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Surfshark VPN Cashback - 90% @ ShopBack (Expired) / 95% @ Cashrewards


Cashrewards with 95% cashback for Surfshark

Shopback with 95% cashback for NordVPN

Exact expiry unknown but it should end in the next day or so judging by past similar deals. I’ll update post when someone posts that it’s expired.

My PIA subscription expires today so perfect timing!

I also used the coupon REDDITSPECIAL for 28 months. When signing up, look for the “coupon applied” tab and click on it and change the coupon.

Credit card was charged $84.71 and Shopback tracked after an hour or so at $73.01.

(Edit: The coupon is not listed on Shopback so I probably won’t get any cash back… best to go with the standard auto filled coupon code)

Remember to choose US as region so you don’t need to pay GST.

There’s a VPN comparison spreadsheet I found on reddit that rates all the common VPNs out there. Do your research and go for the one that suits you need the most!



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$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    I don't see the code listed on shopback?

    • I just checked and you’re right… I’ll update post now…

      Does that mean I won’t get the cash back even though it’s been tracked?

      • +2

        Yeah I believe the company can reject the cash back, and this often doesn't happen until you get closer to the payout date

        • +2

          Damn I should’ve thought of that!

          I’ll need to cancel this subscription and sign up using another email

  • +3

    Nord is 95% cash back atm as well

    • How do you get that?

      • Shopback?

        • +1

          Ah thankyou.

          I had trouble finding it on shopback when searching for "nordvpn" - if anyone has this issue, dont hit enter on the search, wait for the nordvpn option to pop up under the search box and click that.

    • Nord owns surfshark aswell don't they? So you'd basically expect to get the same level of service regardless of which you go with. Just get the cheaper of the two

  • Code shopback works

  • Is shark better or nord?

    • +3

      I have been using Surfshark for close to 2 years now and it works fine. No issues with speed either. Never used Nord, so can't comment on it.

    • ExpressVPN is best (95%)
      Surfshark is second (90%)
      Nord VPN is third (80%)

      …the free Online VPNs are second-last (5-20%)
      …and having No VPNs are dead-last (0-1%)

      • +1

        The only problem with ExpressVPN is that it's owned by Kape Technologies.

        • I don't see that as a problem. For at least the next two years, there will be minimal changes to ExpressVPN. If there are any large changes, that will be suicide, and everyone will stop recommending it and everyone will change to another provider.

          Even so, there is a lot of cutting-edge technology that goes into making a successful VPN. I believe the owners of CyberGhost have come into a lot of money recently (I suspect they sold half of their Bitcoins), and were able to expand business with the purchase of ZenMate. Yet, their reputation was tarnished due to misuse of some of their toolset by outside actors who spread malware. So to recoup their reputation, and to buy some employees who are good at what they do and provide cutting-edge tech, they expanded into buying out Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN which have been in the top ten providers for several years now.

          So I can't say I know what will happen in the future. They (Kape Technologies) may join all four VPN options into one huge group. Use cutting-edge techniques from PIA and ExVPN, and manage to secure many high-speed servers at a discount, and use this to expand the new company (better VPN for all, and cheaper). Or they might just dilute the whole market, marginalise their customers, increase their profit margins, and slide into obscurity in a couple years. Who knows how it will play out for now.

  • +4

    95% cashback @ Cashrewards.

  • Too bad not for existing customers :(

  • +3

    How does existing customer take advantage of this deal? Perhaps become a new customer with a new email address??

    • +1

      I'd like to know too as my NordVPN expires in 3 days. I suppose I can sign up again with a new email or go with Surfshark this time.

  • +2

    How is this for streaming services?

    • want to know as well. i am interested in streaming US contents.

    • If you can install app on your local device and use wireguard it works great, although mine worked even more reliably with open dns as my dns provider, nil issues with USA hbo Max, USA netflix, UK netflix, usa paramount plus

      • You still have to pay for these subscriptions in the US right? You just get more content than their AU counterparts?

        • +2

          Correct - but some cheaper prices, ie. Search for recent Brazil hbo Max deal

        • Idk how it works really… I can't access prime US content through the apps (haven't tried DNS swapping though) but I can through just the prime video website…
          I think I've had success with Netflix working with surfshark alt regions too in a web browser and maybe on my phone.

          This is just with my existing australian subscriptions, they just swap content with the VPN on

          • @Jdrizzle: I can get prime USA on my chromecast with the surfshark app and open DNS but you need to follow a guide to block the hardcoded google dns settings that Google annoying bakes into the chromecast

  • Do these guys support port forwarding? Without it can't VPN on my Synology and have Plex remote access for family at the same time 😢

    • openwrt router with 2 lan zones configured differently

      • This costs more than 10 years of VPN to do lol

  • +1

    showing 95% off via Cashrewards.

  • Connected to Brisbane, speedtest.net thinks I'm in Singapore and I get 6.22mbps download. Tried Sydney… still Singapore and 7.92mbps. Melbourne… Singapore. To be fair, my ISP has recently done some dumb things to throttle VPN speeds, but why do the Australian servers give south-east Asian IP addresses?

    • +1

      That sounds concerning, if I was you Id be worry that Ive been hacked.
      Im with Surfshark (and PIA) and just tried a few states and they all showed up right in Speedtest.
      If possible you should try the same device on a different network, especially if your using a router, to check to see if the router is the problem. And try a different device on the network to see if its the device. Wipe which ever one seems to be the problem.

      Dumb for an ISP to block a vpn. Wouldnt think it would add much extra data to a connection and it can save them money. Any connection made overseas is done through the vpns network and not your ISPs, so they only have to pay for local traffic which is cheaper. Ive used vpns to improve my overseas connections with crap providers before.

      EDIT: Oh, and if your going to post speeds it would be good to know what connection speeds you have so we know if theyre good or not.
      EDITEDIT: Check your proxy settings, you might be getting rerouted through that.

      • 100/40. The ISP hasn't blocked VPNs - something changed with their routing in March that throttled the speeds of most VPNs. Trust me, I've done hours of testing and elimination with multiple VPNs - the ISP is almost certainly the reason for the speed (and has been reported by multiple customers of the ISP). My concern is the IP addresses Surfshark assigns when I choose an Australian server: and They are in Hong Kong and Taiwan and speedtest.net detects them as being in Singapore. I have several other VPNs (Windscribe, TunnelBear, Mullvad, hide.me) and if I connect to an Australian server, they give Australian IP addresses. Why doesn't Surfshark assign me an Australian IP address?

        • And as I was saying, thats not normal.
          Im connected to Victoria and this is what I get…
          My connection 50/20 the results 49.6 / 16.12 Victoria - Host Universal Pty

          • +1

            @PAEz: I know it's not normal, which is why I posted.
            I just installed it on a different device and connected to Melbourne and it gave me again. Speedtest says the data provider is Datacamp Limited and wants to test to Singapore by default: https://ibb.co/N9yJZqW
            Changed to Brisbane Telstra (as I always use it to obtain consistency) and the result: https://www.speedtest.net/result/13097375978
            If I go to their own checking page at https://surfshark.com/check I get:
            IP - / Singapore, Singapore
            IPv6 - None
            DNS addresses:
   / Singapore, Singapore / DataCamp s.r.o.
            WebRTC - No

            • +1

              @blamesociety: Just to put a pin in this, I resolved the issue with the help of the Surfshark live chat. Apparently if you have a P2P program open like uTorrent, Surfshark reroutes you to a "P2P friendly" server, which in my case was Singapore based. By closing uTorrent, it reverted to an Australian server. I can also confirm the slow speeds are related to my ISP playing stupid games with throttling VPNs.

              Two different Surfshark reps (Fenton and Aldous) spent almost 3 hours on live chat with me trying absolutely everything possible to fix the Singapore connection issue and the speed issue. I highly commend their customer service.

              • @blamesociety: Yes I have had great customer service experience from them too previously

  • Maybe add 95% Cashrewards to the deal? Thanks I just grabbed this. Cashrewards tracked after about an hour. My Nord expires in a few days. Speed on Surfshark seems very similar after a quick Speedtest

    • +1

      Updated title. Cheers

  • Anyone using BBC iplayer have any success with this? Installed it for the trial period and not having any luck so far

  • Thanks OP. Great timing as I was thinking of getting VPN for streaming movies. Any feedback on the download speed with VPN on? I have NBN 50/20 and usually get 40mpbs without VPN.

    • +1

      I had PIA for two years and started using surfshark last night and it seems to be faster. Did Speedtest with and without VPN and there doesn’t seem to be reduction in speed.

      • Thanks mate.

  • Which one is better - NordVPN or Surfshark?

    • Express I've read and I think there's cashback on it too

  • my surfshark expires in Nov 2022, should I wait for another deal or go for this one now? how often do 90% surkshark deals come out?

    • 96% cashback offer was available on 30/03/2022, so, I am sure you will have a few deals before Nov 2022.

    • If you use the Search function, you can see this popular deals comes around:
      Once in 3 months (min)
      Twice in 2 months (ave)
      Thrice in 1 month (max)

      …so in your situation, I would wait for yours to expire, delete the account, then make a new account with a new deal in Dec 2022. At best, you can do this 24h after your deal runs out. At worst you will lose VPN for 3 months. So I think its worth the wait.

  • 169 attempts to collect data in CRewards in <30 seconds

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to order the NordVPN via Shopback, NordVPN showed me the price but when paying via Aussie debit card, it attempted to charge me 100+ AUD or something. Does anyone experience the same? Or maybe I was misunderstanding, the amount they showed on website are USD purely.

  • I clicked through the NordVPN shopback link and purchased the 2-year plan and signed up as a new customer. During checkout thought, my shopback icon went red and the cashback information disappeared (it just had the generic rates for other stores).

    Is this still going to be tracked by shopback, or was there a code I should've used?

    • +1

      Yes is the answer, tracked about one hour later. But, cashback is $100.93 based on $120ish 2 year plan.

      • Did you checkout in a country/state with no tax? Because tax isn’t calculated sans tax IIRC

        • +1

          Yeah I had it as Australia. I was just scared that the no tax region would impact the shopback tracking. Lesson for the future

  • I have subscribed NordVPN via shopback before, if I purchase via shopback but using different email for NordVPN signin does it count as new customer?

  • Surfshark still available at Cashrewards

  • Definitely give surfshark a skip if you can chose. Used multiple VPNs over the years. SurfShark was the worst and constantly leaked IP. Customer service was fully unable to fix it up and even suggested to not use antivirus while torrenting (lol?)

  • It’s really quiet with challenges at the moment at shopback isn’t it?

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