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Lenovo Tab P11 (11" 2K, Android 11, 6GB/128GB, SD662, Widevine L1) US$185.62 (~A$256.07) Delivered @ Lenovo Online AliExpress


On sale is a really good budget Lenovo Android tablet offering good specs for the price. The 4GB/64GB version was popular last time and now the 6GB/128GB version is on sale. As a quick price comparison you can get the 4GB/128GB with the precision pen for $499 at JB Hi-Fi, so you're getting a good deal here.

Featuring Android 10 (Android 11 via OTA), 11" 2K 2000x1200 IPS 400nits display, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage (expandable), Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 CPU with Adreno 610 GPU, Widevine L1 DRM for Amazon/Netflix HD, 7700mAh battery with QC 3.0 fast charging, 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos, 8MP front camera, 13MP rear camera, WiFi 5, BT 5.1, GPS, Pogo Pins for keyboard case, USB-C and PC mode.

For reviews I recommend checking out ETA Prime as it shows general usage, video playback, gaming and emulation. Please note that it's the 4GB/64GB version in the review, so the 6GB/128GB version in this deal will be more snappy thanks to the extra RAM.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, GST inclusive and stacks with cashback.

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  • At this size and price point, it would be nice if this runs Chrome OS.

    • The closest you'll get to that is Lenovo's PC Mode / Productivity Mode. You can see it in action here @ 12:00 in another Lenovo tablet.

  • Have they resolved the Netflix from the Play store issues with these yet, or still need to run the old version of the app?

    • +2

      Zero issues. I picked one up last time Clear posted. Followed these instructions to change the country code to Australia, followed by a format, and Play Store is verified and all works as it should.

      • +1

        Play store is fine, well known issue was Netflix app not working in HD. Does changing country code fix that issue too?

        • +1

          I found that it didn't. But sideloading Netflix worked fine. That is the only annoyance. It's a great tablet for the price. A tiny bit slow but perfect for consuming content, screen and speakers are top.

          • @Shon: Can you sideload the latest version and have it working, or need to use an older one?

        • +1

          Play store wouldn't install latest Netflix. Mine wouldn't launch at all. Side loading it worked ok, but I couldn't install something else (honestly can't recall what)
          Changing country codes permitted installing everything from the play store since it becomes a play store verified device once set as AU region.

          • +1

            @astevens: Many thanks, that change resolved a number of issues I've had with the unit since getting it from a deal earlier in the year.

  • -2

    Can this be a dedicated torrent machine? I.e torrent anime/movies?

    I had an android years ago but forgot If I can get a torrent client off the App Store.

    I guess also - via VLC, would this tablet struggle to play 1080p x265 HEVC files? HDR? 4K x265?

    Cheers guys :)

    • +2

      I'm curious to the reasoning of playing 4K on 2k screens?

      • +3

        But, but, 4k will still look better irrespective. You see the guy at JB HIFI told me so.

        • +3

          That was me. I did it so you'd buy all the Blu-Ray disks in stock

      • +1

        I would like to be able to purely because all my files on my Nas are in 4k, and I'd rather not have to set up transcoding to suit the only one of my devices that can't play back 4k x265.

        @HasibA - It will not cope with 4k x265, qualcomm i believe cut x265 acceleration from this chipset, so it doesn't play stabley. With my P11 I have had some success with 1080p x265 files but they are hit or miss.

  • Any deals on the Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro? Or is this almost as good.

    • +7

      Prices are higher this time. I'll see what I can come up with.

      • Thank you. I guess the AUD has dropped a fair bit just recently.

  • +1

    no 5 gee

  • +3

    Bought previously on Clear’s advice. Great tablet, Thankyou for your recommendation

    • +1

      Yeah thanks @Clear, it was an impulse purchase and got delivered just in time for day one of my COVID!

  • Showing 267 for me

    • +2

      If you've set AliExpress to AUD or you're letting PayPal do the US to AU conversion you're going to get an inflated rate. If you have a currency conversion free card, add that to PayPal and at checkout when paying in USD click on 'Currency conversion options' to make it bill in USD.

      That way you'll get closer to the real Mastercard/VISA rate.

  • +1

    Hoping and praying for a deal for the Pad Plus 6/128GB at some stage! Prices without coupons + shipping + tax to NZ are pushing things into Samsung tablet territory.

    • Threshold for NZ is $500 right? Have you had customs charges from Ali before? The Pad Plus seems to be higher than before but I'll keep looking.

      • Ali now charges 15% GST for all purchases, whether $1 or $100. Have already bought a P11/P11 Plus keyboard haha so hoping a deal comes along, thanks in advance!

  • anywhere i can get the keyboard for this tablet (at a reasonable price)

  • Which case?

  • -1

    This can only play up to 1080p YouTube videos, which is a massive downside

    • Is it on an 11" screen?

  • Very keen on this but is there a Lenovo keyboard option to add somehow. Trying to get away from a MS Surface Go but I like its kickstand and detachable keyboard.

  • Shame it's wifi only

    • The 4G LTE version on the page is 4GB/64GB only sadly.

      • Also more expensive, makes the blackview with 8GB RAM AND 4G better deal

    • WiFi is all you need to tether to the data plan on your phone 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Drains phone quicker that way and too much stuffing around with a 2nd device just to get mobile internet

  • So many budget tablet choices!

    Which one is the best for just playing youtube and videos from my NAS?

  • +1

    Very keen on the P12 pro. Hope to see some deals on that eventually!

  • Widevine L1 and Usb c out are great features on this.

  • Bloody hell. This or the blackview you posted yesterday? Or spend a tiny bit more for better processor? Cripes

  • Has the shipping situation resolved itself in China? Had to cancel the Lenovo P11 Plus I ordered last time due to the COVID outbreak.

    • I think that was only an excuse for that specific seller. I've had numerous parcels from China arrive since that deal.

      • Ah right, bummer. Was my sweet spot for around 300~. I'll keep an eye out for your posts - hopefully a similar deal comes by!

  • Missed out!

    Sorry, all coupons/codes have now been claimed.

    • Damn that went quicker than I anticipated. Other codes seem to work still.

      • Yes, used OD11 for US$11 Off

  • Has any body found some good deals on the Lenovo keyboard to go with this? Looks like the Lenovo AU and Education sites don't have it anymore.

  • Any chance you can sort a deal for the 4gb/64gb model please.

  • Any details on the case options it comes with, or whether there is a better option?

  • I ordered the 6GB model on 1st May. Tracking shows it still hasn’t left Singapore. This seems very slow for an item this expensive (for AliExpress). Anyone else care to share their experience?

    SINGAPORE (SG), SINGAPORE, Cleared and awaiting international departure, 22-05-13

    • Totally normal - I regularly get items that get stuck at that step for a month, whilst others make it to Australia in just a week or two.

      • I buy a fair bit on Ali, and usually expensive stuff (over ~$10) comes pretty quick. That said, Singapore mail is reporting covid delays.

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