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Workwear Fluro Industrial Singlet - $1 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


K-Mart is having a clearance of Hi-Vis Singlet at a low low price of $1. Come in both orange and yellow. Heaps of sizes are available to purchase. Perfect for the hot summer days on the job site to even trying to get into places for free.

Details of the product are as follows

  • Material: Polyester
  • Pique fabric
  • UPF 50+ fabric

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  • +28

    Hot tip, these could be used as sports bibs. Just call your team 'The Tradies'

    • +3

      Tradies get the Ladies

      • -1

        Cuts get the…

    • +2

      My futsal ream was called the HiVisbane roar using stuff like this.

      • +9

        I initially read your futsal ream name as “HIVisbane”, which has a different connotation.

        • I thought he was talking about paper

    • -3

      or Cuzzy Broz

    • I am thinking exactly the same. Easily the cheapest solution for team sports

  • +24

    Perfect for covid lockdown demonstrations at union rallies

    • +10

      I got stuck in a tram surrounded by those morons. The driver asked us to not antagonise them because he was worried they would attack the tram. They weren’t very bright but they were very aggro. Then they went and pissed on the Cenotaph.

    • -9

      covid lockdown

      Well it is in breach of International Law. Our rights have been violated.

  • +12


    Wedding anniversary coming up.

    • +1


      • +1


        I ordered a matching pair.

  • Only workplace you can wear it to is probably construction sites or some i should say, most factories, warehouses, and depots don't allow singlets. Probably the reason why its on clearance for a dollar cause not many people are buying them.

    • +22

      Seems to be the compulsory uniform for the ute drivers who follow 20cm off your bumper at 110k/h before switching lanes erratically to gain that extra 2secs off commute 🙄

      • Yep same around my way.

      • +8

        With lights set higher than your parcel shelf and bright enough to see the shadow of your individual hairs on the roof liner.

        "Whyyyyy is this guy I am blinding going sooooo slow? Can't he see I'm impatient?"

      • +6

        20cm? Wow, your tailgaters sure do keep their distance. More like 5-10 in my experience!

  • +5

    Thanks mothers day sorted

    • +3

      Valentines day 2023 gift sorted.

      • And who said romance is dead?

  • +2

    I do not need to see a bunch of politicians wandering around in hi vis singlets; especially Clive Palmer.

    • +1

      Do they have XXXXXXXXXL?

      • +1

        Buy 10 and stitch them together.

        • +1

          Still wouldn’t fit Clive.

  • +2

    Suns out guns out

  • +1

    Went into my local Kmart and couldn't see them…….

    • +9

      But they are meant to be Hi-Vis.

      • +1

        guess thats why they are $1

        • Must have been a dodgy batch.

  • got refunded?

  • You can wear this anywhere, a day for the BBQ, on the beach…

    • You forgot weddings

      • +1

        bar mitzvahS

        Ceremonial ground breaking for multi million dollar developments


        To the pub

        Parent teacher interviews


        Scott Morrison engadine maccas anniversary

  • +2

    Fluorescent. Fluoro.

    Even the Americans don't spell it flurescent.

    Yes, its a horribly spelled word, even when spelled correctly. So use the term hi vis.

    • +3

      Yes I defiantly agree with you.

    • The title is exactly as per the KMart website. Take your concerns to them. :)

  • If you cut it down the middle it becomes a vest.

    I joke. Buy it one size bigger and wear it over a dress shirt and it looks a bit more official.

    • +1

      Then grab a ladder and you can enter any location.

  • +1


  • That is a cheap microfibre towel replacement.

  • +1

    Halloween costume sorted. Guarantee to scare any new home owners or people renovating with the prices they charge…

  • Got a refund notice not too long after I placed the order. Won’t be seeing me outside a certain union office in the cbd 😂

  • Will this material melt on your skin if getting close to naked flame?

  • +1

    Gotta get one to star in the new GARN video. Fair dinkum mate!!

  • Uniforms sorted out for opposition team for next paintball outing

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