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Breville Smart Pro Grinder BCG820BSS $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Similar with the deals here.
Need more words words words.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    A massive 7% off!

  • Weird question but has anyone used these coffee grinder to grind up pills/supplements/vitamins? Needing to grind for a DIY recipe for my pets.

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      Easier. Cheaper. Cleaner to use the number of cheap grinders

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      cheap spice grinder would be better option!

      • Thanks both!

        Just asking as we use our coffee machine a lot at home so thought we could combine uses.

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          Youd need to be grinding a large volume of whatever it is youre grinding and then cleaning it all out is nearly impossible if you wanted to use it for beans too. Wouldnt recommend.

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          not sure if the residual coffee grinds could make your pets high? some pets could be sensitive to caffeine.
          vice versa pets pills could be harmful to humans?
          better perform cleaning when change-over, but that may require quite some effort, so a cheaper spice grinder should be a better choice.

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    I think the price graph show all that needs to be said.

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      Good luck getting any of those prices from 1 year+ ago or any of the pre covid prices

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    Jan '21 could be purchased from DJs for $199. May not get quite that low soon, but I reckon cheaper than $249 is likely.

  • What's a good method to clean these grinders? Do you need to clean them?

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      I cleaned mine on the weekend. I do it ever 3-6 months. Soak all the removable plastic parts in mild soapy water. Not too hot or it will deform the plastic. Vacuum all of the loose particles out of the burrs. Remove the top burr and brush the compacted coffee off. Brush the bottom but whilst vacuuming. I also used a portable air duster in tandem with the vacuum but don’t think you need it.

      Finally, every 3 weeks or so I run a 40g dose of grinder cleaner pellets through and then some older medium roasted beans. This helps keep the burrs clean.

      I don’t grind very dark/oily coffee and just do medium corse for filter coffee. So you may need to clean it more often

      I’ve heard some people clean their grinders whenever they change beans but I can’t really be bothered. However, the first few coffees after I do a proper clean do have more clarity and are generally a tad nicer.

      Anyway that’s my 10pm how to basic 🥲

  • Got one of these last week when I have a TGG $30 SMS credit and use it with price matching Bing Lee. Price become $239. I consider that a good price in 2022.

    It has been good so far. There are some complains about this grinder produce lumpy grinds and has uniformity issu. I only do milk drink and I think it’s good enough. Just remember the next one up will likely cost you another $100 min. So I have to say this is the best in this class.

  • LOL $429

    • Replied to the wrong post. :D

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    Cheaper on BingLee Ebay Store with code PLSMAYY7

    $231.57 with free shipping: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154263556151?chn=ps&_ul=AU&mkevt...

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