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Free Milk or Dark Chocolate Frog @ Haigh's Chocolates (In-Store)


Visit Haigh's to receive a free chocolate frog to celebrate 107th birthday.

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Haigh's Chocolates
Haigh's Chocolates

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  • +5

    are these free range frogs?

    • +13

      No. These are chocolate factory farmed.

  • +2

    I thought you always received a free tasting when you visited in store?

    • +6

      Yeah but a milk dud vs a full froggo 🤤

      • +2

        Yeah i always get a milk dud. But a full froggo. Hell yeah. Give me!!!!

    • Usually you have to buy something. Not for this deal..

      The offer is for one single 14g milk or dark chocolate frog per customer. No purchase necessary.
      • +1

        From my experience if you walk in and ask nicely they will typically give you a piece of choc for free

  • +9

    Freddo has left the chat.

    • +5

      There are stores in SA, Vic , NSW & ACT

    • +11

      It’s a South Aussie company, dearest entitled Queenslander.

  • +3

    Only a couple of hours to my closest store, I'm still considering it.

    • Username range checks out… assuming units in hours

  • Well this company was started during the Great War.

    We’ve just started WWIII (also known as the ‘Twat’s War’). Might start myself a confectionary company…

    • +2

      Talking of twats…

      Username checks out.

      • +6

        Taking a jab at li’l ol’ me?

        • Seeing as you refused the jab, it's only fitting 🙄

    • +2

      Sharapova already did that

  • +1

    Crunchy frogs ?

    • Yes, frog is fried then covered in chocolate.

    • using only "the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose."

  • -2

    Lost me at lack of mint

  • Lost me at frog

  • +4

    Wonder if you can walk in, get it, walk out, repeat.

    We’ve been buying stuff from Haighs for years, normally get the 200g Dessert Block which is now called something else. But it’s the best value they sell. Can also get the milk or dark in the same block. Anything that’s shaped, like animals or eggs is heaps more per g. Bargain tip for y’all.

    • +3

      Wonder if you can walk in, get it, walk out, repeat.

      Will have extra authenticity if you forget to put your pants on

  • Has 2 shops in the city. Went there today.

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