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Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, White, BCS61113AU $396 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Made in Germany: quality standards and thorough testing for enduring satisfaction
Extendable runtime: Exchangeable battery packs (sold separately) enable you to extend the runtime if necessary
Package Weight: 7.5 kg
Country of Origin: Germany


Im waiting on a V8 Animal Deal myself - but this might suit someone

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Standard price. Was around $350 (or less and as low as $289) most of 2021 as per camelx3.

    • Yep, got that at $299 with bonus drill same battery.

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    No deal to be had here. If anything this is price bumped from $350 normal price to $399 since the start of the year.

  • I'm after one of these, has been this price pretty much everywhere for a while now.

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    The price is actually at a 6 month high according to the price tracker.

  • Is it any good? I don't believe only dyson has the magical formula for creating a good stick vac

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      Hate to say this but I would rather stick with Chinese xiaomi… had one of this but die of exhaustion just not long after the warranty…

      Later bought the Chinese and never turn back

    • Had one of these and it was fine. The action for emptying it was annoying. The best bit has to be the easily replaceable battery. But I moved in with my gf and she kept her Dyson and I sold mine to a mate.

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    It's not even hepa filter

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    No bargain!

  • or just win a Bosch Vac @
    Win a Bosch Unlimited ProAnimal Cordless Vacuum (Worth $579) from Bosch

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  • Not a deal, $399 is the listed price by Amazon

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    Would look nice parked next to your PS5

  • Just get the best value for money Xiaomi ones. Unless you can score a deal on a Dyson V8 or better.

  • Wouldn't recommend one of these. There's a weak point with the top plastic connector that connects the tube with the motor/bin. It split and cracked in under a year, which means the tube would no longer be able to be connected to the motor. Go for a Xiaomi or Dyson.

  • Standard price

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    I won't be buying another Bosch, currently have an Athlet 25.2V. As described above, it has that intermittent power cut problem (is off as much as on now), where the connectors in where the handle connects to the body gets lose and plays up. Pretty annoying to use. There are a few fixes on youTube, ie. stuffing a thin piece of plastic in to make the connector tighter (some people drill a screw in). Kind of helped but didn't really fix the issue, just bad design. The battery doesn't last long either so am giving it away and ordered a Dyson V8 from the recent posted deal ($459 from Ebay).

    Should be fine for quick going over the apartment, had a dust attachment and Dyson warranty and support is much better. A relative has a few and banged one of the heads against something and Dyson just asked for the invoice number and sent out a new part.

    Annoying how things aren't built to last these days. It's probably just bad design, but a 400$ vacuum seems too good for landfill. Hopefully the fix works well enough but will re-purpose it for the folks cat's room or something.

  • V8 Animal Deal on Ebay with code TOPITUP https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154898428848?epid=19040249742&ha...

    • Cheers ended up getting the v8 origin from eBay $440. Delivery taking a while

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