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[PS4, PS5, PS Plus] May Free Games - FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, Curse of The Dead Gods @ PlayStation


FIFA 22 and Tribes of Midgard will be the PS5 game for May 2022.

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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    Mixed reaction to this on Discord. Some are excited, some not impressed. Pretty much same every month.

    If this isn't to your taste, don't forget PS+ gets a revamp the following month:


    • not for Australia though?

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        Of course. We’re generally lumped into Europe as part of the SCEE region. No PS Now so we get the special PS+ Deluxe top tier instead.

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          At launch, we plan to include titles such as Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal

          Wooa am I reading that right? Noice

    • Should we stack our PS+ subsciption now? Will they upgrade us to the higher tier after the revamp?

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        PS+ subscription converts to PS+ Essential and no change in fee or content there.

        PS Now subscription converts to PS+ Premium but they've restricted multiple extensions now. Also PS Now not available in Australia, only if you have a UK or US etc account.

        Short answer: No, don't bother.

        • Thanks for the info. I still have a couple of PS+ cards lying around. Do you think it’s wise to use them now? Will they become obsolete after the revamp?

          • @FrugalNotStingy: I would use them up now and extend your PS+ which converts to PS+ Essential. Many are already reporting issues topping up multiple times.

      • uhm…. I'm sorry, I've been out of the scene for a while. I do have a stacked PS+ until 2025. It is, however, for an US account.

        Does this mean an EU/AU PS plus account will now be better value in terms of games available?

        • The US gets the revamp in June and from what I heard, if you also have a PS Now subscription, they will upgrade you to PS+ Premium (the highest tier of PS+).

          • @FrugalNotStingy: Ahhh. I'm not losing out then because I'm just on the lowest tier. Thanks for the 411, @FrugalNotStingy & @Hybroid

        • It's all the same thing. Current PS+ becomes PS+ Essential. Same offerings, same inclusions, same price.

          There's just 2 additional extra content levels now for those that want more.

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    Feel bad for those that bought FIFA 22 last month…😬

    • Why? Not everyone pays for +

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        I would presume these days a large majority would play online so have PS+. Would be a bit of a kick in the guts.

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      Yeh that was me

      • One of my friends got it last month and I said FIFA23 will be out soon but FIFA22 will probably be the same….didn’t think it would go to free to play on PSN. 😅

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          Exactly, I think I paid $21 which is low.

          I don't expect these games on ps5 plus, I expect baseball, or rubgy! I never thought they out NBA, FIFA etc

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      I feel bad for those that bought FIFA . ever.

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    Other than FIFA, happy with the rest. Only paid $33 for PS Plus

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    Another shit month. It’s like they purposely chose the games that they know I won’t enjoy playing

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    Can someone tell my boyfriend to cancel this shit

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      FTFY Slutty Bianca

      • Haha absolute gold. Had a good laugh 😂

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        Enjoy the popular comment badge

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    Any discounts on PS Plus at the moment?

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    damn just purchased FIFA22

  • Curse of the dead sounds good

  • laughable! will wait for another month or see what games r included in the new plans PS come up with to fight xbl

    • If we get plus before the new plans arrive, what tier will we be at? Do we have to pay extra for the other benefits?

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        Currently our ps plus will flip to essential. The two xtra tiers we will get are ps plus extra and ps plus deluxe.
        We won't get platinum as that has ps3 cloud streaming which apparently Australian infrastructure won't accommodate.

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    Thanks! I was just about to buy FIFA so timing is perfect

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    This is the best thing to happen in console history AND this absolutely blows goats. There, think I've got everyone covered.

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    So annoyed that I just bought Fifa22 discounted LOL

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    This is a great month!

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    Damn just bought FIFA 22 on Sunday lol

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    I know that many here dislike fifa but honestly it's a fantastic game and even more fun as a couch multiplayer. Great with mates when having a BBQ and beer.

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    Will it be the PS5 version of FIFA22? I’ve got the PS4 version already.

    • Also curious to know

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      FIFA 22 (PS5, PS4)
      Tribes of Midgard (PS5, PS4)
      Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)


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    Saves me buying the digital copy of Fifa so I don't have to get up to change disks

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      My laziness is why I go digital

      • Wish I had bought FIFA digital. it's the sort of game where I would fire it up for a match or two after playing something else, but don't much because I can't be bothered switching disks.

  • Already own Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods. Decent games. Better than FIFA. Shame about already paying for both though.

  • Honestly just can't wait for PS plus essential. Have much more to play instead of waiting each month to see what goes free and not having to pay individually for each game

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    I play Tribes of Midgard with a friend - it's pretty good. We only paid I think $15 for the special editions though, so not exactly an expensive game, but i'd say worth at least $20, so definitely a good addition for free.

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    Sony’s way of pushing PS Plus Extra or Deluxe.

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      That's a down side of those newer subscriptions. Like GamePass, once the new tiers are introduced, the quality of free games will get worse.

      Worried that we may never get any decent PS5 first party exclusives "free" moving forward.

  • My PS Plus membership is about to expire, anyone now if there’s a deal coming up?

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    Prime gaming is beating this. A crap month

    • Have you played any of the games? Curse of the Dead Gods is just as good as Hades IMO. Tribes of Midgard is alright for a bash too.

  • If your currently on the essentials subscription say for the next year or already paid and stacked and you want the medium or deluxe subscription would you have to pay the extra 55 or $75 price increase to upgrade for each new year or straight away pay say $154 for the new deluxe annual price

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    Two roguelikes and FIFA?

    No thank you.

  • As someone that spends way too much money on games (i never pre-order and will wait a year+ for deep discount, i don't fomo) that often don't get played much anyway, the playstation subscriptions above essentials (which I really only pay for to get online play and saves cos we're forced too and am surprised when the 'free' monthly's are actually worth even looking at) aren't attractive in any way to me as I own all the games they have been spruiking already.

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    Just sharing a unpopular opinion here as I see almost everyone hating this months game.. I grew up playing fifa but have stopped buying the game when the basically only change the number in the title every year so really not complaining that they are giving that out.

    Watched a few review of curse of the dead gods and thought it is a decent game especially when I enjoy rouge like games like hades as well as slay the spire that was given out last month. Tribes of midgar is similar, also keen to try that out.

    Having said that; giving this month a 7/10, not exactly the best but not as bad as the hate that’s been getting

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    First year I didn't buy FIFA and it's free on ps plus, I'll take it!

  • Can anyone recommend a cheap way of getting PS+?

    • Just gotta wait for the deals, I guess. Usually see one every month. Just setup some alerts so you don’t miss out. I don’t think there are any cheap country hacks like for other services, but I could be wrong. Plus it’s all changing soon anyway.

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    i dont see it on pls plus?

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    What time do these games appear? Not showing yet.

  • Is it showing to anyone yet?

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    Just breathe lads lol. It’s coming. Give it another couple of hours or so.

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    still nothing, weird

  • Its there now boys, Ps5 game of the month

  • Funny to think 2 hours ago they were asking $110 for the ps5 version.

    • Lolz

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    You can grab a free PlayStation®Plus FUT Pack as well. I think they are for players? I'm not too sure as I've never played Fifa, but free is free.


  • can't complain, especially if you pay 60 a year (sales in dec, 80 -> 60). Basically $5 a month for a few games, even if one is half decent - money worthwhile.

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  • Now that I think about it, the only time I've been playing online games on ps5 was to try out new cod and battlefield during promo weekends and ps+ games havent played at all… May be it's time to ditch subscription pretty much as I mostly play non multiplayer games on disk versions or discounted digital purchases from store >.<

    Also the keep your games and console auto updated has become trash as most of the times I find my console has gone into a crashed state from rest mode and it takes time to auto restore… Talk about auto update shits.

  • Hey guys, do you get to keep fifa 22 or is it only for the month / while ps subscription is active?

    I'm a PC guy so I don't know.

    • You can play it as long as your subscription is active.

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