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Ferrex Pro 20v Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill Kit for $79.99 @ ALDI


Ferrex Pro 20v Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill Kit for $79.99 @ ALDI.

Includes battery and charger. 5yr warranty on skin and 1yr warranty on battery and charger.

Good amount of stock was available at Wyndham Vale, VIC store today when I purchased.

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    Bunnings price match with Ozito, hopefully?

    • I tried today and was denied saying it has to be same brand.

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        Fair enough. But Bunnings often does special pricing when Aldi has power tool special buys.

    • is ozito better?

      why not just get this one?

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    I'm slowly moving away from aldı tools. Warranty is woeful. And the item they give you to replace your tool is an inferior unbranded tool that lasts a few months tops. Go Bunning and be sure that they will repair replace on the spot. Took aldi 7 months to get me a replacement.

    • You referring to the Ozito branded ones?

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      Agree, get a good trusted brand. Buy once, cry once.
      Imagine the screws getting rusted on my Aldi tools. Never again.

    • is Ozito good?

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        I've got quite a few of the Ozito battery tools and they're mostly fine (the circular and reciprocating saws are only good for fairly light duty). I've got mains and battery powered Bosch drills and for the level of use I give them there's not much of a difference between the two. The Bosch is far better build quality but unless you're chucking them around on a building site or similar the Ozito will last a long time.

        • how does ozito compare to aldi brands including the ferrex brand?
          Also where are they both made in?
          or some ferrex are made in germany?

          I think ozito is perceived to be lower quality than aldi power tools just cos ozito sits at the bottom in quality at aldi bunnings (compared to ryobi, bosch and makita) while aldi only has only one brand (so nothing else to compare it to)

          So how would you rank the quality of the tools brands
          -ozita , ryboi, bosch, makita, aldi ferrex and any other brands?

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        They are surprisingly good.

        Not suitable for tradie use, but for average use and more they are perfect. Especially when you consider the long warranty and availability. The batteries regularly go on discount as well.

    • More people should report to ACCC to launch investigation into aldi warranties

      From personal experience their warranty is sometimes a hit or miss
      Also the warranty support don't seem to be familiar with ACL / consumer law or they don't care when we mention it.. (from own personal experience).

      The main draw for their tools is the
      -60 days returns
      -the cheap price and perception that it is a a bit better quality than the ozito since there is only one brand at aldi (so nothing else to compare it to at aldi)
      whereas when we go to bunnings we compare ozito to the more more well known brands like Ryobi, Bosch and Makita.

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      i've had no problems with aldi warranty. i returned a kit after nearly a year because a battery wouldn't charge and they refunded me without any fuss

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