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R.M. Williams Men's Comfort Craftsman / Sydney Boots $371.25 Delivered (New Accounts Only) @ THE ICONIC


Awesome price on these boots once again :)

You'll need to create a new account to take advantage of this coupon, The Iconic data match also so best to deliver to a Parcel Locker or Parcel Point if they can tell you're not a new customer on a different email.

There's a few different listings for Comfort Craftsman in all main colours and widths, search around on The Iconic for the one you'd like, add to cart and apply "heyICONIC75" to get the price in the title.

There's also Women's Shoes available such as Millicent and Adelaide for the same price.

Note: Zip Pay currently has 15% cashback (capped at $30) when purchasing via the app which can be combined with this. The total cashback is instantly deposited into the rewards goal even when using the coupon. This should credit another $30 to the rewards goal and make the total price $341.25.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Great deal! But mostly out of stock. sigh

  • Given we have rainy season coming up, how are these holding up against water? Do they smell like death the next day after getting wet or so 🤔

    • +1

      You'll ruin the leather if you don't dry them properly after getting them wet. Keep them away from heat (don't chuck them in front of a heater) and stuff them with newspaper to dry them.

      If you keep them conditioned and polished as per the instructions they should be pretty water resistant.

  • Does anyone have any idea when they re-stock? post sale? I know no one has a magic ball but just wondering from previous experiences.
    Thank you!

    • At the very least I reckon you'll see some stocks appearing again within couple weeks time when people starting to return it. I have returned many Iconic purchases because its so easy to do, people just buy whatever on sale and think about it later.

  • Hi Nightowls,

    How did you make the purchase in ZIP app, but still get Shopback to track the transaction for cashback? I tried to click through Shopback>The Iconic, but ZIP app is not opening and no ZIP option available for payment.

  • +1

    Just wanted to say a mighty big thank you doweyy for posting this deal. A pair of R.M. William boots has been on my bucket list for a while but I could never come to terms with the price of it. Saw this deal and first thing I did this morning was popped into a R.M. store to get my size and see the colours. An hour later, I am the proud owner of my first pair of R.M. boots. Had some prezee vouchers sitting around which I exchanged for Iconic ones. Created a new account to access the deal and used shop back. Out of pocket cost $150. Couldn’t be happier.

    • Not OP but congratulations on the purchase. I've taken my pairs across countries and continents, and they're still holding up strong! Remember to take care of them and they'll take care of you.

      Also, if you have a weird gait, like me (which caused the heel rubber to wear out rapidly in one spot), get the appropriate replacement rubbers/work done before it hits the leather stack, which will cost more to service/replace.

  • +1

    Missed this deal. Were the shoes on sale and then an additional $75 off?

    • Yep and another 15% cashback.

  • +1

    Managed to get myself a pair of Comfort Craftsman for around $330 after using the code and the Cashback app, though they might be a half size too small. Does anyone know if I wait a few weeks and see if my size comes back in stock, will I be able to exchange them even though the deal has expired? Thanks

    • +1

      What size, someone on here would buy them.
      Iconic 30 returns/exchanges right?
      Nice if you could take them into the RMs store

      • I've tried that in the past and they refused. Have to return them through The Iconic.

        • Guess you can't expect to, same as if you get them from Myer.. just remember that people used to or something. There's still a level of snobbery, I'd rather get them cheaper and not worry about the store at all.

          Stuff sending them away for need heels for 6 weeks, the local cobbler had rubber heel pads for $35 or genuine ones $45 (fitted). Exactly the same but paid the extra for the RM logo, bit OCD

      • Aus size 8.5, though I’m usually a 9. Yep 30 days east returns.

    • +1

      What size and colour did you order and what size and colour did you want?

      • Aus 8.5 dark tan, but I ideally wanted size 9 in chestnut. I guess I’ll wait until I get them to make sure they don’t fit.

  • +1

    What's the best way to keep these long lasting? Do you purchase the RM leather conditioner?

    • +1

      I use RM conditioner and polish. This is a decent guide https://www.ahume.co.uk/blog/the-ultimate-rm-williams-boot-c...

    • I try condition them every few months.

      Add conditioner, leave over night and then in the mornign buff it off.

      Generally that's enough to make them look nice and new. If you want a bit of colour back then polish does that. I don't think the polish adds the hydrophobic element, just the conditioner.

      Happy to be corrected.

  • a question for those who own these. i bought dark tan in 8H, i’m a 9 in vans (both authentic and old skool), 8.5 - 9 in nike air jordan 1 and af1. the width is snug around the heel and middle area of my foot, but less so around the toe area but the length is about a thumb and a half from the end of my big toe to the very front of the shoe. it feels like there’s too much wiggle room?

    bare foot length is 260mm, which matches the size chart on the rm williams website for size 8 (259.2mm). does this sound right?

    • +1

      Hard to comment on specific sizes, but I have 10+H in these, I wear 10.5-11 in most shoes, and there's a similar amount of space to you from my tow to the point of the shoe. Fit feels good to me, though, but my feet are quite wide. Most mainstream sneakers are too narrow for me.

      I don't think you can expect these to be as snug a fit as a laced shoe since you have to be able to slide them on and off. But having said that, your foot shouldn't be moving around as you walk, but a bit of wiggle room is ok.

      • toe wiggle room sorry. the rest of my foot is snug, and my heel is planted pretty firmly towards the back so it doesn’t move around much. it seems it’s just the shape of my foot haha, cheers for the reply!

  • My pair arrived today, great service. Probably needed a set of dynamic flex’s tho… with my orthotics they are very tight. Can I get a cobbler to remove the insoles? Or are there any deals going on the dynamics?

    • I thought dynamic flex are for people with orthotics.

      Try the shoes without your orthotics?

      I don't think going to the rubber ones will help that much.

  • Anyone willing to swap dark tan 7.5AU G width for a H width?

  • +1

    Got mine delivered today. I ordered an 11.5 AU Wide Fit in Chestnut. The colour is really nice and the size was a good fit for me.

    For any wondering what I used to measure, I used the R.M.Williams sizing guide on their website. I wear a size a US12 Ultraboost, so I initially was going to go for size AU11, but according to the measurement I took, I was more of a size AU11.5. Also if you have wide feet go for the wide boots even if the measurement indicates you would fit into a normal width. The wide boots (H) are not even that wide and fit me well, so I don’t know how the regular fit (G) would have been for me.

    • Sounds good.. the comfort craftsman may not be comfortable if too marrow and smashes ya toes

    • Yes I ordered Tuesday received Thursday morning by Aust Post. Amazing.

    • I wear a US12.5 ultraboost. I have been sized at RMW in-store, and do indeed own, 10.5G comfort craftsmans

  • Anyone after 6H in chestnut? I'd like to swap it with 7H in chestnut.

  • Received my boots this morning but they've clearly been worn before … anyone else had this issue? Should I contact The Iconic or R.M. Williams directly to get a new replacement?

    • No mine looked untouched.

    • +2


    • Brand new on my end

    • Mine was new. But you can always return for a full refund within 30days

    • Maybe they've just been tried on?
      Id just email them.
      Would be an issue if damaged or faulty, but aren't they supposed to last for years and years

    • -1

      Try Nike

  • Mine been sitting with AusPost for a week now……anyone else had delivery issues?

  • Wouldn't mind trying the wide version on in the store best time..

    I've got a pair of Loake 1880 Pimlico suede I don't really use, excellent quality and comfortable when originally put on but Also ends up smashing me small toes. Not sure if they are a similar sizing scheme but checked and they are 7F (UK) ..

  • These are definitely a size too big. I ordered my usual size 13, but they are way too long. Doesn't look like any stock to exchange to a 12. I will wait a bit and see if they refresh the stock.

  • Anyone have a 7H in chestnut they'd like to swap for a 7.5H?

  • Ordered and had the parcelpoint option. Still stuck in delivery? Anyone has similar problems?

  • +1

    If anyone was wondering, you can exchange your iconic purchase in-store.

    • Didn't realise the iconic had a physical store…

      • In-store at R.M Williams.

        • Assumed that but someone here posted you can't do that anymore. Handy if you can.

          • @G-rig: That's strange. I went in to just get sized up properly today because my boots were too big, and got offered to exchange it in store, which I did. I didn’t expect to be able to swap them in store, so I was surprised.

        • Which store were you able to do this?

          • +1

            @Google Chrome: Carindale westfield

            • @FlumeTheLearner: I'm keen to try some wider H versions on sometime, hate narrow work shoes. My leather soles have lasted ages as I just leave it office and or cycling to Work, but prefer wearing something comfortable out for a walk and not wear them out - last a Long Time then.

              Got some 3 hole vegan Dr Martens that are reasonably comfy already, the heel was giving me grief a bit, still bit narrow hit at least they got a decent sole

    • Rm williams store in adelaide CBD do not allow this.

      • Message their Facebook page. They will tell you you can do it, then go back and show them.

  • +1

    Confirmed exchanged a pair in store. Messaged them on FB first and had their reply as confirmation incase the instore staff refused.

    • Just being difficult..
      You'd think they'd be happy to get the stock back

      • Was really easy, store staff were very helpful

        • Well it should be easy normally haha.

          Not sure how much longer my leather soles got left, will be happy to get rid of them. Should have got a comfort pair to start with but they were cheap at the outlet store 6y ago.
          Apparently the resole isn't the same rubber sole as comfort version to start with.

          • @G-rig: I went into a store today to exchange a pair. As I entered the store I was told to "come here".

            From there I was treated like crap because I bought them 'cheap' on the iconic. I showed them a piece of leather that clearly was not glued down properly, and was told 'to go down to Mr Minit and they can fix it'.

            This is the area i am talking about, it's the inner side of the left boot.


            • @lucyrenegade: That's a shame mate, I can imagine the level of snobbery from those sales twirps. You should have just said you should stand behind your product. It's kind of hard to imagine them giving you an on the spot replacement if you didn't buy them there, bit other people seem to get lucky. Guess have to message them on FB and complain.

              Hard to see what's going on in the photo but perhaps just does need a bit of glue. Probably a lot longer and stuffing around to send them back I imagine, especially for the ripper price. You'd be hard pressed to get an outlet pair for 350$ these days.

            • @lucyrenegade: Shame. I didn't have any issues exchanging my size at the RM Williams store on George St in Sydney.

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