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Kindle Paperwhite 5 8GB 11th Generation 2021 $199 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ to Metro) @ Officeworks, Amazon AU & JB Hi-Fi


Decent deal. Currently not being matched by any other retailers. JB and Amazon might come to their senses later.

This Kindle Paperwhite is designed for those who are looking to replicate the printed-page feeling without the bulk of carrying around a novel, offering 8 GB of space for your favourite reads. The slim, lightweight design of the Kindle Paperwhite can be held in one hand and has a glare-free screen with adjustable light-temperature for comfortable viewing. You can read in the bath or at the beach and worry less about spills thanks to the Kindle's water-resistant design.

It has a 6.8", 300 ppi display that's anti-glare with an adjustable warm light and an auto-adjusting front light.
It offers up to 8 GB of storage, giving you enough space for thousands of books.
The long-lasting battery gives you up to 10 weeks of battery.
It charges via USB-C (cable included).
The water-resistant design can withstand accidental splashes and immersions, so you can read in the bath or at the beach.
It can be used with a Kindle Unlimited subscription for unlimited access to over 1 million titles.

PS There is no cashback on Officeworks. You could get a 2% gift card on Union Shopper or similar which is OW specific. Or go Coles-Myer group GC if you can source them cheaper.

Update 27/04/2022: and now Amazon AU and JB Hi-Fi are pricematching that.



Update 28/04/2022: cheapest one currently from Good Guys Ebay for $183.08 with 8% off code https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125017172671?_trkparms=amclksrc%...

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  • +2

    Not bad. Nothing beats that $169 deal last year though

    • Yes, unfortunately. JB's purchase price on it is apparently around 199 mark, so they offer price match but not price beat.

      • Of course they'll say that because they want you to pay as high as you'll be willing to pay.

  • +1

    thanks, been looking for a kindle. I just saw their basic front light kindle is $99 down from $139. Is it worth the extra $100 to jump to the paperwhite being that we dont get the audible functionality in Australia anyway?

    • +1

      Yes, for sure! There's a lot more to offer on paperwhite. The discount is greater on regular Kindle if it is as you say. So may be good for kids!

    • Go try out the basic Kindle, if you can deal with the low-res screen get that, most readers notice it

    • my paperwhite 3 (2015, 300dpi) just died and i went to JB and looked at the current entry level kindle (167 dpi) honestly it looked exactly the same on the screen (and i read a lot of books on my old paperwhite) and has a backlight and was snappy and i'm considering just buying the basic one to replace my old paperwhite - i honestly don't think the current paperwhite is worth 2x the basic kindle now. i believe this is the first time the basic kindle has a backlight

    • Where did you see the basic kindle for $99 please?

    • +5

      4 reasons I can think of as someone who has latest Paperwhite:
      1) Adjustable warm light - to me this is now crucial feature in an ereader, as it makes it a far more comfortable reading experience compared to my 10th gen Paperwhite
      2) Faster device - navigation feels far more fluid and responsive. It's still e-ink but I don't get the random bits of unresponsiveness as the processor catches up
      3) Better quality screen - not only resolution but contrast
      4) USB-C charging - less cables to manage

      • +2

        Oh, one more thing is IPX8 water-resistance, which the standard kindle doesn't have.

    • +1

      I've had both. Wasn't fussed by the lower screen resolution but the backlight on the paperwhite is definitely worth the extra cost.

  • +1

    Had one for a few weeks, so much better than even the 10th gen. Well worth it, I paid $219.

  • Can recommend the Tersely cover on Amazon (black $18.95 + lots of other colours).

    I have the Paperwhite 10th edition with the above cover and it´s been excellent.

    • +1

      In the past when I bought a cheap hard plastic / fake leather cover for a Kindle, it tended to crack and break. No such issues with the official case, so I've always bought the official one despite the cost. Plus it's supposed to be genuine leather. The only potential issue is peeling around the edges, but I find a soft fabric pouch solves that problem, so all good.

  • +1

    For those experts out there, I almost jumped at the Kobo deal the other week.

    As somebody who likes to sideload books and potentially wanting to read some comics (cbz files) what would be your pick?

    • Seconding this question.
      Been thinking about an E-reader for a while and Sideloading + comics/cbz are my 2 biggest things i'd like to know before i move on to whether i really check about buying one.

  • I use my iPad Pro as an e-reader now. I didn't buy it for that purpose, but when I investigated e-readers at JB Hifi, I found the iPad Pro gave me a much better and more customisable reading experience than the e-ink readers. Plus it's compatible with a range of apps (Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Playbooks, free book apps, etc.)

    • +2

      There are benefits of the various options, but an iPad is more straining on the eyes than e-ink devices and the lighting options are much better with a Paperwhite e-ink reader for using at night and not interfering with melatonin production and affecting sleep.

      The iPad would still be fine to read on, but a Paperwhite, or similar, would be the best choice for most people, especially those who read often.

      • I read using the "Dark" setting (pure black background with grey text). And I use glasses with a filter. At night I turn on night mode to reduce blue light. It doesn't strain my eyes at all. But just before bed I prefer to read a paper book anyway.

        • +1

          I have been reading off my phone screen for as long as ebooks have been around for, always worked fine for me having the setting with the organish background and black text, I found over the last few years I am less tolerable of this than I used to be, reading for about 30-60 mins at bedtime each night.

          I was gifted a gen 1 paperwhite with a blemish on the screen but still works ok, but have found this made a huge difference and didn't notice the strain I was causing by reading off my phone screen for so long.

          • @Baa: Phone screen is too small. This will strain your eyes no matter what the screen setting.

            • @ForkSnorter: It worked for a super long time without issues, I just had really big text! Just my old eyes cannot handle it anymore.

              • +1

                @Baa: The problem with the phone for me is I'll end up responding to messages or end up reading the news lol. Too many notifications and distractions.

        • Sounds like you're well covered with some of those at least 🙂 It might be interesting to see how it goes with any difference in long terms affects and eye strain. E-Ink really is the same as reading a book in most cases, so it's well understood.

          The technology in iPad screens is projecting light out more which is hitting the retinas.

          For me even during the day, I can feel a difference between the two if I'm reading for a few hours. Both good devices, I just use them for different things.

          That's also why I don't buy the more advanced Kindles beyond the Paperwhite as they gain some extra functionality, but then lose the e-ink.

  • Anyone know of a good genuine leather case? seems the new Amazon ones are not real leather from reviews, got a mokase one off Amazon but boy it stinks, cheap Chinese chemical smell.

    • The Amazon ones contain real leather, but rather thin leather. I've bought the real Amazon Leather cover for the current generation Paperwhite and it's pebbled leather, like the older ones, isn't too badly priced (you should be able to pick one up for around $52 if you negotiate, e.g., at JB) and is quite slim.

      If you want better leather, I know there's also the Noreve case, but it's substantially more. https://www.noreve.com/en/kindle-paperwhite-2021/4420-amazon...

      • The reviews on Amazon are not good, people saying they are not real leather and cheaper feeling than the last 10th gen case. I can get a merlo one for $50 on good guys commercial from local store pick up.
        So you are saying 11th gen is as good as 10th gen leather case?

        • The leather texture feels similar to the older covers - like the one with the original Kindle keyboard. I quite like it, because compared to the smoother leather, which I find shows scratches much more easily, the pebbled leather I find looks better for longer (as long as you don't trash it). The leather cover for my Oasis (also Amazon branded) is smoother leather compared to the pebbled leather, and gets scratches quite easily - but mine still looks reasonable (as I keep it in a sleeve as well if carrying around). I use a plush zip case, similar to this one - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003741066199.html?spm=a2... (though the snugness was a bit hit/miss since it's a newer model). The sleeve will help prevent superficial damage.

          In summary, yes, I'd say it's just as good because the fit is fine (as you'd expect being the official case), and you can protect the finish by not scratching it up (putting it into a sleeve).

    • Could someone please explain to me why you need a case for it anyway?.. Seems a bit excessive. Is it not to brake it when you drop it, or not to scratch it in a bag?..

      • +2

        E-Ink can be susceptible to cracking if placed into a bag, and it's not nice to have scratches on the display. A case adds a bit of rigidity, plus there's a nice sleep-wake feature when you open/close the case. A case keeps it pristine for when if you want to sell/gift your device. It also makes it more 'book-like'.

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