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Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush Caddy Large - Blue/White $7.99 (RRP $39.95) Amazon AU (OOS) / Kogan


Finally got a ping from the camels on the Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush Caddy Large. Not the colour I wanted but the price is too good to pass.

Don't know if they are price matching but I don't think it'll last long at this price. Only this colour at this price.

Edit: Says backorder but takes me to a broken page. Someone has mentioned they have still been able to order. YMMV.

Edit 2: Party is over. Hope you got one.

Edit 3: Available at Kogan for the same price with free delivery code "FREESHIP", Thanks to viki.

Kogan link

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Handy. Got one. Thanks!

    • Lucky I checked. I thought I had pressed confirm on the order but it was just sitting there in my cart still. : )

  • +2

    Good deal, bought this before for $10 in grey. Unfortunately we have everything in grey white from Joseph Joseph and my wife will definitely kill me if I buy the wrong color scheme after buying the cheap ADDIESDIVE Diver Watch today from another deal. I’m also waiting for a good price on the Joseph toilet brush with the short dispenser in grey white. Best price I found is $28 big w via Ebay minus AFTERPAY10 $18.

    • This stuff is posted to OzB pretty often, how do you find the quality/design (compared to other moulded plastic goodies)? The Joseph Joseph stuff seems as popular as the Good Grips stuff (which initially won a bunch of design awards and the peeler is now in MOMA).

      • +1

        I think it’s probably all made of the same stuff but mentioned before from others and from my experience these look definitely better. I think they are worth it for this price but I wouldn’t pay full price!

        • Thanks!

    • Joseph toilet brush with the short dispenser in grey selling on Amazon for $25

      • Still cheaper via Ebay and AFTERPAY10 code for $18.

  • +1

    Also this one is back order
    Joseph Joseph EasyStore Bathroom Caddy - Blue/White

    Was probably posted previously on OzB

    • Yeah I’ve got these, they are handy and good quality. Just wish the slots to put some items in were a bit bigger, still super useful

      • Yeah, I've had a look at that one and the slots do seem a little small. Opted to get a couple of these toothbrush caddies instead.

        • Good choice! The other one I still handy. Currently using it as a draw organiser to hold all my shavers, brushes etc. but I’m hoping the slots in the Large caddy will be able to
          hold my serum bottles upright comfortably! We shall see soon enough!

          Edit: & thanks for posting!

  • Thank you!!

  • +2

    Wonder how many they sold at full price. Any?

    • +1

      Haha no idea. I actually had the price trigger set at the previous lowest price at $12.99. Nice to see this new lowest price come up today.

  • thanks ordered 2

  • No idea why I buy it

    • +5

      Yeah, I was tempted but it's only a good deal if you were going to buy it anyway. I'll stick with my coffee cups that have chips on them.

  • +1

    how can I charge the Toothbrush?

    • +1

      Have to take it out, so useless to me.

    • Ha ha, good point!

  • Can't add it to cart or buy now

  • Temporary out of stock, but still can order

    • +2

      It says that but it takes me to some broken page. I'll make a note but leave the deal open for a few more minutes at least.

  • Is it easy to clean the inside bottom part ? I am sure that it will trap dirt and water inside. Is the bottom part removable ?

    • You can remove the partition, as per pic.

    • +2

      I have one of this, it's very neat looking but yes water get trapped inside make sure you give it a hot rinse every few days to prevent mould from building up.

    • That was my concern, you can take it apart for cleaning.

      • Thanks everyone

  • +3

    I have a tooth brush holders which cost me $2 at the reject shop. Is this better, will people say my toothbrush holder is awesome if i buy this one for $6 more?

    • +4

      I'm not sure what's wrong with a glass jar. Easier to clean too.

  • Had it on cart, phone died and now can't add it anymore :(

    • : (. Maybe try again in a few minutes. Sometimes Amazon fixes these ones that go super fast. I think the Eraser clearance one did something like that.

  • Out of stock it seems. Appears to be on back order but can't checkout.

  • +1

    Joseph Joseph gear is the new eneloop?

    • Along with OXO.

  • +24
    Same price at Kogan with free delivery use code "FREESHIP"

  • +1

    Keep missing missing these deals deals.
    Maybe because they last for such a short time.

  • Thanks bought from kogan

    • thanks for the tip, bought it from Kogan too :)

  • Cheers got one from Kogan

  • $40 RRP seems a bit optimistic, at best.. i think the wire ones are better because they won't hold water, stuff like this really needs to drain properly.

    • We're using an old cup right now so we're kind of used to having to take the stuff out and wash it every now and then. I think as long as you shake and dry off your brush by running your thumb over the bristles, the amount of water that builds up shouldn't be too bad.

    • +2

      Just drill a hole in it.

      • i bought one of these instead, holes come pre-drilled

  • +3

    Kogan back to $32

    • weird, it shows $7.99 for a few seconds….then changes to $32

  • +2

    kogan has the listing as $7.99 but its $32 when you go to the cart

    Oh well, something like this isn't worth more than $10

  • +4

    Kogan shows 7 bucks but when i add it to cart its 30 bucks

  • I have one of this. Design is cute but it is easy to get mould inside so you need to constantly cleaning it.

    • i think anything that can capture and holds liquid will get mouldy eventually if you dont drain them out quickly or placed it in a well ventilated area to dry it out.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Sorry for possible noob question- is this brand good quality build overall? I notice most deals with their products are quite well received by the OzB community so must indicate something :)

    • Personally, I quite like their stuff. The styling is generally nice, yet pretty simple really so it resonates with me (and a lot of others I guess). Quality of all the goods we've bought have been pretty good overall. These deals are popular because their RRP is just flat out ridiculous at times and typically the best discounts you see are around the 40% off mark at places like Myer. Amazon seem to heavily discount and or price match clearance or whatever deals are going around so you can get 70% or even 80% off like today. Throw in free postage (which typically kills these sorts of deals) and you're laughing.

  • -3

    Seems like a rather pointless plastic product that people will buy for the sake of buying. It does look OK and is probably marginally more functional than a glass jar or similar from the local op shop, but (like most cheap plastic items) it is not worth the environmental impact.

  • Thanks again! It is really nice and practical.

    I wouldn't spend $30 for one, but for $8 I would happy grab a few. A bit of regret only ordered one.

    • +1

      No worries. : )

      I was actually watching this product for a while and saw it hit the $18 mark or so and still couldn't pull the trigger. Glad I held out when it hit $8.

      Haven't got ours yet but in the end ordered two. Ordered one just as I posted. Spoke to my wife about it and showed her a picture. She said to just grab another one for the other bathroom. That order went through just before it went out of stock and there is no ETA on that one.

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