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Ramset 18V 6.0Ah Li-Ion Brushless DynaDrill 518 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit $399. In store only @ Sydney Tools


Big discount on pro trade quality brushless SDS rotary hammer kit incl 2 18v 6ah batteries. Not sure why price cut is so deep, its the current model and similar specs to other kits at twice as much. Dont compare to Ryobi etc Ramset is the gold standard for making hole in concrete along with Hilti.
Current price elsewhere $935

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  • Damn that’s cheap as chips!

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    Skin only?

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      Kit with 2 batts

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          Title says combo kit.

          Where it says "skin only" in the listing its showing all the contents of the kit. Further down it lists specs of the battery and charger as well.

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    Do i need it? No
    Do i want it… Not really
    Will I use it? Possibly
    Am I considering buying it? Absolutely

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      Just grab the ozito if you aren't using it as a trade. I bought the ozito works brilliantly for the 3 or 4 times a year i use it

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        Have to agree. My main tools are DeWalt but for occasional use it's hard to beat Ozito and their warranty.

        They do NOT perform as well but well enough for most purposes.

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        I've used Ozito corded SDS on large industrial projects/installations. They're good, take a beating - and they're certainly good enough for trades where drilling holes in concrete all day long isn't your primary task.

        What you're paying for with battery powered tools is the convenience of the portability, but when you're talking about something that is large and bulky, doesn't exactly require finesse, and likely to have a vacuum running along side it - the whole "portability" aspect gets a bit diminished and corded is going to beat battery when it comes to raw power any day.

        Ozito corded SDS = 1600W and $139 with a 3 year replacement warranty.

        This Ramset puts out a measly 108W, is $399 - and they don't even specify warranty period.

        For anyone not wanting to use these professionally - event at this heavily discounted price, you're still paying 3x the price for 7% of the power just so you don't have to deal with a cord the handful of times you're actually likely to use this.

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          I think you just saved me $399.

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          18v x 6ah does not equal 108. The 6ah means it can run at 6 amps for one hour. More likely, it can probably only run continuously for say, 20minutes at 18a. 18a x 18v = 324. Definitely not 1600w though.

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            @s3th2000: You're right, 108Wh not 108W. Peak power will be higher

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              @Harold Halfprice: They don't seem to list the power rating, unless it's behind the auth wall on their site.

              Comparing impact energy though:
              Ozito: 4J
              This: 2.6J

              So quite a bit more shatter juice in the Ozito.

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              @Harold Halfprice: This has nothing to do with peak power. Wh and W denote completely different things. Besides you can't even compare W vs W because one motor can draw 1600W but can be less efficient (I believe Ozito is brushed), wasting energy.

              A better metric to measure rotary drill performance is impact energy (in Joules). Ramset 18V can apply 2.7J vs Ozito's 4J, so very comparable for a cordless.

              • @bio:

                This has nothing to do with peak power. Wh and W denote completely different things. Besides you can't even compare W vs W because one motor can draw 1600W but can be less efficient (I believe Ozito is brushed), wasting energy.

                Yes, efficiencies will be be different but that doesn't mean power draw has "nothing to do with it". The efficiency between devices isn't going to fluctuate that much that you can't make an educated assumption about which one is going to put down more power - particularly when comparing such a large difference.

                Anyway, my point still stands - you're paying a significant premium and getting far less power just to not deal with a cord on a tool that, for most people, will seldomly be used.

                • @Harold Halfprice: I meant the error in your 108W calculation has nothing to do with "peak power".

            • @Harold Halfprice: Though I do agree - I've used the Ozito and its pretty good!
              But I also hate dragging a cord around so I have a battery powered one :P

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          Only 1 year warranty on Ramset power tools - called their helpline to confirm.

          This same kit has also been down to $369 (with the additional kit bag which is missing in the current deal) during previous years' EOFY deals.
          Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=Ramset+Ramset+CB18-DD&tbm=is...

          So definitely not worth the RRP but still not a bad deal.

          • @ausbuysell12: Considering on the competition equivalents the manufacturer will stand by their products for 3 years, and Ramset is normally marketed and priced as a premium option. 1 year warranty doesn't really cut it - there may also be recourse using ACL consumer guarantees if the unit fails prematurely.

    • I've got a very nice corded Bosch SDS which only gets used a few times per year but the temptation is strong. For anyone still using a hammer drill for concrete work and appreciates quality tools his should be a no brainer.

  • That's an incredible price. $800-900 is about standard for a professional quality kit.

  • I will never use it but very tempted to buy because it's such a good deal apparently.

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    Hi all - full disclosure I work for Ramsets parent company, they mis-fired on marketing these tools a couple of years back - and probably why clearing them now, but they are great tools. Have the full Ramset range myself, and again, obviously got cheaper than most as I'm staff. Agree very much with the comments above and poster - if you're only a casual user it's overkill unless you really value high quality, have the $ to spend, going to regularly use, or in trade, and don't mind the separate battery if you're in another ecosystem already - in that case, can't go wrong.

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    Pretty sure this is exactly the same as the Bosch Professional GBH-18v-26. Charger and batteries are identical to my Bosch professional ones.

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      See above for my association but I do believe - but not 100% - that the Ramset tools are Bosch re-skins essentially.

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        Ramset/Bosch are owned by the same company so stands to reason. Much like AEG/Milwaukee are often re-skins.

        • AEG, Milwaukee and Ryobi are all owned by the same company.

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          To confirm - Ramset and Bosch are not owned by same company, Ramset is owned by ITW (American company), and Bosch I believe is it's own company, no parent? However, definitely not owned by ITW.

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            @mitchfrommelbourne: They are both using the same chinese supplier for this

            • @poulay: @poulay - believe they are made in Malaysia the tools, can't be bothered heading to the shed to check!

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        If you look at both the Bosch and Ramset cordless SDS they are exactly the same casings with cutouts 100% the same. The Ramset drill and angle grinder are 100% bosch. The impact drill appears have slightly different styling but exact same size. Absolute steal at this price.

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      Likely both licensed versions of another manufacturer. I don't think bosch would engineer this ground up

      • Bosch invented the SDS drill chuck and the GBH-18v-26 is made in Germany so it's probable that the GBH-18v-26 is fully Bosch engineered.

        Ramset may have licensed the Bosch design and had their one made elsewhere. It's also possible that some of the components of the Ramset drill are made in Bosch factories.

  • Does it come with a chisel tool

    • no, you will need to buy your own SDS bits

  • Delivery expected end of 2024. Just like tho bosch deal

    • where do you get that from? Says 38 in stock, was 48 when I posted the deal!

      • wow 32 in stock now, so 16 people must have bought within less than 2 hours since you posted the deal on OzBargain..

  • One Battery and one charger in description on the website…
    Can anyone clarify it comes with two batteries?

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      Good question, TBH I didn't fine check the details, just went off the image in the promo email they sent which is the same as on their site. It would be pretty deceptive to show image with 2 batteries and supply one, certainly grounds for a refund IMO

      • Agreed, I doubt it would be a single battery kit
        I went with click and collect if it doesn't match the image to avoid problems with a return just in case
        Thanks for posting!

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      Invoice says: 6.0AH (X2)

      • +1

        Thanks for replying.
        I have been looking for anywhere else it's available to verify the kit but can't find it anywhere but the website. Guess I'm just tired or clueless. Anyway great deal

        I picked up this and the 18v brushless combo (grinder, drill, impact driver) for $599


        To compare, $329 for 2x Makita 6.0ah batteries from Sydney Tools makes this a no brainer bargain

        • Did your invoice for the 3 pce set say 2x batteries too? I ordered and it appears like it may only have 1.

          • +1

            @devize: It doesn't specify two batteries but it has the CBBASEKIT18

            18V. CBBAT18, 18V, 6.0Ah Li-Ion, 108 Wh.
            CBCHR18, 240V, AC …
            Battery Type: Li-Ion
            Power Output: 108 Wh
            Battery Pack: 2 x 18 V / 6.0 Ah

            Click on specifications tab at the top
            I would say yes, it contains 2x 18v batteries

            • @PlaunsJanus: Nice, thanks for that. Tried finding the item on Sydney tools and didn't think to look at the Ramset specification.

              I think you're right. And the product image on Sydney tools has two batteries.

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      2 batts, the kit came in two boxes, one for the body of the drill, the other box has a 190W charger and 2 6ah batteries,

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    thanks, grabed one set, honestly don't even need it, I just couldn't resist.
    will report back if bosch batteries work on these as I'm with bosch platform

    • How did the Bosch platform go with the 18v Ramset?
      It's advertised as 18v Professional but I'd like to know before purchasing Bosch floodlights, vacuum, blower, and ~1000nm Impact wrenches as there's some value in the redemptions on offer

      • +1

        I've tested the Ramset batts in Bosch charger and Bosch tools (blower and drill).
        Bosch batts in this Ramset tool.
        Works as expected - all this stuff looks and feels the same - just different labels.

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    Bosch list Ramset as an 18v system partner so they certainly should be compatible https://www.professional-18v-system.com/gb/en/

    • This is literally a rebranded Bosch Blue GBH 18V-26

    • surprise to me, it actually came with a 190W charger, mormally bosch kits only come with the 90w version

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    Now thats what I call a massage gun

  • In-store only?

    • It wasnt yesterday, there were about 40 odd in stock online so must have sold out online

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    FWIW while it's a great price - the impact power, 2.6 joules is well towards the low end of things. Even the Aldi one that I grabbed for $100 has around 6 joules - corded cure, but I have had no issues with this as it's generally always for 'ground' tasks - I doubt many folks will have many other Ramset tools so using the batteries in anything else might be optimistic. No neg from me but while cordless tools are great there's certain ones where it's not the be all and end all. :-)

    • +1

      Batteries are compatible with Bosch blue, fein and many other more specialised brands.
      The power is appropriate for the task which is mainly drilling into concrete with up to 26mm bits and running chisel scrapers for removing tiles and grout. Dewalt, Milwaukee etc all have similar power tools but at around double the price.
      For demo work or heavier duty then a heavier tool will be required, ideally SDS MAX.
      I've also got a 6J tool which is great for breaking up slabs and rock but a nightmare for use in tight spots, one hand, overhead use etc

  • From what I'm hearing, there will be more Ramset sales coming up EOFY……

  • Cannot find any warranty information on the website or anywhere else. If it is one year on battery then I'm out. It is like buying cheap inkjet printer where cartridges kill you all the way!

    • One Year

    • it's just a rebranded Bosch Blue GBH 18V-26, quality isn't something to worry about, but the warranty is only one year compare to the bosch 6 years

  • This is literally a rebranded Bosch Blue GBH 18V-26 kit. Even the batteries and charger are the Bosch Coolpak batteries.

    For this price its a no brainer. Only thing is its 1 year warranty vs 6 from Bosch Blue.

  • Just added to cart for delivery to see what price comes up. It's $599.

  • Do I need this? Not really. Do I want this? Yes. Will I get one? Probably not, as I have a Hilti corded model capable of 1". It is 20 years old but apart from a cracked and repaired handle still perfect.

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    i can confirm it comes with 2 batteries. There are two boxes, 1 for the drill and 1 for battery starter kit which consist of charger and 2x 6.0Ah batteries. At the shop i checked that the battery box was sealed, but turns out the drill box wasn't. Hopefully I am not missing anything, nothing much in the drill box except for drill, rod and manual.

    • +1

      same, my drill box wasn't sealed as well, drill itself made in 2018, batteries and chargers made in 2021.
      charger is a 190W high performance model( normally 90W ), which I was surprised, but very happ with what I got

      • +1

        Same here. Just picked mine up. Drill box also unsealed.

  • Received today all good, new sealed boxes and pleasantly surprised to see drill made in Germany in 2021 :)

    • +1

      same with mine.
      And the batteries are interchangeable with my Bosch blue stuff

  • Anybody using a 3 jaw chuck with this for use with wood or metal bits? I'm a bit confused as which Bosch chuck is compatible.

  • will they deliver? shows in-store ONLY

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