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Tenda Nova MW12 Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack $250 + Free Delivery @ AV Mart Australia


Long weekend special!!!

Use code: "TRIBAND" in checkout and get the Tenda nova MW12 Tri Band WiFi System - 3 Pack for $250 delivered! Limited stock so be quick :)

Australian stock with a 3 year Australian warranty. For specs please see the listing or the Tenda website.


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    Zero Support
    No Firmware Updates
    Constantly contacting servers overseas (note: payload seems innocent enough)
    Be warned 256RAM is terribly inadequate when used as a Router
    Compatibility issues with devices

    $299 is about the highest, most retailers sell this, so this deal is still a saving, but for most people a decent performing Dual Band from someone like Tp-Link or Nest is a much better option.

    • Agree, I had an issue with the MW3 pulling an address over DHCP, so it's now runnign through my old router whose AP is dead. I learned my lesson, next time I'll get a Google Nest set or maybe a D-Link set.

    • Specifically Clients connect to the wrong Nodes (regardless of Capacity mode on\off)

  • I bought a 2-pack for $40, 3 for $2500 seems way too high
    edit: mine is ac1200 not ac2100

    • You are probably referring to the much cheaper MW3 like the one I have. This is a different more advanced model compared to the MW3.

      And yes $2500 is much too expensive for this 😜

      • More advanced? I would challenge that the MW3 and MW6 supported Wired Backhaul. Despite each unit having 3 ethernet ports, they don't currently support ETHERNET Backhaul.

        • Really? well it's more advanced that it supports tri-band. But as you pointed out, newer but not necessarily better depending on your requirements. My MW3 Were fine but changed them because I wanted a gigabit backhaul.

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