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Lenovo Smart Frame 21.5" $379.05 + Shipping ($0 with eBay Plus/ C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Lenovo smart frame $399 @ The Goodguys + delivery / $379.05 delivered @ The Goodguys ebay [Ebay plus]

Key Features

Cloud based Smart Photo Frame works with Google Photos
21.5" (15 x 24) Full HD IPS Display with Anti-Glare Matt Finish
Ambient EQ Light Sensor and Gesture Control
Lenovo Smart Frame App controls Art Gallery and Google Photos Albums
Metallic Grey Frame with Portrait or Landscape orientation

Can't vouch for quality myself as reviews seems to be mixed.

Direct site : https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/lenovo-smart-frame-za6g0008au...

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  • +3

    Haha what year is it - I remember selling digital photo frames back in 2009 ish then they kinda just… disappeared?

    • Those had small awful quality screens without ambient eq and weren't auto-updating. That makes a huge difference.

  • only it can be an external monitor … otherwise, nah

  • +4

    Nothing better than antiglare smudge on compressed photos

    • +2

      Nothing better than antiglare smudge on compressed photos

      Some people prefer not having glare on their photos. Even professional color grading monitors are matte.

  • At that price point you may as well buy a older gen tablet, the software would probably be much less of a hassle

    • +4

      Can you recommend a 21.5" tablet with ambient eq? :)

      • Probably can’t but I can recommend what you can do with $379 instead of this picture frame - an older gen tablet which can do so much more

        • +2

          A tablet can do more than a self-updating photo frame, but if what I want is a self-updating photo frame, a tablet would be a compromise.

          • -2

            @eug: So would a self updating photo frame for $379 😂

        • Can do much more except display photos at 21inches.

  • +1

    Why did it take so long for a decent one to be made?

    If they did it properly first time around then people wouldn't laugh at the idea in 2022.

    • +6

      Back when they first came out in the mid to late 00s, the infrastructure that makes it low-friction did not exist.

      You would have to take photos on your digital camera, transfer the photos to your computer, go through all your photos and choose the ones you like, copy them to another memory card, then insert that card into the photo frame. It was probably novel at first but after a short while it becomes a hassle and people just stop bothering.

      A lot has changed since then. Smartphones were developed, and more recently their cameras have improved tremendously which means people take far more photos of everything. Photos are automatically synced to an online service like Google Photos which then intelligently selects photos and displays them.

      RGBCIR sensors were developed which made it possible to tune a display's color temperature and brightness to a fine degree to make digital photo frames look more like an actual printed photo in a frame. It is a large step above simple auto-brightness as the colour temperature can automatically adjust from 5600K in the daytime with sunlight coming in to 3000K at night when the downlights are on. Without color temperature adjustment the image will look more blueish and out of place. With colour temp adjustment the frame can blend in with the room more naturally.

      Google Photos from 2015 gave everyone 6 years of completely free unlimited compressed photo backup which resulted in a huge number of people storing their memories there, which in turn makes a connected photo frame that automatically displays photos more attractive.

      LCD prices have dropped making a 21.5" display achievable. In 2005, a 19" LCD was about $500 in 2005 dollars.

      Android, and SoCs like the Mediatek MT8167S that runs this photo frame was developed.

      None of the above was possible 15 years ago when digital photo frames first came out. It's only around now where all the pieces have fallen into place. I guess they tested the waters and watched the market over the past few years with smaller photo frames on devices like their previous smart displays and Google/Nest Home before deciding to release a large-format one.

      • Yes there's lots of bonus tech that makes it nicer.. But fundamentally the screens were too small and too low res to succeed. They weren't nice to look at. They weren't fit for purpose imho.

        I would have paid a lot more for bigger/better screens when i wanted one of these 5 years ago.

        I'm still very interested in this product so i can have family photos at work. Shame about the mixed reviews.

        • I would have paid a lot more for bigger/better screens when i wanted one of these 5 years ago.

          There actually was an excellent-quality bigger screen 5 years ago but it was really expensive if you were only going to use it as a photo frame. :)

      • +1

        Great explanation. Your post got me looking into it and I ended up buying one. 2 critical things helped me made my decision and it was exactly as you said. How easy it is to upload photos and if the sensor is good enough to make the screen look like a photo and not just a monitor stuck on the wall.

        I'll now be looking at getting a 2022 model Samsung the frame. The light sensor and matte finish makes photos and art look amazing.

        To all the mouth breathers saying "but a 10 inch tablet can do more!!". Well no actually it can't do what a good digital photo frame can do.

  • +5

    I accidentally uploaded thousands of porn photos and videos to my Google Photos account.

    Make sure you check your own accounts before sharing/syncing with this Smart Frame mounted to the wall in full view and be careful synching new stuff to it 😏

    • RGBCIR sensors only show porn at night.

    • Use to be those dodgy sites that let you just copy videos to your google drive, was popular for 1-2 years

      • +3

        What sites were these?… So I can avoid them in the future

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