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[NSW] Free Coffee for The Driver if You Are 100km Away or More from Your Home @ Various Businesses via Free Cuppa


You can claim one Free Cuppa for the Driver at each stop that you make for the purpose of taking a break from driving, as long as you are 100km away from home at each stop.

​You can take as many breaks as you like and claim one free cuppa each time you stop.

How it works

We want you to STOP and TAKE a BREAK!

To reduce the risk of driver fatigue on NSW roads, participating businesses donate a free cuppa to drivers travelling through regional NSW between 1 March and 31 May each year. These businesses are listed here. Drivers can show their licence with a home address 100km away or more to receive a free cuppa. They can be driving for work or recreation. It doesn’t matter.

Remember that coffee is no substitute for rest. We really just want you to stop and take a break

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Free Cuppa for the Driver
Free Cuppa for the Driver

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  • +17

    Seems reasonable

    • +9

      ur asking for a username checksout?

    • +2

      Username checks out (thanks for the unique idea gimli)

  • +16

    Ahh the good ol Driver Reviver stops

    • +13

      Used to love the free kit Kats as a kid, we would always beg the parents to stop at the driver revivers…. Then they stopped giving Kit Kats.

      • +6

        Kit Kats? I only remember the dual arnotts biscuits packs.

        • +2

          I might be showing my age. I think the dual arnotts biscuits is what they replaced the Kit Kats for. The sponsorship swapped from nestle to arnotts.

    • +6

      Actually I believe freecuppa is done by cafes - so a nicer coffee than the driver reviver blend43 (hopefully)

      • +8

        You got Blend43 at driver reviver? That's quality! I remeber it being Internation Roast.

        • +5


          I believe International Roast is a breach of human rights under the Geneva Convention

          • +4

            @NDjokovic: How dare you criticise the nectar of gods /s

  • +2

    151.4 km away for the nearest shop

    • Sounds like you've got your day planned

  • +6

    Kudos to these businesses!

    • +13

      You'll need to shill better than that to get OZB to vote for SloMo.

      • +3

        you mean scumbag scomo!

        • -1


  • +1

    My Tesla approves

  • +8

    soon this deal will degrade to free cup of water due to swarms of ozbargainers driving back and forth between two spots

    • might have been worth it if you (previously) needed to do KM on a lease to avoid FBT - 100km and free coffee!

    • 100km of fuel definitely costs more than 1 coffee

  • +10

    Coffee will help keep you awake. But if you are sleep deprived enough that you need it to keep you awake, you should be aware that it will only keep you awake and at best will improve how you perform simple tasks.

    If you are sleep deprived and are using coffee to stay awake, then encounter a complex situation you will be just as likely to make an error as if you hadn't had the coffee. But you'll be awake to see that you did. You need to think whether you are actually better off by drinking the coffee and staying awake and continuing, or stopping and having a sleep. It probably depends on whether you are close to the start of your journey, or the end, because if you've just started out and need coffee to stay awake long enough to get you to next cafe, you are a risk to yourself, everyone else in your car, and everyone else on the road.


    • +4

      It's more about encouraging regular breaks and a chance to stop and consider a nap.

  • +2

    Even though, I am not a coffee drinker,
    I would have really liked to know about this "Free Cuppa" last month.

    It would have come in really handy for me.

    Still, thanks OP :-)

  • +1

    Great to see so many people taking breaks at driver reviver stops over the weekend. It is important that everyone gets to their holiday destination and back safely. Great initiative.

  • +3


  • thanks OP :-)

  • +2

    A nice idea, shame there's not a single one I can see along the Hume

    • That's because it's businesses donating the coffee for free. If they'd gotten McDonald's on board it would be more widespread. If they'd give some kind of reimbursement they could have gotten more businesses on board (they'd probably need to figure out how to make sure it's not abused, which they're not doing to protect these businesses).

  • +2

    Driving 100KM for free coffee. Worth it

  • Wonder if they type your address in google maps or something to make sure?

    • They probably look at the name of the suburb and hazard a guess.
      Edit: although I doubt they even do that

  • +2

    Any on the way to Syd to Canberra? :-P

    • +1

      Nope, map doesn't show anything between Canberra and Sydney!

  • +1

    Great idea, especially for us truck drivers that do long hours

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