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[WA] Ozito PXC Blower/Mulcher Kit $99 (Was $179) @ Bunnings (Melville)


As a follow up to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/694340

Had the same on Clearance in Melville, WA Bunnings for $99. At the front of the store on clearance; loads circa 3pm today. Also had https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-brushless-stee... for $199

Worth it for the batteries alone. Have not seen in other stores yet

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  • Does anyone know if Bunnings price match their own stores? My local store is 15min away but Melville is almost an hour. Tried phoning but no answer. Don't really want to drive there tonight unless I know I could get it for the same price

    • I just tried at the Malaga store with no luck.

    • They do not

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    From the thumbnail, I thought they had a pink version

  • Mower page has gone 404 for me.
    Is that the self-propelled model?

    • Me too, I doubt it, and with mowers that light, not much of an issue really?

  • In WA and keen to get, please let me know if anyone has any luck and I'll head over to get one tomorrow.

  • I had got one when this was listed a few months ago and ended up returning it as the suction was no good.

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      Is the blower good enough for someone just clearing leaves from the garage, driveway and alfresco? I've been wanting a leaf blower for a while and was considering the jet blower, but I'm thinking this deal is worth it for the batteries and chargers alone let alone the blower

      • The deal is good for batteries, blower is okay, but its too bulky as a blower

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        A smaller 18V blower is better for clearing paved areas. I got the jet blower when it was cheap, but have not found much use for it. I guess people use them for lawns with big deciduous trees.

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          This, funnily enough when the other smaller blower gets posted the army of geese come out saying it's underpowered and weak. Tbh I find the smaller blower the perfect balance for home use, basically blowing stuff back on the grass after you mowed and edged

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      That sucks.

  • Damn bought this 179 from maddington last week

    • buy a new one then return with old receipt

  • No more stock

    • Is it sold out at Melville?

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          Cheers, saved me 25min trip…😅

    • Are the lawn mowers all gone too ?

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        Website shows zero stock now. Some stock at other stores - you could phone and ask the price, but I would not be optimistic.

        • Yeah the blow vac and mower are still full price at my local. Will call past once a week or so and see if there is any movement on price.

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        I have the mower with mixed feelings. I think I'll take it back when the other promo PXC comes back in stock.

        Main gripes:
        Pretty gutless, especially without the catcher. It'll just cut out even on regularly maintained couch.

        The weight means the body digs in a lot, especially on my buffalo at the front.

        The blade speed must be average as sometimes I find blades of grass uncut.

        The height of the cut is very high. I purchased an after market 3D printed spacer which helps.

        The rear axle is very low and gets lower as you raise the cut height. My footpath has some noticeable scrapes from it.

        Overall, a bit dissapointing. But there's not much in the electric mower space under $400

        • Thanks for the info mate, will look into it some more.

          Just to clarify do you have the twin battery model (PXBSDMK-4182) or the one that accepts 4 batteries (PXSPSDMK-4182) ?

          • @faded: 4 batteries

            It only uses 2 at a time though and then switches to the other two when dead.

            I think they were too optimistic in squeezing a self propelled motor + a cutting motor our of 2x18v

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