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[QLD, NSW] Buy 3 Get 1 Free on Dreamworld Locals Annual Pass (Save $129) - QLD & Northern NSW Residents Only


"Experience year-long fun for whole family for less with our incredible Buy 3, Get 1 Free limited time offer on our all-inclusive Locals Annual Pass!

When you buy 3 Locals Annual Passes, we'll give you another FREE - that's a saving of $129!

Exclusively available for all QLD residents & Northern NSW (postcodes 2450-2490) residents."

12 months entry to Dreamworld
12 months entry to SkyPoint
Seasonal entry to WhiteWater World
1 entry to Happy Halloween
1 Ice Skating Session at Winterfest
In-park food, drink & merchandise discounts
Access to exclusive Passholder offers

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  • +6

    Remember when Dreamworld was actually good in the 90s and 2000s?

    • Dreamworld is actually still very good, their most recent ride additions (Steel Taipan and Sky Voyager) are great.

      Definitely still work to be done due to previous mismanagement but the park is well on the way.

      • +3

        Yeah nah. So many attractions have closed over the last decade, with no where near as many replacements.

        Dreamworld use to be great. It cost an arm and a leg to go sure, but it was worth it every couple of years to experience everything new.

        Then in the late 2000s they went into a race to the bottom with the other parks for who could have the cheapest tickets/passes. It became a bogan play ground. It has never recovered since then in my opinion.

        • When was the last time you visited?

          • @JordanM: Would of been mid 2010s.

            But since I was a kid, I've loved all the parks, so I keep an eye of them with sites like https://www.parkz.com.au

            Far more attractions have closed over the years than have opened.

            The beginning of the end was when they closed the great included water park and replaced it with a separate (and shitty) separate water park.

          • +2

            @JordanM: I visited last year, most rides were shut or sent away (including the train). I wont be going back.

      • +5

        Reading the recent reviews, it seems like half the rides are always closed all the time due to maintenence.

        • +1

          Have you been reading Movie Word reviews?

          They have actually had rides operating with more consistency than the opposition lately.

          • +2

            @JordanM: Yeah MW is crap. We went last month ago on a weekend. Between rides closed & queue closed because there was an hour's wait, we lasted 3hrs and gave up. SeaWorld is slightly better with a lot more rides, but also lots of rides closed and long wait times.

          • +2

            @JordanM: Managed to have a total of 2 rides at MW last week due to queues and ride closures. The rapids ride closed after wasting an hour as well

    • +2

      I drove on Walgrove road the other day and reminisced about Sydney's Wonderland.

      • The Demon! My first ever rollercoaster experience. Loved it.

      • +3

        So sad, in many ways. A city of 5 million, the best we can do is Luna Park. Bit of a joke really.

        • +1

          it closed for the most Sydney reason of all - land value

  • +10

    That's a no for me.
    Previous mismanagement causing "d##ths has put me off for life.

    • +1

      Funny how quickly people forget if a company offers them a "bargain".

      • -2

        What a stupid assumption.

    • -2

      For what it's worth management is largely now from the opposition and further safety procedures and protocols are in place, not to mention stricter laws.

      The Australian Amusement industry is extremely safe.

      • +6

        For what it's worth

        Should never of happened. I will never forget or forgive.

        safety procedures and protocols are in place

        So it took the deaths of those poor people for them to put these in place? slow clap

        The Australian Amusement industry is extremely safe.

        Was it "safe" before the incident too? Why should we believe it is now?

        • Geez you just want to argue, it’s fine if you don’t want to “forgot or forgive” but what’s the point of bashing the park?

          If you have spent time on Parkz it’s been discussed, you don’t need to me to hold you hand in finding everything that’s been done.

          • @JordanM: JordanM, you sound invested.. are you employed to push a green button to start the rides?

            Anyway, I hope they go under and fold as it should never take deaths to create a safe park.

    • Why did you have to censor deaths?

  • +2

    Hoping Village Roadshow (movieworld, seaworld, etc) will offer a similar deal/discount on their annual locals pass (currently at $189)

    • Very unlikely, they seldom offer deals on the One Pass.

      • Bummers. Good to know, thanks. We might pull the trigger regardless, as we have little kids and the Village theme parks are more suitable I feel.

        • Save your money and go Movieworld.. much better value when you include Seaworld and the others.

          • +1

            @Jessie Ryder: RRP for the annual local pass is $249. Discounted (atm) to $189. For 4 Tickets that works out $756 ($996RRP).

            That is almost double what you pay for 4 Dreamworld tickets ($387). And you can get dream world even cheaper if you go without Sky point and White Water access, which brings the ticket price to $109 or ($327 for four tickets).

            In terms of value I cannot judge on Dreamworld as I haven't ben there, yet.
            But we had an annual pass for the Village Roadshow Parks and my personal opinion:
            Movie World: VERY underwhelming. Tiny Park on an international comparison. Not many (open) rides but plenty of endless queues. Only ended up going once
            Sea World: IMHO the best out off the lot with a decent combination of rides and other entertainment. Though nothing really spectacular hen it comes to rides. Ended up going three times.
            Wet'n'Wild: Didn't visit
            Paradise Country: Visited once. Nice Park, especially for those who have little kids. Without little kids not really something you would do more than once?!

  • Do many people go to the theme parks (Movie/Sea/Dream World) on weekends?

  • White water world is hardly ever open
    Last few times I’ve been. Only opened Fri/Sat/Sun

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