.

    I understand economies of scale but I don't see a deal here

    • +5

      So Wollies has chocolate coated, smoked etc at $45/Kg? Link please

      • +1


      • Chocolate is significantly cheaper than macadamia Nuts per kilo.

        So 1kg of pure macadamia nuts should be a lot more expensive than 1kg of chocolate covered macadamias.

        Eg 1kg of chocolate is $10 with 1kg of macadamia Nuts at $45, is 2kg of chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

        2 kg of straight macademia nuts at $45 kg is $90.

        So the cost for 2kg of covered macadamia Nuts $55 plus a little labour, compared to 2kg of raw nuts costing $90.

        I would be surprised if the ratio to chocolate is closer to 2 thirds chocolate, 1 third nuts, so the profit margin is higher again.

        • +10

          You realise they don’t pick them covered in chocolate? Labour and production costs increase

          • +2

            @jjno41: M… I was hoping there is a tree that will grow chocolate coated macadamia nuts. You have ruined my hope!

          • @jjno41: And at Easter, a lot of chocolate is more expensive (>$50/kg) than mac nuts. Then there’s the production costs of of coating it on the nuts.

    • +9

      It's not fair to compare woolies brand to a small business specialising in nuts and in different flavours.

      • -3

        Chalk and cheese. However, since the Woolies ones are locally grown, okay. Just different business model and offering.

  • +1

    When do you get Lime and Black Pepper back in stock please?

    • +2

      Hey there, we do have a few packs left if you make an order with another flavour and put a note for us to swap it out for lime and black pepper we will be happy to do that for you.

      Note: We can't do this for everyone, without a prior request.

      • Hi, I have Order 1748. please swap 1 of 2 honey roasted for 1 black pepper lime please. Cheers.

        • +3

          No worries, will do 🙂

          • @bargain-nut: Thanks so much. Love your macadamia nuts. We have ordered now several times from you this and last year. You cannot compare your products with the cheap quality Woolworths nuts. Besides that they don’t have much flavors and sorts.

            • +1

              @Thrifty Dan: Thank you! We are really happy to hear that. 🙂

        • +3

          Have you tried the lime and black pepper? It's not bad, but I can only have small handful at a time, not very morish that's for sure. The honey roasted on the other hand ☺️ they are hard to put down. So far I've tried both milk and white chocolate, they are quite nice but way too much chocolate to nut ratio so not really worth it in my opinion. The hot chilli is a bit like the lime and pepper for me, just not very moreish which could be a good thing I guess. They aren't super hot either, but I do like my spicy food/sauces. The standard roasted and salted ones are also great. So far my favourite is definitely honey roasted. I still have a packet of Moroccan flavour to try yet.

  • +1

    You cannot compare your products with the cheap quality Woolworths nuts.

    Are you sure! Fair?

  • +1

    I was disappointed after ordering it last time, they are tasty, but the nuts were all tiny little pieces, smaller than you get from woolies.. I had been expecting nice big whole macadamias, as shown in the picture above.

    • -3

      Sure you ordered from these guys? Did you make any photos? I never had trouble and the nuts always were in a reasonable size.

      • do you work for them?

      • Yes, I am sure.

  • Misleading photos. Deez nuts are tiny

    • -6


      • +4

        You don't need proof to share a review. Besides, if they had malicious intent, they could simply crush the nuts and take a photo.
        I think there has been enough feedback in this deal post to believe what D00FUS is saying.

    • +1

      It's a marketing photo, most of which always show the best of their product.

      Besides, the nuts I received from the last deal were pretty close to what is advertised.

  • +1

    I wouldn't down vote this but I won't buy again.
    Overpriced for what it is.
    The chocolate coated ones have 80% chocolate and tiny nut in them.

    • -4

      I had recently the white chocolate ones and was surprised because of the big size of the nuts. Which ones did you have?

  • The dark chocolate.
    The chocolate coating was great though…. :)

  • -1

    Dear Macnuthut, thanks for your Easter offer. I like your products and we are loyal customers since last year before Christmas. We always buy products from you and were always really happy. There are always people who go for just the price whatever the product is. It’s a bit harsh here sometimes but I love OZBARGAIN. Trolls and unhappy people are everywhere. Please don’t stop putting up your offers here. A lot of people appreciate your posts. Happy Easter!

    • +3

      For a company you are not associated with you sure take the unfavourable feedback very personal.

      • I ordered about 4 times and I can’t complain about anything. I’m a bit over the chocolate ones at the moment but love the lime pepper and honey ones now.

        • +1

          Thanks for the great feedback! We appreciate your support!! 👊

  • I don't suppose there are bonus sample packs this time :)

    • +1

      Not this time I'm afraid but the price of the 1KG value pack is cheaper 🙂

  • I was very disappointed with my last order, small nuts with average taste just don't satisfy a fat horny ghost

  • +2

    I was pretty thrilled with my order from the last popular deal, the honey ones probably won out vs. pepper and lime but it was close!

    • +1

      Very happy to hear that you enjoyed them both 👌

  • Can I arrange to order some and swap out for lime and black pepper like the other guy did if you still have stock?

    I wasn't going to bother but after the roasting (pun intended) these absolute tools in this thread have given out to a family owned and locally operated company trying to compete with the likes of Woolies, I don't give a fk if the nuts are smaller and taste like dog turds I'm going to buy them to support a home grown Aussie business.

    • +1

      No problem, we would be happy to swap it out for you too 🙂

      We appreciate your support and stand by our products. We hope to hear your feedback once you get them!

  • +2

    Bought last time. I might be one of the odd one. I actually love the small ones (and who cares if they are smaller, same weight). Moroccan, Lime and Pepper, Honey, Hickory smoke are all nice. Still have the chocolates left. Will order more

    • Thank you! 👌

  • Last time I ordered, I was excited to do try macadamia nuts that weren't from the big supermarket chains but was disappointed.

    I got the honey caramelized, black pepper and roasted nuts, they were nothing special.

    Not sure if the nuts became stale in the post but the quality just wasn't there for me and the shipping took about 10 days (I live in Sydney)

    If the quality isn't there for me, I would rather buy from the shops than wait 10 days to have the nuts.

  • I received today my delivery in SA and I’m so happy about it. Taste is very very delicious. I got the honey roasted and pepper lime ones. They were reasonably in size and I will order again! You cannot compare these with stuff from the shelf!

  • I won't neg the deal, but I ordered last time and they took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG to arrive, and when they did they were very underwhelming. Very small for macadamia nuts, smallest I've been.
    The honey roasted were plain and the hickory smoked were unbelievably salty

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