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NutriBullet Balance Smart Nutrition Scale $10 + $7.95 Shipping (Free C&C) @ Myer (Sold out at Amazon)


"Works with any brand of blender. NutriBullet Nutrition Scale takes away the guesswork, no more recipe book, measuring cups or eating programs. The Bluetooth enabled smart scale assists you to build better smoothies with your existing blender."

Previous comments note this is a fancy scale and can work as an ordinary kitchen scale.

Amazon Link here Sold out at Amazon

Selling for $99 at other retailers at RRP, was discounted to $29 on Good Guys but has been further discounted to $14 on clearance, this seems to be the cheapest to date?

Found courtesy of Price Hipster

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  • Why does it "only work with a 900mL cup"

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    Bought this from the $14 deal. nothing special compares with other $10 scale.

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      thanks, won't bother

      • in hindsight, i'd actually pay money not to have bought this piece of shit previously and had the opportunistic cost of buying a better scale at the time. avoid.

        • Considering it's usually $99 lol

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            @koplik8: yeah. it isnt worth $10, forget 99. Goes to show how easy it to get scammed by rrp

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              @magnitude: TBF, OzBargain is the perfect case-study for why they do that. Most people here would buy a POS that was $200 down to $20 rather than a good item for $15 with no discount.

    • Does it measure to 1g or 0.1g accuracy?
      I'm really after the latter.

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        0.1 or 0.01 I can't remember

    • i don't know any scales that has bluetooth for $10

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        why you need a scale with bluetooth

    • Trying to find answers to these questions:
      - Max weight
      - Accuracy (Eg, 1g or 0.1g?)
      - Battery Type used (Eg, AAA, AA or CRxxxx)

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        3aaa, 0.1g

        • Fantastic Richard, much appreciated… ordered!
          You would not happen to know what the max weight would be by any chance? If it's 0.1g I assume it might be around 3KG possibly

    • What about the 0.001g? Does it measure to that accuracy?

      • RichardF89 above reports it has an accuracy of 0.1g

      • (profanity) no. if it's empty it will randomly show plus or minus 0.2g.

    • This is one of the worst products ive ever bought in my life. The stupid (profanity) shit doesnt have a way to turn off the most useless feature ever bluetooth, which means it drains the battery very quickly. I hate this scale with a passion and it also overdosed me earlier this week with preworkout. It's at least off by 0.2g (ie it will be empty and fluctuate 0.2g, which turns out was enough to wreck me. never had that problem with my previous scales). I hate this, i wouldn't buy this for a $1. Avoid. Buy something else from ebay or amazon.

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        So likely still perfectly suitable for measuring ingredients to bake a cake.
        Not so suitable for a point of 'preworkout', got it 😉

        • I mean, I downloaded the app for a bit of fun. They have recipes inside for sauces, pancake mix, surely theres a cake in there somewhere too.

      • 0.2g accuracy is still not that bad… other scales I have that also have a resolution of 0.1g do 'change' if there is a slight breeze… Eg, ensure you don't have any fans or aircon blowing on/near the scale as I've found this will cause fluctuations when working with such a high resolution…

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        The scale has an on off switch, so I don't know what your concern is regarding the battety life.

        • your reading comprehension is very poor. im talking about disabling bluetooth not the power switch.

    • It's for use with Nutribullet

    • I have tried the $10 Kmart one and the Woolworth one, both shut down in around 1 minute during the coffee dripping process which means they last shorter than time required to make one cup of coffee. Does this one have this problem?

  • Does anyone know what battery it uses?

    • Couldnt find it online either

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      RichardF89 above has kindly reported is uses 3xAAA

  • what does it mean "Colossal cup is required when using the Balance Scale" ??

    the only possible thing i can think of is maybe the recipes on your phone are based on a set cup size

    • every recipe inside there is for 900mL sized cup. thats all

  • have a $10 kmart one but got this anyway, I mean there has to be something about it for them to sell it for $99 compared to Kmart $10 ones

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      special name on the top

    • Yeah, branding

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      you can use app to connect it. in the app it has some recipes. you can put the ingredients in and the app will tell you when you put enough.

  • Cheers OP ;)

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    wow… stuck with amazon giftcard as it went OOS on checkout.

  • Thanks OP. Previous post suggests it's good as a general kitchen scale. Grabbed one from Amazon.

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    Was genuinely looking for a cheap kitchen scale and thanks to an ozb addiction that scratch has been itched. Thanks for sharing

    • Yep same. Been looking at a set randomly for ages as wanted one to measure coffee dosage. Thks OP. Might try the app as well.

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    Same price at myer Ebay store $10 delivered ebay plus required.

    • Cheers for this!

    • Thanks. Bought one here.

    • Can't find listing on ebay. Maybe sold out there

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    0.18c back with cash rewards. better than nothing :)

  • Physical buttons? I have one with touch buttons and it's worst…

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    great for weighing your herbs into smaller portions to put into bags like nickel, dime, and quarter.

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    surface seems hard to clean.

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      yea, very true, expect to get powder stuck in the grooves etc. seriously dont buy it

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    Can I use it as a normal kichen scale to be used with my own containers? I am not worrying about bluetooth, recipes etc.

    • the bt feature drains the battery very quickly and cannot be switched off. so just dont get this unless you enjoy changing batteries often.

      • Your comments noted. Others did a review as well and found it ok and accurate. You could just take the battery out when not in use. I will be using mine randomly. Or you could even use rechargeable batteries. Odd though if it doesn't have an off swtich or turn off automatically after a few mins.

        • i use mine twice a day.

        • +1

          LOL @ "take the batteries out." Much easier to buy an unbranded set of scales that just work properly, but no, this is OzBargain.

  • Why are people so divided? Some people seem to hate this and others are pretty happy. At least it's just 10$s

    • Contrary to popular belief, kitchen scales on ebay are minimum $10, and even at Kmart its $12. The app gives recipe suggestions regardless and if you do use it, it seems to give you a calorie count as well, which IMO is a good idea. Seems pretty hard to utilise though as you have to click once to change each ingredient and if you're also prepping ingredients it may be a bit annoying.

      • So why are some people so triggered about this?

        • +1

          Probably the $99 RRP

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    If you are looking for a decent scale I did quite a bit of research

    My picks are
    Etekcity 0.1g Food Scale - weigh up to 5kg

    For small weights…

  • what did I just buy?

  • Mine came today, Comes in a fairly big box. Delivery wouldve cost twice as much as this product alone. I may not use but ill certainly gift it :). Thanks op

  • Yes the biggest box I've ever seen for a scale, probably bigger than the box for my bathroom scale, Only Amazon wastes packaging like that so I guess kudos to Nutribullet (must be the least green company in nutrition).

  • Back in Amazon. Dispatch within 1 to 2 months though.

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