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[PC, Steam] Free - The Elder Scrolls Arena, TES II: Daggerfall & Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory @ Steam


After the sunset of the Bethesda Launcher, the company have added some of their classic Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein games to the Steam storefront. These three are free for you to enjoy!

The imperial battlemage Jagar Tharn betrays the Emperor Uriel Septim by imprisoning him in an alternate dimension, then assuming the Emperor’s identity and place on the throne. A lone prisoner must travel to Tamriel’s most famous and dangerous sites to collect the shattered Staff of Chaos, save the Emperor and free the Empire.

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    Is Bethesda launcher dead?

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      yes it has been put to pasture.

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        PC gamers rejoice!

        • +1

          Yay for monopolies!

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            @FabMan: I don’t think every publisher should have their own damn launcher. They don’t really count as a competitor to Steam since they only released their own games on the platform (as opposed to Epic, GOG or the Microsoft Store which serve as alternative platforms to purchase the same games from)

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            @FabMan: Yay for every publisher having their own launcher! YAY! YAY!

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      Was wondering the same thing.

      I just went to

      Downloaded the installer, it hung for a bit before it started the download of the 63mb or so launcher.

      Launcher was installed correctly, I was able to login to it and still see all of my purchased games.

      Not dead yet.

      After logging in I get a popup saying that the launcher will be sunset and that I can migrate my games to Steam 'starting in April' (only a few days left in April, where's the migration tool?)

    • It's probably just pining for the fjords.

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    damm wolf et, that brings back memories

    • +2

      Dual wielding pistol medics for the win

      • Artillery was pretty epic too

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    Please forgive what may seem to be a dumb question but the games say "Free To Play". Does this mean we don't actually own them and they can revoke access at any point?

    • +16

      No, it means they cost $0 and get added to your account.

      The two Elder Scrolls games have been free for a long time and Wolf ET always has been. They are just being added to steam for the first time.

      • +1

        Okay, thanks for the clarification.

      • How do you add them to your account?
        I only get an option to click Free To Play, which wants to open Steam, do downloading to my account??

        I've never worked out how to "save" free to play games

        • +2

          Using the Steam launcher just click "Play Game"
          When it asks you to install. Just click cancel and the game will be added to your steam library.

    • +1

      This threw me off as well, normally it's "add to library" and "play game" seems to jump too many steps to make sense.

      It's like seeing "pay child support" before you start dating someone.

      • +2

        That's because these games are permanently free, can download & play them free at any time.

        The ones that say add to library are time limited promotional freebies, normally cost money.

        • It also means you own the game "less" than you would with the "Add to Library" games.

          "Add to Library" as you said is a limited free promotion - it will later be put back on sale for $. You have "bought" the game, just at the cost of $0. You potentially lose the game if/when the developer pulls it from Steam.

          "Free to Play" the game is not "sold" to you, it is merely made available for you to play free of charge indefinitely. You have not "bought" the game. You potentially lose the game if/when the developer pulls it from Steam or if/when they decide they want to change it back to a paid model (although they could at this point chose to allow active players to keep a copy of the "paid" version, free of charge).

          Having said all this, I don't know of any games that have moved from a free to a paid model; at all, let alone successfully…

          TL;DR: "Add to Library" gives you more rights (IMO) than "Free to Play", due to the former being an actual purchase, just at $0. Whether you actually have or can exercise those rights is another question.

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    After you download Wolf:ET through steam, check out

    for QOL improvements and fixes.

  • +1

    First time all these games have been available on steam and they are free too, awesome stuff!

  • +1

    oh wow Enemy Territory
    the memories!!! The amount of hours I sunk into that game was rediculous

  • +1

    I wonder how many ex RTCW ET players there are here?

    • +1

      Was wondering the same thing, It's been a long, long time since I've played a full lobby.. I install ET at the end of each year and a few people are chilling in the seasonal period but it never fills up.

      The maps it comes with and the custom maps people have made are all amazing for the time.

    • I used to play wolf et a lot in 2004-6

  • So are these $0 games or just free to play?

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      Permanently F2P, and do not add to your game count.

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    For anyone who had previously purchased any Bethesda Softworks-published game on GOG.com, the GOG (DRM-free) versions of The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall were already made available to be freely added to your GOG account's library.

    Alternatively, without going through GOG or Steam, you can also:

  • +1

    For those wondering about the migration, follow the instructions here:


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    Ah Wolf:ET. I miss the gamearena ladder, best part of high school! <3 from Ve*Cohex/ Hexed.K

  • +2

    Hint: plant the mines where the enemy team spawns.

    • +1

      Especially on Gold Rush

    • Hint: bind /playdead to a key

      Or mouse1

  • Just a reminder. Bethesda launcher is closing If you have any games or credit in your Bethesda library. You have until until May 11, 2022 to transfer them to Steam before the store closes or you will loose them forever.

    I just did this today after linking my Steam account and all the games were transferred over without any problem.

    Sunsetting the Bethesda.net Launcher & Migrating to Steam [UPDATED APRIL 27, 2022]

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