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[XB1, XB360] Free - MX Vs. ATV Alive (Was $39.95) @ Xbox


Don't know why this is currently free but you can grab it without Xbox Gold subscription.

Showing as $39.95 on Google.

The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.
Own the competition as you wrestle for position with tightly contested racing in the fifth iteration of the MX vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine which has defined the racing genre. Live the sport as Alive captures the spectacle of motocross and the essence of competitive racing while providing the best riders and gear from the latest manufacturers.

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  • Ty bro grabbed

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    It's this month's Games with Gold, Available: 16/4 - 30/4.


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      It is Games with Gold game for April

  • Currently a Games with Gold game, is that why?

    Or do you not have Gold/Game Pass?

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      Don't need gold to claim

  • Thanks op

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    I’m curious about the warning of “sexualised imagery” in a MX game…

    • +1

      Probably just decals

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      Girls holding up the 30 second sign before the gate drops and on the podium at the end of the race etc.

      • Hahhahahahahhaha

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    Used to play these MX vs ATV games back on PS2 and PS3. Might give it a download for old times sake. Thanks OP

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    Don't have gold. Was able to get it free.

  • Is this game good ?

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      add to library first, ask questions later

    • It was good in 2007 not sure these days

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    Confirm don't have gold and was able to add to library.

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      In the Ozbargain spirit, I don’t have an Xbox and still claimed it 😄

      • Same hahaha

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        Lolz I do the same with Oculus games.

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    Can't tell by the comments. Can I claim this without having Gold or even an Xbox?

    • No, sorry ..

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      Confirming that I got it without Gold without issues.
      I believe you can also get it without xbox if you created account on xbox.com, and I believe you can play it on Windows 10 as well.

      Give it a shot and let people know here.

      Good Luck Champ!

      • +1

        How do you play on Windows 10?
        I can't find it, all I can see is "Download an Emulator" or "Stream it"

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      Don't have Gold or an Xbox, claimed no issues.

      • +1

        Thanks, I wasn't sure

  • Nice find OP.
    Grabbed it.

    Says it has a size of 4.5+ GB.
    I will need to free extra storage for it, but thanks it is free.

  • +1

    confirmed working on xbox 360

  • no longer working shows $39

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