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5% off Your Invoice Total @ Bulk Nutrients


Been looking for a free postage offer, feeling it should be standard above a certain value and found this code worked with my $171 order to save me $8.55.

Unknown if there is a minimum order level, maybe another user can post if it's successful in their cart.

Hope this helps to keep supporting our friends in Tas.

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Bulk Nutrients

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  • I like their products but man have they jacked the prices over the last year.

    • True they are creeping up like everything. I stick with them because I'm hopeful their standards remain consistent. They also test some products independently for quality and ingredients, so if you're competing you have some confidence.

      • Lots of other brands with the same quality guarantees. A 25% price hike in a few months is a bit too much to take. Lots of other options around.

        • Like who? All major bulk vendors are charging similar prices, MyProtein has sales but something in their protein gives me the squirts..

    • also 750g bags for some of their new products…

      • -1

        Also true ! But that HCP is much better than others. I'm starting to sound like I'm bias. I'm not associated - promise !

    • Not even a year? I purchased on 31/01/22 and it was only $26.50 each for 2 x 1kg WPC

      Today it's $33.50 each for 2 x 1kg

      • That’s what I noticed too. I like their quality but I started looking elsewhere after that. That’s a 25% price jack.

        • Hmm their vegan protein now $38/kg. Used to be $30 not long ago

          • @dajackal: Crazy. A 10% price jack I could understand given these times but 25% is too much. Looking elsewhere now.

  • +1

    Sponsors of the Jack Jumpers. Get on!

  • +1

    I switched to Aminoz. Much better taste.

    • which flavour?

    • Aren't aminoz more expensive?..

  • Just stocked up last week!

    Loving their NAC and Red Fusion in my smoothies to get my body ready for the cov.

  • Anyone got any other sites?

    These prices were really good, but not so much now…

  • All vendors are increasing prices, whey has gone up worldwide due to supply pressure. Anyone selling you cheaper you have to first look at the expiry as they might be clearing old stock, or is something else going on.

    • +1

      Yes, but whey has not gone up 25% since Jan 2022
      This a price gouge and I will be ordering from somewhere else.

      • +1

        actually if you look at the cost of WPC (and this site is listing the lower quality spec) it's gone up almost 70% since August 2021 to now and is a record high for the past 20 years.
        I don't think anyone is price gouging of the Aussie manufacturers - all of them have put prices up because that's the reality.
        Totally agree with @domingochavez - I'd be wary of cheap protein - likely cut with some cheap ingredient or close to expiry.

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