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Baseus Windshield Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer A$10.75 Delivered @ eSkybird


Simply way to extend the lifetime of your Windscreen Wipers.

Apply code OZWP36E5 at cart.

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Baseus Auto Truck Windshield Wiper Blade Refurbish Restorer Details As Follow:

Placement: FRONT
Material Type: Full Metal
Item Weight: 0.04kg
Special Features: Windscreen Wiper Blade Cutter
Item Width: 1.3cm
External Testing Certification: CC
Item Height: 6.5cm
Type: Wiper Blade Scratches Repair
Material: Aluminum alloy
Applicable models: Wiper blade repair of various models

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  • The wiper restorer's description states "truck", is it really for trucks only ?

    • +2

      I have been using it for my car, and it works.

      • Can you elaborate a bit more? do you need to use it very often? does it wear out the wiper after some time (decreasing it's life)? do you need to clean the wipe before using it? Thanks!

        • I use it every time when I feel the rubber goes "hard". The effect is immediate, less strike, less squeaking, and better smoothness.

          I don't know why my wiper's rubber only lasted 4 months. I've tried all sorts of infills and those "boneless" ones. Also tried cleaning often, etc. But with this restorer, I could get an extra month every time I use it.

          But don't expect miracles. New wipers are always better.

          • @Asx10000: dont go rubber so silicon - repco or supercheap i have found recently better then the michelin ones at costco… also parked outside 24/7 deteriates blades quicker

            • @chuneeperformance: Thanks. I'll give it a try.

              I park outside 24/7, but I don't have a choice. The thing is, the other car, which is 5 years old, parked outside 24/7, only changed wiper once, with an OEM one during servicing. lasts much longer.

              • @Asx10000: in many poorer countries people either remove the wipers or lift them off the glass or cover them when parked outside for a long time

  • These are just high-grit sandpaper in a fancy box right?

    • +4

      with a lanyard so you can impress the chikz

      • +7


    • +1

      I thought it was a blade that took the edge or the wiper's rubber?

      • 3rd image shows that it has a 'Course sanding strip' and 'Fine sanding strip'. Sounds like sand paper to me.

        That's a pretty common way to revive streaky wipers too.

      • they do have other types that have the blade, but this Baseus one is an emory board for wiper blades :P

  • How long does this last?

    • +5

      It depends how you stroke the wiper with it.

      • +9

        How I stroke my wiper is none of your business…

        • -2

          Did i talk to you.

      • +1

        It strokes the wiper on it's skin

  • +1

    I've never seen these types of things.. So it strips the edge of the rubber wiper into a new layer I presume?

    How well does it work? (Sorry, skeptical - but curious)


  • +10

    Looks like you can find them much cheaper on Aliexpress

    • I saw them on Amazon for $40+

    • Heads up probably a non Baseus branded one going by other listings

      The seller is also new and nil feedback and nil customer reviews

      So buyer beware if you do grab this one

    • +2

      thanks, ordered one.

    • +1

      for 3$ i got it lol, thanks

    • +1

      Thanks, mate. Got one.

    • +1

      Was about to buy it and saw your post and link. Thank you and may you have a great OzBargain day,

  • probably a buy, try, fail product
    i got a non baseus one and it didn't do anything

  • can't just use a piece of tissue paper? that's what I do… maybe once or twice a week..

    what specifically does this do differently?

    • +3

      How about the wiper blades?

      • -1

        I just use a tissue to wipe the wiper blades .. especially after some rain.
        isn't what this product does?

        • Why do you wipe the wiper blades with a tissue? To dry them?

    • the sand paper is "meant" to clean up the rough edge of the wiper to make it a sharp edge again, by sandpapering away the existing rubber. It ignores the fact that the rubber of the wiper is sitting in the hot sun for most of the year which causes it to go brittle

  • +1

    I bought one of these paperweights .. sucked in .. 😡 .. !!

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