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[PS5] Elden Ring $78 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Elden Ring for PS5 is listed for $78. This is showing $2 cheaper than the previous low price on Amazon

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  • +7

    Great game, been playing a lot of it. Is insanely difficult, especially if you’ve never played a FromSoftware title - there’s no shortage of secondhand copies being sold on FB marketplace because it’s ‘too hard’.

    • +19

      I found ER is the easiest From Software game for me, simply because absolutely every single boss can be put in the "I'll come back when I'm stronger" category and you can get stronger relatively easy. There is a real way to beat the game without getting 'git gud' and there are number of weapons that you can call the easy mode of this game. It was an 150hrs of absolute blast.

      • +2

        This was my first one, so safe to say it’s been a very steep learning curve.. but I’ve also heard from a couple of mates that have played others it’s still quite difficult, albeit with the option to go off and grind levels and be OP. Apparently Sekiro takes the cake for most infuriatingly difficult according to them

        • Sekiro is difficult for Souls veterans because dodging barely works. Once you learn to deflect every attack and stay aggressive, it's really not that hard. ER definitely has some bosses that are harder than anything from Sekiro.

      • +1

        RoB. Only way I could get pas malenia. After that inky really hard boss was elden beast

        • Malenia was less frustrating than Mohg I found :/

          • +1

            @buckster: Mimic helps a tremendous amount at level 10
            Annihilated Mohg with my mimic tear. Same couldn't be said for malenia

            • @maverickjohn: It does, but I found it gets absolutely crushed in the second phase. Had to resort to pulley crossbow spam. My unga bunga build just didn't like Mohg I guess

              • @buckster: I found Tiche helps with bosses a bit better than mimic due to it cutting the bosses health quickly but it also pulls aggro better

          • @buckster: This bodes well for me as I’m not up to her yet, but absolutely butchered Mong last night.
            That being said I’m having the most trouble killing the boss to get the other half of the Haligtree medallion!

            • @Danimal86: Commander O'Neil? However you spell his name.

              Get this:


              Slap it on the adds he summon, then sit back till phase 2.. or while rot breath him just as he getting into phase 2

              • @PuppieWayne: Yeah I’ve heard about this method but have no idea how to use magic lol, straight dex build. I had him down to one hit last night but got greedy and got one shotted - I’ll get him today or I’ll give up and use the bewitching branch!

                • +1

                  @Danimal86: You just equip it as you would a dart, target the guy with the two swords and "Use" the branch.

                  Then repeat on the guy with the shield. 😀

                  That's what I love about elden ring, there's always a "method" to take down a boss beside brute strength.

                • +2

                  @Danimal86: That last hit greed…relatable

        • +4

          The hardest mob to kill isn't actually a boss.

          Ya, I'm talking about you, Drac tree sentinel outside of Maleketh.

          • @PuppieWayne: +100 this. definitely died to it as much as any boss due to impatience and brain fades

          • @PuppieWayne: Lightning spams aren't nice from that guy

          • @PuppieWayne: just poison mist the Sentinel, easy as

            • @grizzly07: Not the one outside Maleketh.

              You talking about the one outside the capital.. that one isn't too hard as you have enough area to move.

              Maleketh one is too narrow a fighting area.

      • Definitely easier***, (***once you're about post-margit and got a good handle on things). You're right in that because things are so open its much less smashing against a brick wall vs other entries.

        My early mistake was not going through enough of those mini dungeons to collect spirit ashes and gear. That's more valuable than simple rune farming early on I'd say

    • I'm not very good at difficult games and I've been finding it much easier than other Fromsoft games. I'd put it on the same level as, say, Control. Much easier than Returnal, Bloodborne or Demon's Souls which I've tried recently. Don't let the difficulty put you off.

    • +1

      Totally fair, the series is "hard" for modern gaming standards. As other commenters have pointed out for newbies, use all the options given to you in this game when you get stuck, including coming back later, levelling, finding better gear, etc.

  • +6

    Better to buy the PS4 version as it includes free upgrade and runs at 60fps via BC , if 60 fps is important

    I had a lot of frame rate issues with PS5 version and I’m sticking to PS4 version even though the landscape is populated with less bushes etc because 60fps makes it a better experience (subjective of course )

    • Did you change the settings in game to prioritise graphics? Its set to prioritise performance by default but you'll see frame stutter if you change that.

      • +1

        Yeah even the performance mode is stuttery to me, maybe I’m spoiled with the 60fps patches that ds3 , tlou2, Tsushima and HZD got last year

        I was not so bothered with bloodborne when it came out, but after the games above I’m being picky

        • Do you have a TV with VRR? Apparently VRR helps greatly with the stutters but you'd need a TV that supports it.

          • +1

            @drasticmeasures1337: Tried it last night with VRR on my LG C1 and it definitely makes a massive difference. You can certainly still notice the frame rate dropping regularly, but you don't get that slight pause in frames caused by the frame rate not dividing into the refresh rate equally and having to duplicate frames.

          • @drasticmeasures1337: I wanted to buy a LG C2 42 inch but the Mrs shot the idea down saying the main tv cost less than half of it , so I’m going wait till next year for the price to come down 😂

    • It's so strange that running the PS4 version on a PS5 is the best way to experience the game. You'd think with all the patches FromSoftware are chugging out, they'd have addressed this already but historically they've not given a shit about performance.

      • Yeah they don’t care much about tuning the performance, but I love the gameplay and enemy variety though

        They spend a lot of Time on world building and complex landscapes and I like that

        • Completely agreed. Played non stop for 2 weeks after launch to finish it without a guide.

      • Supposedly cause it’s using the ps4 pro version which has lesser graphics

        • That’s correct. It’s just lowered settings.

  • tarnished

  • +11

    110hr in and still only 50% done. Goty for me

    • +1

      I platinumed the game in around 115 hrs

      • +1

        I'm taking my time with it. Doing all quests and experimenting with weapons

        • I did most of the side quests. Doing the mohg exp hack area helps you progress faster. Started with bloodhound fang, got moonveil them annihilated most with rivers of blood.
          Finished the game at around level 190

          • @maverickjohn: Nice! I am trying to avoid bloodhound fang to make it a bit more challenging. Mostly going for a strength build. Level 95 right now so still a lot to go.

          • @maverickjohn: Yeah once you get rivers of blood and mimic it's pretty much game over. I played most of the game with Uchigatana which did quite well for me and the game was quite challenging. At around Haligtree I got rivers of blood and everything just gets wiped out with corpse piler.

      • You're crazy

    • +1

      I've got about 140hrs and almost finished. Keep getting smashed by Godfrey with his non stop spamming of his stupid stomp.

      • +8

        Don't roll, jump.

        • I'll give that a go, I'm so used to rolling from the old Dark Souls games.

        • This is the way

      • Godfrey was actually a pain in the butt for me, died as many times are I did with Mogh, but I was maybe too low level. In the end i finished him using great shield soldiers summons who gangbang him while I used rot breath and a slash every now and then.

        • Just beat him, didn't get to test the jumping method as he didn't spam the stomp non stop. I summoned Black Knife Tiche and just smashed him with rock sling from far.

      • Roll into his attacks mate, first Souls game and I found that worked much better for me.

    • Are you me?

  • +7

    Didn’t play Dark Souls etc… because I found those too difficult. This game, although tough, I’ve found really enjoyable. For anyone buying the game now, I’d definitely suggest watching an early game guide on YouTube.

    • +3

      Same boat and couldn't agree more. I felt that the yt and game guide to level up was its own fun meta and there were no shortage of ways to go about it.

  • +2

    Exceptional game. Best in class for exploration and discovery.

  • +5

    Need to complete horizon forbidden west first.

    • Waiting for both games $49ea

    • I finished forbidden west before beating Elden ring and agree that its a good idea to finish forbidden west first. Elden Ring has honestly spoiled all open world games for me with how incredible the world design and sense of discovery is.

      • +1

        just finished HFW last night, fiuh that was a blast from the past pun intended. on to Elden Ring tonight!

        • You're in for a treat!

      • +1

        I went straight from Elden Ring to Horizon Forbidden West and I really didn't enjoy Horizon all that much. I must have been way too spoiled by Elden Ring.

      • So elden is better than horizon you think? Why’s that? I bought Elden and will get horizon end of the year

        • two different beasts, I like both. you wont go wrong playing either one first.
          But I can imagine after Elden Ring (or any From Softwar games), any other action-games would feel 'looser'. expect an adjustment period.

        • I personally found Horizon to just feel really generic and I lost interest in the story after about 4 hours as it was just not interesting me at all. The gameplay was very fluid and felt nice and the visuals were stunningly beautiful, but it still just had this generic open world game feel the whole time.

  • Where to find a PC version with a less expensive deal?

  • +5

    You don’t have the right o you don’t have the right
    Therefore you don’t have the right o you don’t have the right

    • +5

      Try fingers but hole.

      (Sorry. I’m actually really sick of this message. But I couldn’t resist.)

      • Didn't expect weak foe

        • +6

          I put this message at the grace once you defeat Malenia. I’ve never been downvoted so much.

    • +3

      This is one of themost annoying messages in the bloody awesome game

      • +1

        Along with: “Try fort night” everywhere.


        • "Try attacking"
          On basically every wall of every mini dungeon

  • Does anyone know anywhere that still sells the collectors edition on xbox for RRP?

    • HahahahahhahahahhHaahahahahah

  • +3

    Mightyape have the launch edition for $79

    You can save another $10 by using the code more please (might only work if you're an existing customer)

    • Code says not available for me at this time. Been an existing customer for over a decade.

      • there is no space in moreplease code (sorry)

        • I know, I tried just one word. Maybe it's because I haven't ordered anything in a while.

  • +1

    As much as I would like to play this game, I don't know if I could sink hundreds of hours into a game such as this.

    • +15

      You can and you will.

      • hahaha, maybe I will. I keep looking at the game and looking at reviews and trailers to try and convince myself otherwise.

        • Depends the level of difficulty you want to play it at. There are areas to level up to make progression easier. Would not call them cheats as they would have patched along with the exploits right next to known farming areas.

          All in all, you just wanted to progress through one of the main story endings only, it'll take you less than 100 hours, probably much much less.

          I think I was about 50% through the game at 30 hours, but then went on to explore and finish pretty much all side stuff.

      • And then you'd eventually become maidenless.

  • +1

    PC version vs PS5 version (assuming VRR / FreeSync works on both)? How are the haptics/triggers on PS5?

    • Currently better on PS5. Both have some performance issues but PC issues are worse. They're not terrible issues though. You'll usually notice frame rate issues at certain areas but the issues are worse on PC. Frame rate is also capped at 60fps on PC and PS5.

      • +3

        Can’t speak for ps5 but I’ve had no issues whatsoever on PC (3070ti/5600x)

        • Apparently there's still a stuttering issue on PC but I think it's like the PS5 issues where if you don't look for it, you probably wouldn't even notice it.

        • Same here no frame rate issues on my PC, stays at 60fps running on a RTX 2070 Super/ i7 10750H.

    • Stutters are so common in PC version that it became part of the challenge, unfortunately. This is with a 5900X/3070 combo. Utterly annoying during boss fights, especially in large arenas.

  • Never played a souls game but I'd imagine it would be difficult like the Valkyrie fights in Gow? Those were fun and rewarding when beaten, but I can't imagine playing the whole game with the difficulty cranked up like that.

    Watched a few speed runs that used cheesy builds and made the game look like a joke lol

    • +1

      It’s not a hard game. Never played a FromSoftware game before and finished it at 76hrs. Ranni ending. I have now started the Dark Souls series and honestly don’t understand why these games are labeled as difficult…. Seem fairly simple as it’s not like the enemies are random and all the move sets are easy to predict.

      Take your time and enjoy the world. Amazing game!!!

      • +5

        ^ This gamer was born gud

      • +1

        I would think the vast majority of people new to FromSoftware games will have a vastly different experience to this

    • Some of the fights are like that but most of it is easier.

      Honestly if you play GOW on hard then this won't be that much of a challenge. It's just more about being aware of your surroundings and not trying to fight many enemies at the same time.

    • GOW you can pretty much get away with just a constant spamming barrage of attacks with the occasional roll here and there. With Elden Ring everything is about timing. If you go into a fight with guns blazing you are most likely going to die.

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