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[QLD] IKEA 365+ 10L Stockpot with Lid - $35 (Was $65) @ IKEA North Lakes


As sad as I am to post this because it will likely be the last post this fantastic range of cookware will ever get, it is too good of a bargain not to share.

Due to IKEA ruining a good thing and increasing the price, modifying the design, and rebranding their old 365+ line to Hemkomst they are clearing out the old 365+ cookware. Plenty left tonight at North Lakes.

An incredible deal for the price. Induction compatible. On the smaller side for a stockpot but I can’t complain at this price. 3L and 5L pots also discounted ($20 and $30, respectively) but no saucepans, please let me know if you spot one at Logan and hide me one lol.

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  • Anyone know if this is also happening in one of the Vic stores? I have half of this set and quite like it.

    They’re open till 9 tonight so I might go have a look myself..

    • Update, was at IKEA Richmond for some other things tonight and no special prices on this.

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    Sorry but I disagree with most of the OP.

    The 365 range is feels cheap and flimsy compared to the Sensuell range (and for cheap and flimsy you can't go past the price of Annons)

    As for the rest of the post, it appears they are introducing a new mid-range set 'Hemkomst' and lowering the prices of the new range of 365 pots (with metal lids).

    The new 365 10L is only $40 regular price : https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/ikea-365-pot-with-lid-stainless...
    The new 365 3L pot is only $20 regular price : https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/ikea-365-pot-with-lid-stainless...

    No need to rush out to Ikea if the new range is virtually the same price as the clearance prices in QLD.

    In addition the Hemkomst 10L is cheaper than the old 365 anyway : https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/hemkomst-pot-with-lid-stainless...

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      Whilst I appreciate your input I highly disagree with your comment.

      After handling the new 365+ pots tonight they are nowhere close to the quality of the previous range. The handles are hollow which allow a place for water and other grime to build up, they are also riveted which food gets caught around. The lids are incredibly thin, and the whole build is poor in comparison. Completely different. They actually feel cheap and flimsy compared to the old range.

      Whilst the Sensuell range is nice I’ve avoided it due to the silicone seals for the useless “peek” window which will fog up within seconds (not that the glass lids on the old 365+ are much better, but at least they are one piece (minus the handle)) and are another point of failure.

      The pans also have silicone handles which may be comfortable but again, provide another point of failure.
      They also don’t do a 10L pot in the range and the 5.5L is $90 compared to the $30 that the outgoing 365+ is priced at.

      • Could be that we have the newer version of the 365 range, which could match your description.

        However, Sensuell have a 25 year warranty: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/files/pdf/2f/94/2f9452fe/ikea-sen...
        Thus I'm not concerned about any potential 'points of failure' - buy it with Ikea Family and get it replaced if there are any problems. Not had a problem with the frying pan (with silicon part-handle) in about 7 years so far.
        But - for induction cooking - the biggest benefit is that the entire pan (not just the base) are sandwiched layers of steel and alu.

    • The best pans ever created were the good ol' IKEA TROVÄRDIG (made in Italy)

      Cannot believe they got rid of them.

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