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Apple iPhone 12 128GB $1077 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Not the cheapest or 1st time deal for the product. However it’s available again at this somewhat reasonable price so some people might find it useful. Also similar deals at JB, HN, Amazon etc. and also on other memory variants.

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    Less than 4 months to go before iPhone 14 comes out.

    • Yes.

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        Rumours saying only 14 pros getting new chipset. iPhone 14 will have same 13 chipset

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          Just give us full USBC and i'll finally move back from android

          • @jno: Why is USB-C so important to you?

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              @bozbargain: Because everything else i have is USB C, and i can charge everything with just one cable, easy peazy

              Every other Apple product is pretty much USB C now, except their phones

              • @jno: I get that it would be more convenient but I only charge at night and have my dedicated iPhone adapter plugged in at my bedside table. For the odd charge around the house, you could also use a wireless charger. For travel it would be handy I suppose but it’s a relatively minor thing for me - switching from one OS to another is a big change, which is why I asked the question originally.

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                  @bozbargain: oh well the change of OS is only because all the reasons i'm on android are slowing diminishing, Vanced youtube is pretty much dead and i've stopped customising my phone (pixel 5) due to newer android updates have made using different launchers kinda crap and buggy too, which was my favourite part sadly.

                  I run a mac so using an iphone makes sense and i would enjoy the better battery life and better hardware/software integration.

                  I use to run iphone 3s to about iphone 6 till i got a little over every phone feeling the same so i moved to android to try something different and haven't been back since

          • @jno: @jno: So you only on Android for USB C lmao

            • @anismistry: yeah pretty much lol i mean it's not any worse than IOS, same shit, does what i need it to mostly do. I was going to go the 12 last year but i got a brand new pixel 5 for $500 so spending 3x that would've been dumb

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      can't wait to sign up for the 14 and then give it to my wife and inherit her 12 :(

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        Why would you cuck yourself?

        • 2022 ASA stat reports that a total of 43 percent of men over the age of 18 are cucks, its an alarming number.. we are doomed

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      Or if you’re not in a rush, iphone 15 is out in 16 months. Apparently it’s better than the 14 but not as good as the iPhone 16. So maybe wait for that instead

  • 64GB is available for $997, also there have been price drops on iPhone 11.

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    cheapest so far has been $1058, so not a bad deal

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    i wish the pro max wwas like $1k its so expensive

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    $1000+ for what will be a phone that is two generations out of date very soon? Jesus. Sign me the duck up.

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      iPhones run smoothly for years and they continue to get updates for a long time.

      So I wouldn't consider iPhone 12 being "outdated" just because it's a last year's phone.

      We bought an iPhone 6s in 2015, it still pops up a reminder to update to the latest iOS 15.4 in 2022, that's 7 years later. Crazy right? :D

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        I am an Android person through and through. Having said that my wife and daughter use iphones. One of them on Iphone and other on 11 and have absolutely no issues with either of their phones. My 3 year old Pixel started getting slower and than the iPhone 8.

      • yeah, I pulled out my old 6s to sell on FB Marketplace and was surprised when I booted it up the latest iOS was there as an update.
        Downloaded, installed and it was running very very well for such an old phone. It was still perfectly useable.

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    Remember to buy from Amazon, Good Guys or JB HiFi with discounted giftcards….

    • Are there any ongoing atm?

    • Did you know of any decent deals on gift cards currently? Cheers

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    Same price in TGG. You can use store credit or 5% discounted GC if you have access.

    • Usually there's a limit on how much eGift card you can purchase in a month, varying by stores, $500 is quite common.

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        I use Reward Gateway and the limit is $5000 per month. I recently bought $1200 The Good Guys GC from them and they delivered it as $1000 + $200. So the biggest GC demonination is $1000.

  • I think it is still a good deal as it will go below $1077 if you use store credits and discounted GCs if you purchase from TGG.

  • How I am I gonna tell my parents
    'Dad the iphone is only sale so cheap only 1077!'
    Why are iphones so expensive even this is 2 generations older.

    Im good with my samsung $300 budget phone from last year 😎

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