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Roborock S5 Max $599.20 ($584.22 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Further reduced from the popular deal from two months ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692657

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    Before anyone asks, this is pretty much the ultimate value roborock vacuum as long as your house isnt an obstacle course.

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      Mine is an obstacle course and it does perfectly fine! Might push the odd dog toy around but besides that winner

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      *It was the ultimate 2 years ago
      It's now old technology with no automatic dustbin unloading.

      Yes it was great value back in the day and could be had for $480-$500 on a good day but has now been overtaken by the likes of the Viomi V9, Roidmi Eve Plus or Uoni V980 Plus

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        Love my Uoni. What a life changer!

        • from where you bought that and does that have warranty in Australia ?

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            @ChipsChicky: Through Amazon AU. Look up previous Uoni deals on OZB to get an idea of fair pricing

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        Your V980 plus aliexpress link doesn't seem to ship to Australia. Do you know of any sellers that do? I had a quick look on aliexpress and eBay without success.

        • Amazon Australia

      • I have a two storey house. Can this (or any really) map multiple levels so I can take it up and down the stairs as needed?

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          Yeah this one I know for sure can. You just set it to multi level mode on the app (so it knows there can be more than one floor) and It maps each floor when it does the first clean. After that I just pick it up and place it downstairs/upstairs and start the clean. It will figure out which floor it's on and start to clean using whatever settings you've setup for the floor (like no go zones e.c.t) it works 99% of the time, only has issues occasionally if I've changed heaps of furniture around and even then it just starts remapping from scratch. I haven't had that happen in over a year though.

      • What about the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra? I thought that was considered the best of the best now? Though to be fair, darn expensive too.

        • Yeah, if you're happy to spend that much then yeah go for it
          Just for the money $$450-$600 you'd be silly to not go for one with the auto dustbin emptying

          • @Drakesy: Since you've said a few times the S5 isn't a leader anymore, which of these 3 would you recommend?
            Viomi V9, Roidmi Eve Plus or Uoni V980 Plus

            I have 3 bedroom house, mostly hard timber floors with low pile modern carpet in the 3 rooms. Fairly bare house, not much clutter. I don't care too much about mopping, happy to do that myself but if the winner happens to have good mopping features then sure why not.

            • @Click_It: I can only speak for the roidmi and tbh can't fault it

              The auto unloading makes a set and forget and only really have to touch it every month or so

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                @Drakesy: Thanks, I'll go check out reviews 👍

                It looks good I'll get one.

                PS I didn't realise the full price of the S7 MaxV Ultra, I was looking at the price of a lower model for 1500. Can't believe they cost 2700!

                • @Click_It: Yeah the dustbin is more expansive than most vacuums

  • FWIW geqrbite are amazing. Had an issue with a Xiaomi about 13 months into buying one via eBay deal and they replaced it without any issues. Highly recommended 😊

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      I had the opposite experience, our G10 buttons stopped working only after 2 weeks and when I sent it back Gearbite wanted to repair it, I had to insist multiple times to get a brand new replacement from them since I was well within my return period. Customer support communication was poor.

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    Wasn't this about $480 last via kogan last year?

  • This or the v7 max with vibrating mop for about $200 more?

    • If you can get S7 MaxV for just $200 more, no doubt. But I think it's the Q7 Max, which doesn't seem all that different.

    • Where can you get it for that price?

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      The s7 max is like a grand extra..

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      Have been using this for months now. You won't be disappointed with it.

  • Does anyone know what the volume of the dust container (compartment? the bit where the dust goes that's sucked up) is?

    • mine is viomi v2 and the dust compartment is around 500ml, reckon this one has similar volume seeing how the shape and size is pretty much the same

    • I have a dusty house and 2 huge dogs that shed alot even if you brush them and if I run this 3x a week it gets full but doesn't stop to be emptied so it thinks it can do more lol. It depends on what usage and space you need it to cover and how often you plan to run it

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      Not sure of volume but there is a clear design flaw on S5 max. Compared to my old s50, the Dustbin is too wide and shallow. Dust collects in the middle and eventually blocks inlet area rather than filling up the "sides" of the bin. I have to empty bin half way through a clean now. Especially on carpet.

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        Can confirm this. Great vacuum and does a very good job but dust can collect in the centre of the dustbin and then spread back out on to your carpets if it keeps running without being emptied. Make sure the dustbin is empty before you start a big whole house clean. Would still highly recommend though.

        • Yeah 100% I've got a fluffy carpet that I always get the vacuum to go to last as it will block it straight away otherwise. To be fair it does that on my regular handheld too, the carpet isn't all that amazing lol.

    • 640ml according to this review

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    I've just purchased one of these. Was doing some research last night and this seemed like the best robot vacuum for me! Hopefully I made the right choice.

    Saw it come up on ebay, grabbed a ebayplus subscription for $4.99, applied the 22% off discount and bought an ebay gift card from Woolworths online portal with my hiver card (which gives another 5% cashback hopefully). After discounts it should cost me around $560ish. Best price from my local store was $779!

    There is probably an even cheaper way to do it with discounted ebay gift cards, but I didn't want to miss out!

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      Have been running this daily since mid 2020 and it does a great job. If anyone in your house has long hair you might need to cut it off the roller every now and then.
      The rotating brush on mine needs replacing some time.
      The lidar works way better than the camera versions from my experience with family members other models.

      • Yeah I try and clean the hair off the brush about weekly as it gets really gunked up. That said the hair removal tool is awesome and makes it really easy.

        One thing I love about this robot is spare parts (generic especially) are cheap. I bought way too many parts in a $40 pack when I got the robot but at least I know I'll be covered for a while.

        • Nice! I haven't replaced parts in mine, but I've replaced wheel assemblies in my parents and the part was easy to swap like a cartridge with a couple of screws. My S5 seems to overheat when it runs too long, so about to swap the main board see if that helps as they can have a fuse that goes bad apparently.

          • @Banville: Ahh that's interesting, I'll keep that in mind in case that comes up. Glad to hear you're able to get internal parts like that for replacement too, hopefully means more life out of it.

            I've mainly just used two HEPA filters (on the occasion I wash one, I use the other) and that side brush slightly broke so just replaced that. Extra mop cloths good for rotation but otherwise I haven't really had to replace any of the parts, so I've got a bag sitting there lol.

            Hope the board replacement goes well!

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    this is the best value vacuum, period.

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      *It was 2 years ago, now is dated technology with no automatic dustbin empyting.

      • That's why I said best value :D

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          Still not best value either ;)
          Uoni and roidmi as well as viomi all have it pipped

          • @Drakesy: Interesting, thanks, not too sure about Uoni, roidmi hearing for the first time. But roborock software is better than viomi

            • @Tomhaigh1: Agree been using S5 max. Best tech gadget ever ordered

            • @Tomhaigh1: In what way? I've got the roborock but was looking at recommendations around the $500 mark for family members

          • @Drakesy: How do the apps compare, I've got an S5 max and really like what it can do. But the auto emptying feature would be mad.

  • Would this do a single story 3 bed house ~250sqm

    I have no idea lol but it sounds cook

    • My S5 Max does 118m2 on high vacuum and medium mop setting before the battery goes flat, if that's any indication for you. However it does go back to the charging station, recharge up and then continues on from where it left off to complete the cleaning. If you only use it for vacuum on medium setting (no mop), i think it should be able to do your whole floor area in one go.

      • do you need to run it twice to do mop and vaccum separately? it seems like the mop is manual install and it's either mop the entire house or vaccum the entire house?

        • Nope it does vacuum and mop at the same time, and it does them both in one go on a single charge. You can choose to do only vacuum, only mop, or both.

        • To add to what the other comment says. It detects if the mop is installed and if it's installed it wont vacuum/mop "no mop zones" like carpet but you set that up yourself. Be aware it also can't travel over carpet with the mop attachment either (well it might be able to but it'll be wet) so it's good for a place with mainly rugs or only bedrooms carpeted.

          It comes with a floor protector to keep the wet mop off your floor once it's done too which is pretty cool.

    • Mine is on strong suction all the time and it only has battery to finish common area ~120 sqm, so 2 schedule clean up for you house may be, one for common area and one for 3 bed rooms, with 2 hours to recharge inbetween the clean ups

  • Would this be a big upgrade from the dreame F9?

    • This has laser text compared to go that uses camera

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    Great vacuum. We are really happy with ours. Been going well for 2+ years now but lately started having issues with the mopping and no water coming out. Might have to take apart and see if any pipes got clogged.

  • Worth it over the Viomi S9 with the dock etc?

    • Viomi s9 is better with dock but warranty and reliability is the issue.

  • This or Ecovacs T8?

  • Knee-jerk. Bought. Hope I won’t regret….

    • +3

      You won’t. They’re excellent. I’ve had the non-Max S5 for a 2 1/2 years now. Still going strong.

      • Maaaaany years ago I tried one from Aldi but returned after using twice. It was hopeless. Have stayed away from any of these robots since. Don’t know what happened to me this morning; I blame OzBargainers haha 😂

        • This will blow the ALDI one out of the water

        • Yeah I held off buying one for years as I didn't want something that bounces off the walls and aimlessly vacuums.

          This is the one I took the plunge on. Absolutely love it. Most annoying thing is splitting rooms on the app but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it. The rest is mad. No regrets.

  • -1

    Many years ago there was no laser detection technology but human guided models from aldi

    • You got downvoted for showcasing your memory I guess

  • +7

    We have been using the S5 Max in our house for a year now. It gets run at least once per day. We have two kids and a dog. It's amazing value for what it is. Despite not having as much suction as the newer models, it does a good job. While there is a mopping pad, don't expect amazing mopping capability from the S5 Max. It is a great vacuum cleaner; the mopping feature is nothing more than a wet cloth that drags across the floor.

    We recently splurged on the S7 MaxV and got the auto-empty wash dock, which has been an incredible upgrade for us, but considerably more than this costs. If mopping is an important feature, I recommend considering something higher up. If you're happy to let your little robot friend clean up dust, hair and other stuff on your floors while you mop manually, it's a highly recommended purchase.

    Keep in mind the S5 Max is primitive when it comes to avoiding obstacles (it can't see anything) it just bumps into walls and furniture. It won't avoid dog poo or other things left on the floor. I am regularly removing hair bows, pegs and lego from our S5 Max because it just drives over them. Oftentimes, it will suck up lego fine, but occasionally it'll hit a big piece that jams the main roller.

    My advice is to buy some additional mopping cloths for the S5 Max. After each use, throw the cloth into the washing machine and put one of your other ones on. You only get one mopping cloth, which is a bit of a flaw. Also, consider buying another filter or two. They're washable, but if you want to keep cleaning while you wait for your filter to dry, it's good to have a spare. I have been using third-party cloths and filters, which work fine.

    We still use our S5 Max for the infrequent areas upstairs, and it doesn't miss a beat. Our S7 MaxV handles downstairs (red dirt, dog hair, kids dropping food and drinks).

    • Looking to buy a robot vacuum for a 176sqm apartment with no stairs. Mostly wooden floors with two carpeted rooms and a few rugs.

      I have my heart set on the S7 MaxV. Provided it’s within our budget, do you think it’s worthwhile cf this model? The S7 MaxV Ultra is $2.3k on sale compared to this $600… but I’m willing to splurge if it is significantly better and will last.

      • +1

        If you buy the pieces separately, the vacuum from Gearbite and the dock from Sydneymobiles it comes to $2160. $1200 for the vacuum, $960 for the dock using these codes.

        I bought the vacuum, I'm tossing up whether to buy the dock or not. The last robot vacuum I had was maybe 10-15 years ago, a 3rd or 4th generation Roomba. They seem to have come a long way since then. I'm excited.

        Edit: I just noticed Sydneymobiles has an extra $120 off the dock at the moment, so it brings it from $1229.76 down to $1109.76; which comes to $887.81 ($865.61 with Ebay Plus) using these codes. The vacuum and dock together now comes to ~$2090 ($2070 with Ebay Plus), $300 cheaper than the Mobileciti deal the other day. I've gone ahead and bought it.

        • +1

          This cost me $2,063.60, which I paid for using $2,000 of 3% ShopBack eBay vouchers which came through immediately ($60 back).
          Had to purchase in two transactions to be able to apply the PLUSFY22 Coupon twice ($300 cap), but well worth the effort to get this for essentially $2,000.
          i.e. $370 cheaper than the previous MobileCiti deal, and $699 off their retail price.

          Thanks for flagging these for me. I watched a few YouTube reviews, which, when combined with these additional savings, really made biting the bullet a lot easier.

          Definitely worth its own post.

          • @ts13: Is it really that good?

            • @nightelves: The price? $370 or 16% cheaper than last week’s deal so yes.
              The vacuum? I don’t know. Mine isn’t here yet and I’ve never owned a robot vacuum before. But from what I’ve read, it’s the best money can buy in every category, and for me, it’s worth it to very rarely have to worry about vacuuming or mopping my apartment.

      • I've got a standard S7 in a house with vinyl plank and rugs. 178sqm of living space. It won't do the entire house on a charge using a balanced vacuum and intensive mopping- it could do with a bigger water reservoir too… I don't think the MaxV ultra is worth the coin yet. Range and water capacity aside, it's a great unit. Life changing.

      • +1

        Late responding to this one, sorry. It looks like you got the S7 MaxV and dock if I am reading your other comment reply right. We have been giving the S7 MaxV a workout and a half, and the difference to the S5 Max is quite noticeable (it's the only thing we have to compare it to). Not having to clean the mop cloth or empty the dustbin has made it a set and forget thing. The AI obstacle avoidance has already saved me headaches too, although it can still sometimes get caught in cables. For the most part, it identifies and avoids them.

        • Exactly! Fantastic. My dock has just arrived. Waiting for the vacuum now…

    • They say it has laser guided AI to avoid obstacles yet you contradict that by saying it uses human hands to guide

    • How much did you pay for the s7 MaxV?

    • Dog poo. Ah that brings memories of my Roborock S502's encounter with it, years ago. 😝

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    Does anybody have any opinions on this S5 Max versus the Dreame L10 Pro? Looks like the Dreame is available from gearbite as well, for closer to $500 after the discount.

    • +1

      Dreame is definitely a grey import from gearbite

      • After seeing this deal I decided to go for the dreame due to its object detection. Sorry if this is a silly question, but why is a grey import a bad thing? Because at $100 cheaper and better object detection, seemed better to me.

        • +1

          Grey import = no warranty from Dreame Australia. You have to go back to gearbite.

          This is mainly a problem if the store is dodgy and closes up. However Gearbite does have a good rep (I've bought my 2nd robovac from them)

          • @butwhy: That was my guess. I'd still be covered by ebay, PayPal, and gearbite. Feels like if I had an issue one of them would come through.

    • +1

      L10 Pro is equivalent ~$400AUD from Taobao, FYI. It may have better obstacle avoidance.

  • My house is covered in kids toys - lego, puzzle pieces, crayons, books. Would I need to pick these up before the vacuum cleaner does its thing or will it just push them around and work around them?

    • I would be keen to know too.

      • +2

        Yes pick them up. The vacuum will constantly get caught on stuff that will need to to remove

        • +1

          Easier to just use a stick vacuum than to pick up all the toys

          • @mstrelan: Yeah if you've got a toy area you can set the vacuum to just skip that area and make it a no go zone. But if it's all over the house and you don't wanna have to pick anything up then yeah it wouldn't work well for you

            • @lancesta: Tell me more about these toy areas? How does one enforce such a boundary?

              • @mstrelan: Once the robot maps the house (maybe you'll need the floors clear on the first run), you'll be able to add a rectangular section to the map in which you want the robot to not clean.

                It won't travel or clean in those areas, and as long as the robot can travel around the area it will continue with the rest of the house. If the area blocks the robot from cleaning another room (i.e no way around the are) it won't clean the areas further out.

                Roborock have some pretty good screenshots of it here: https://support.roborock.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030996492-...

                Edit: the idea to me is, for some people setting a corner (or many) where kids play and leave toys out makes it easier to shuffle things that are out of the area back into it and the robot will just avoid it and then I don't have to put the toys away and they can be left out for multi day activities.

                • +1

                  @lancesta: What I meant was enforcing the boundary on the children, not the robot.

    • Generally yes on vacuums that don't have more advanced object avoidance. This includes the s5

      • LOL

        mstrelan: So would I need to do A or will it do B

        fatgypo: Yes

        Ramza is that you?

        • +2

          You should pick everything or it will jam up your machine

          • @fatgypo: Need to buy a robot toy picker upperer that runs before the robot vacuum cleaner.

    • It will attempt to suck up small Lego, puzzle pieces, maybe crayons if small.

      Bigger things it will either push a bit, or avoid

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