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Buy One Pizza, Get One Free on 19/4 (Pick up Orders Only) @ Crust


Tasty Twosday,
Buy One Get one Free
Available for Pick Up Orders Only.

First time i have seen Crust offer this. Another deal for Crusts 21st Birthday.

To get the deal, you may require creating a Crust account and being part of the Cust Loyalty program.

Note: There maybe an additional $1 or $2 charge for this deal, thanks to ChillBro and bumbandito69 for pointing this out.

*Available only at selected Crust stores when logged in as a Crust Loyalty member. Available on pick up orders only. 15% surcharge applies on Public Holidays. Free pizza is of equal or lesser value. Offer excludes Low Carb, Gluten Free and half / half. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, limited to one per transaction. Limited Time Offer.

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  • +1

    What a useless app and website. Click on pick up and then nothing happens

    • did you click confirm

    • +1

      Also, code doesn't work without creating an account.

  • -7

    Still too expensive

    • +2

      You’re too expensive for me

    • +3

      It's all relative.

  • +19

    Since they've taken away the prawn and Wagyu beef pizza nothing on their menu interests me. All their wanky pizzas are shit, and even their basic ones are way over priced. The nail in the coffin is that to make the pizza that I want, the crazy charges for substitutions would make it a $30+ pizza

    • +2

      I'm a fan of the peri peri chicken.

    • Duck is good

    • are they All Thin Base ? or can yea Choose ?

  • +12

    I reckon the box tasted better from Crust Auburn

    • +2

      I still think the best tasting card box is from Domino's Pizza. Better than the pizza.

      • +3

        We can do a double blind box tasting to rule out bias.

  • Wish they allowed the low carb option.

  • need them more locally

  • +12

    Do they call it Crust because that's what half the pizza is? Had it a while ago and the toppings didn't start until halfway in. Ridiculous

  • +1

    Tried to order 1 pizza - $25. Tried adding a second pizza with the BOGOF and it went up to $27 lol

    • So the second Pizza was at a higher price and the free pizza is free under the T&C. Whats the problem?

      • +3

        It's the same pizza at $25 each, why would it go up to $27?

        • Are they both the same size?

          • @Crownanchor: Lmao yes, I literally just clicked + on the same pizza. Tried it yourself?

            • -1

              @ChillBro: Just tried it and it works.

              You probably added extra cheesy which is $2 and they try and force it in the purchase process.

              What i also notice is that extra cheese is not able to be removed easily, so if you make a new order and do not say yes to extra cheese for $2 on both pizzas, it should work.

              • @Crownanchor: Tried a cheaper pizza ($23 one) and it works. Just doesn't want to work for the $25 pizzas I want.

                • +4

                  @ChillBro: Ok, i see what you are saying, it sure does add $2 on the $25 ones. The $25 ones are sold at the more premium stores, so maybe there is some extra surcharge, which is not good.

              • +7

                @Crownanchor: Nope ChillBro is right. It's adding a $2 charge, not the end of the world but it's definitely there.

                edit: Surcharge is based on teh "free"/second pizza. If you select a $23 pizza there's no additional charge, an extra $1 additional charge for $24 pizzas & $2 extra for the $25 pizzas.

                • +3

                  @[Deactivated]: Yes, that seems to be happening, and its not the premium stores, it seems to be all stores.

                  Thanks for discovering this. I wonder if this is a bug, its not mentioned in the T&C.

                  • @Crownanchor: Appears to be fixed for me - 2x$21 pizzas is $21

                    • +2

                      @theguyrules: It has not been fixed it just does not apply to 2x $21 pizzas, the extra cost is applicable to $23 and $25 pizzas. Just tried it, and its still adding the extra.

  • +2

    Thanks Op,
    Haven't had crust in ages.
    Missus and I will give it a go tonight and see if its any good.
    (By the comments it seems we'll be disappointed)

    Will have a backup meal planned just in case its THAT bad.

    • +2

      Dont worry about the comments, A mistake many people may make is with the common classic pizzas like one of the Margaritas and the Pepperoni, which are not good at Crust.

      A good Pizza is the popular Peri Peri, and the 1889 Margherita.

      • +5

        Yeah i quite enjoy a Crust pizza! I don't know what these other people have been ordereing! That being said, even a Pizza Hut pizza can be pretty tasty when its fresh and hot

      • +1

        First 1889 I had at my local was amazing, subsequent two times were mediocre.

        Done right, they're fantastic.

      • +3

        Reporting back, we got the Crust supreme as well as the Peri Peri chicken.

        Both were fresh and were tasty. Good bargain for $11.50 each Pizza, would buy again.

        Didn't have any issues that other people brought up. Maybe those specific stores have problems. Went to the one in Annandale/NSW

        • +1

          Thats great. Annandale store is the original Crust store, where it all started 21 years ago. Peri Peri Chicken Pizza is a very good choice and a top seller.

  • +7

    Crust is not that bad but not good enough to be at those prices!

    • +2

      I thought I was the only one who thought that.
      Their pizzas didn't seem any good and I thought it was to do with my local franchisee. Then I bought one from a suburb across town and it was still not good enough

  • +1

    at about $10.50 a pop for both pizzas, this deal is worth it

    shits all over dominos and any other franchise

    • -2

      no shit dominoes is meant to be cheap, not tasty. their 'large' is basically a small at my local lol

  • +6

    Guess ill be trying Crust for the first time in my life tonight

  • +2

    My local NEVER promotes/allows these offers.

  • +4

    Missing from the title is (Account creation required)

    • Thanks, it is in the T&C with the Crust Loyalty Member, but have made it a little clearer.

  • Their pizzas are not for me. Much prefer to just make my own these days.

  • +2

    I honestly like Dominos more than Crust. My wife disagrees but I just think Crust pizzas are horrendously bad.

  • +1

    I juts bought 4 pizzas and was charged for 3… Apparently only ONE pizza is free so not really BOGOF

    • +1


      Buy One, Get Only One Free

  • Regular peri peri and the vegan peri peri are good.

  • Got

    It was alright

  • easy. ty op

  • Is this deal only on today?

    • +1

      Yes, today only.

  • Bought 2 pizzas, and the taste is ok. Definitely not justified at the normal price.

  • Kind of annoying, local is "temporarily experiencing online ordering issues", so no BOGOF pizza for me tonight.

  • +2

    They’re still on my banned list for not honouring the free pizzas about 5 years ago.

    • Crust Grudge

  • Since all the Crusts are already closed, this offer is as good as expired as you cannot pre-order for another day.

    • +1

      There are a few Crust Stores in WA. Which will still be open.

  • Its an amazing wood fired pizzs, voucher or cheaper next. I will buy it again

  • Luckily, I'm nowhere near the 3 stores, in Adelaide… All in the Rich suburbs 😂

    Marcellina's in Hindley St.
    Down the street from "Crazy Horse" 🐴

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