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Monopoly Classic Board Game $12.99, Australia Edition $15.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+ Spend) @ Amazon AU


Best price in a while for both of these, RRP $42.99.

$29 at Big W, $25 Kmart, $23.20 at Target (20% off), Myer $39.99 for comparison. Previous deals.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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Amazon AU

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  • +9

    Ruining friendships and families at a new low price. 👍

    • And summoning earthquakes unexpectedly.

  • -2

    might me picky but the Australian version has JAIL, not GAOL.

    • +4

      This is monopoly not FIFA

    • +3

      I think gaol is falling out of favour these days

    • +7

      'Jail' is the preferred spelling in Australia as well as every other English speaking country. Gaol was the more popular British spelling over a century ago, which is why you see many historic jails having 'Gaol' in their name.

      • +2

        Yes Google will tell you that but I think that is wrong.

        'Gaol' has always been the way Australia has named its prisons. Right up until the 1990s. We have never called them 'jails'.

        Doesn't matter these days as we call them 'Detention Facilities' or 'Correction Facilities'. But good luck waiting for Monopoly games to rename their gaol cards as detention centres.

        In short, it just doesn't matter. Move on. (and collect $200)

      • +1

        Macquarie Dictionary confirms that in general Australian spelling has shifted from gaol to jail. Both are correct, but you can see what is preferred.

  • +1

    A couple more versions of Monopoly that seem to be at a decent price:

    Monopoly 3968 Ford $18.32 RRP $69.99

    MONOPOLY - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Edition $24.37 RRP $ 47.99

    • thx, grabbed Ford Monopoly, never knew it existed.

    • +1

      So many unnecessary versions…

      Still holding out for the MONOPOLY - Punch your uncle in the taint Edition…

      • Easy present if you know they are into Monopoly at all and like that particular theme.

        • Indeed! Hours of hilarity for all the druncles at Christmas time…

  • Are the Chances and Community Chests in the OZ version just a reword of the original or completely different that fundamentally changed the strategy of the game?

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/Asmodee-DO7202-Ticket-to-Ride/dp/B...

    Also, Ticket to Ride Europe for $38. Sid Meier would be proud. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Need OZBargain Version!

    • +8

      JV Lane
      Broden Station
      Accident Park
      Go directly to Insurance Avenue, do not collect 2000 Flybuys points, Draw MS Paint
      Hamza Censorship Bill, Pay $100 to each moderator (including the bot)
      Techfast Station
      Eneloop Street
      Pass Cashback Park, collect $2
      PriceMatch Corner, PriceError Boulevard

      • +2

        You forgot victorinox knife
        And TA

  • +2

    This game is too irrelevant in modern age.

  • Thanks. My kids told me they were "board" the other day.. This should fit the gap.

  • Thanks. Bought one.

  • Also a good price for Super Mario Celebration and Animal Crossing if you're a fan

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