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EB Games One Day Sale (Again) - 12/5/12


Not as good as the previous day sale, but Wii Fit Plus may be good if are willing to shell out another ~$10 for Micheal Jackson the experience added to the game. Also every 'the sims' games are half price and Turtle beach headphones are 30% off. The rest in my opinion are a miss.

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EB Games Australia

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    no bargain here

  • +4 votes

    sales on ridiculously over priced items =/= a sale or a bargain

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      Yeah I think everyone on OzB knows that EB games sale = above normal prices. I don't know how EB is still in operation when the only cheap things they sell are second hand games that's been rotting in the bargain bin for months.

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    LOL, EB one day special my ass!!!
    Kmart has been selling 3ds for $199 for a while now and $148 for a Wii with Mario Kart bundle?? Isn't that a yesteryear bundle(old Wii)??

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      You are confused.

      It is the older, SUPERIOR Wii in every way. Nintendo decided to remove the Gamecube ports and compatibility to increase profits in the newer Wii, a despicable move of utmost reproach.

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        Yeah like Sony did with Backwards compatibility on the PS3!
        NES with duckhunt and gun, is still better than any game+console to date.
        Oh yeah, and EB Sales do suck! I got my Wii and mario cart 8 months ago at BigW for $138 + free delivery!

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