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Roborock Q7 Max Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner $899 (Was $999) Delivered @ Roborock


Official Launch Offer:
* $100 off RRP $999 by using code "ORDER"
* 24 months manufacturers warranty (including bonus 12 months warranty offer)
* FREE AusPost eParcel Shipping with tracking number
* Available to be dispatched to customers from Wednesday, 27th April 2022.

Roborock Q7 Max Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner Official Australian Model

Durable Grime Removal
A long-lasting all-rubber brush powerfully agitates carpets to release more dirt, flicks dust into the vacuum stream, and strongly resists hair tangles. Able to move across multiple panes, it keeps close to the ground for more effective cleaning.

Combined Dustbin & Water Tank
Combining the dustbin and the water tank into one unit increases the capacity of both. It also makes it easier to empty the bin and refill the tank in one trip.

470 ml
Dustbin Capacity

350 ml
Water tank Capacity

Clean On and On
Driven by a large 5200 mAh Li-ion powerhouse, Q7 Max can clean non-stop for up to 3 hours3 on a single charge. Easily enough range to tackle most homes.

Packaging content includes:
1 x Roborock Q7 Max robotic vacuum and mop cleaner
1 x Dock Charger with official AUSTRALIAN power cable
1 x Dustbin Box
1 x Washable HEPA Filter
1 x Mop Cloth Mount
1 x Mop Cloth
1 x Moisture-proof Mat
1 x English User Manual

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  • Hello OP, which auto empty docking station for this model ? and cost pls.

  • 4200Pa? noice

  • Which one is better? this or G10s?

  • I am now somewhat confused.

    The missus wants the S7 MaxV Ultra, which I don't believe is released yet and comes with a dock.

    Is the Q7 max with an added dock or the S7 MaxV Ultra the way to go?

    • I found this comparison of features

      Main things is the Q7 has better suction power but the S7 is listed as having vibrating mop.

      I have the S7 and its great at mopping in my experience.

      • Thanks for sharing. I believe that the S7 MaxV is a different model to the S7 though, so this might not be relevant.

      • I was originally going to buy the Q7 for my floors at home, but you've now convinced me to upgrade to the S7 for myself…

    • +1

      Keen to know too. I've been waiting for the S7 MaxV Ultra but there's so many different models it's confusing!

      • +2

        S7 normal
        S7+ has the emptying station dock
        S7 maxv has the AI camera
        S7 maxv ultra is the AI plus the station dock with the mop wash station and refill

  • Another Roborock ripoff. Every time the bring out a new model, they take $100 off their inflated RRP to make it look like it's a sale/bargain, but it's not. You can only do this so many times before people see the truth for what it is Roborock!

    • Do you have a recommendation for a better alternative?

      • +3

        I've got the S6 MaxV and the Viomi S9 (which has the auto-emptying bin). Both are great, but the S9 I would consider to be better value because of the auto-emptying, which is something that should be more readily included these days. It's especially great if you suffer from allergies or sinus problems.

        The only real upside I see to this one is the upgraded suction capabilities, but considering the battery is the same as everything else, their "3 hour" claim is likely at the lowest and quietest setting. I'd love to see this run for 3 hours on max/turbo mode. But it still probably wouldn't change my mind as it doesn't have the auto-emptying bin (which I would expect at this price).

        Also, the combined water/dust collector would be an absolute mess to clean up. It's almost like they've tried to turn this into a mini wet and dry vacuum, which are great on a larger scale. But instead of simply emptying the dust collector each time you vac and mop, you'd need to empty it out, clean the collector and wait for it to dry (so it doesn't smell or get mouldy inside) then put it back in.

        Overall, I really can't see the added benefit to this over previous Roborock models outside of the suction, which again, given the battery size (being the same as others) would be hard pressed to get 3 hours from in max/turbo mode.

        • +1

          Thanks for the details, that helps!

        • +2

          I'm with you.

          I got a few Roborock S50's for the family a few years ago when they were regularly available around $400. I love a good marketing-driven upgrade as much as the Jones' next door, but spending two or three times the price so that I can empty the dock rather than the vacuum directly isn't compelling me…

          • +1

            @UncleRico: Agreed. That's why I switched to the S9. It takes ages before the bag fills up and the convenience… you just can't beat it. But, as you say, at 2-3 times the price? Nope, hard pass.

  • +1

    It's crazy how much these cost now. Bought the Roborock S50 back a few years ago for under $400, been wanting to upgrade to one that has self emptying but the cost associated is just not worth it.

  • +1

    Sometimes I think if waiting for the S5 Max to be sub $500 is really the hill I'm willing to die on…

    ..and the answer is yes.

    • Same. I'm looking for a second one (for a relative). But I think there's a chance everyone's just selling out of the stock they've got and the price is settling on the new high of $700-800 for the S7.

      The S5 max was good at the price point. I'd even be happy to toss in an extra $50. But when you're looking at $750 (150% of the cost of an S5max), it's hard to justify.

      Tbh I'm probably gonna die on this hill too.

  • Where's the bargain? Since when is 9% worthy of shouting off the rooftops? I always see your advertisements for $100 off.

    40% off?

    50% off?

  • im looking for cleaner for my new floorboards
    any recommend?

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