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Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker Black $3 (Was $5) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Super cheap and small Bluetooth speaker at Kmart on sale for $3 from $5.

Might be useful if your device has blown or dying speakers and just need something as a temporary fix. 3W of output power so should output louder sound than most phones I would imagine. There are 4 five star reviews on the page for the product so seems like it's good quality.

On clearance so get in ASAP if you want one as there will be limited stock.

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    if it rrp was $20 i might buy but if its $5, not much quality it seems

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    these cheap BT speakers usually last less than a month.
    Save your $3 and save our planet from not needed pollution.

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    Makes you wonder how much the 'brand name' stuff ACTUALLY costs? Hmmm. Then again time is money and quality control takes time AND money, so we can see how additional factors might come into play when investing into a quality design of a product.

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      This thing will sound absolutely horrendous.

      I don’t know what my Logitech Wonderboom cost to make but it easily feels worth the $99 I paid for it.

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        Well yeah, you never know with kmart - i've bought 'athletic wear' from there which i LOVED and then thought i'd do the same and it just was not the same. I think that it's just a QC issue. All made in the same factories, the only thing that the brand offers is a guarantee of quality. It's like if your name is good in the street, people will favour you - hence why people protect their reputation.

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      If you've ever shopped for speakers individually (i.e. to install in a car) it quickly becomes apparent that home audio is very overpriced. $50-$100 gets you a very decent speaker.

      • Definitely. Although the enclosure makes or breaks a speaker. And a decent enclosure takes cad time to design properly.

  • micro usb!!!

  • Soundwise you never know as this will have the same guts as some name brand, but a cheaper shell. There are only so many factories making all this stuff

    • Soundwise you never know…

      From my experience with this product sound quality is pretty crap

      Search shows "Total 1,132 bluetooth speaker manufacturers & suppliers found" in China.
      With very cheap consumer electronics, most will be based around a few available very cheap circuit boards. A board usually contains Bluetooth receiver, basic amp, battery charger, & control connections. Just adding a different case, speaker, etc. As you commented.

      But from experience (disassembling &
      modifying similar devices), those low spec circuit boards won't be found in quality name brand products. The necessary sound quality just isn't output by those cheap boards.

      • Manufacturers AND suppliers.

        Manufacturers is the critical number. Every OZB member could become a supplier.

        • Those listed in the link I supplied were primarily considered manufacturers with listed production lines.
          Don't think there would be many here with those facilities.

          Most of those businesses simply wire a premade board in a box with speaker - are considered manufacturers of Bluetooth Speakers. I've visited some in Shenzhen.

          this will have the same guts as some name brand

          No. You expect a lot for $3!!
          But, the above type of manufacture will be the origins of this cheapie. Having examined it, it certainly doesn't contain the internals of a name brand device, just another generic cheapie! Poor sound quality is an easy to spot indication.

          Some suppliers of consumer electronic equipment to retailers here, call themselves manufacturers, when they simply modify firmware to local requirements, to be installed in existing products (also produced off same production line in China for other low cost "manufacturers") which are rebadged with their name. I've consulted for such a "manufacturer" / importer, that I call a supplier.

          Again I don't think many on OzBargain are set up like that as a supplier.

          Every OZB member could become a supplier.

          You seem to be confusing the term supplier with simple "drop shippers". Those are resellers.

          • @Rather be Travelling: No, i undersrand manufacturing.

            You over estimate how much products cost to make in china at the shop floor. Basically sfa. A manufacturer is not a supplier, a supplier is not a drop shipper. It is pyramidial.

            • @quog: How do you "undersrand manufacturing"?

              Strangely as a past consultant to a manufacturer / supplier of consumer electronics here, made in China - I do understand manufacturing costs. And sectors of the trade.

              You over estimate how much products cost to make in china at the shop floor.

              No. As I commented above - I have been "at the shop floor" of electronics businesses in Shenzhen.
              I do know circuit boards for these low quality products are ridiculously cheap, bought in bulk.

              But they aren't the same boards used in higher quality name brands as you claim. Where's your proof? I've disassembled many products & not found that.

              Your claim that "Every OZB member could become a supplier" (in reference to the link to mainly manufacturers & suppliers above) shows you don't understand suppliers in this commercial context. They have minimum purchase quantities usually in the many thousands of units.

              Which OzBargainers could supply large commercial orders? Your claim isn't commercially attractive or practical for individuals here. Certainly wouldn't want to compete with those commercial suppliers in Shenzhen. That just doesn't make economic sense!

              "Suppliers" here on OzBargain are likely to be at the retail end - like drop shippers. And that is usually criticised here!

  • Bought out of curiosity @$5. Returned after 5min use. Not worth trying.
    Loud enough but "muddy" unclear sound.
    At this price, quality control will be pretty non existent - so experience may vary.

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    Any cheap ones I can maybe plug into an outlet.

    I just want one so I can talk to my housemate when he is in the kitchen and he trying to talk to me through my door.. And also prank troll him.

    I guess Bluetooth could work but corded means I don't have to worry about battery life.

    Yeah I'm definitely not spending more than a few dollars on this project to keep me from being bored until my next great idea.

    • corded means I don't have to worry about battery life

      Plug into usb charger

      • Oh yeah true thanks

        • Otherwise battery life might be limited at high volume: 3.7V 400mAh

          • @Rather be Travelling: Yeah ah that's ok this was just an impulse thought I'm thinking I might not go through with it as I don't have a real need for this now that I'm thinking about it more clearer.

            • @AlienC: Thinking is the enemy of the OzBargain impulse buyer😉

              I bought on impulse in store - returned!
              Kmart has 90 easy return.

              • @Rather be Travelling: How easy.. If I throw away receipt or the box or manual would they still accept it?

                • @AlienC: If ordered online (free c&c), show the email. That's what I did.
                  Without store receipt - should be possible as store credit. But if price falls, you only get that value.

                  Won't be accepted for change of mind return without box & manual. They checked the tiny manual was in box. (Could say it's faulty! Kmart won't check.)

                  • @Rather be Travelling: Damn I'm pretty sure I threw out my boxes.. I still have some Amazon boxes with not much use for but don't have the heart to recycle them atm but probably will unless I repurpose them for bin floor extra layer since the last one got a bit messy with the rain.

                    I basically use boxes as a buffer for the kitchen floor since I can't think of any other use for them.. Have too many.

                    • @AlienC: I often keep boxes, with the receipt attached until am sure item isn't being returned. (I've got plenty of space.)

                      Boxes aren't necessary if the product is returned as faulty.

                      • @Rather be Travelling: I do that for some products if I will be putting them back inside for example I got a pet dryer as a mini leaf blower pc cleaner and keep it in the box because the long hose is unwieldy.

                        But stuff like pedestal fans I threw the box after assembling.

                        Have a window cleaner (which is meh) from Coles I believe still in box saba brand. Have online receipt but still undecided whether to return or not or if I even can.

                        Been few months now I'm pretty sure and this was Coles.

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