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Gaming PC with Ryzen 5 5600, RTX 3070, B550 MB, 16GB RAM, 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD, 650W Bronze PSU $1628 + Delivery @ TechFast


TechFast have this RTX 3070 PC deal in May with Ryzen 5 5600 processor and Ryzen 7 5700X upgrade option. It is the same price as in April but with the upgraded MSI MAG Forge case which was +$39 last month.

Enjoy :)


  • Ryzen 5 5600 processor
  • RTX 3070 8GB LHR graphics card
  • Biostar B550 GTA motherboard
  • 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz RAM
  • 500GB NVMe m.2 SSD
  • 650W Bronze power supply (Rep Luke confirmed MSI and Gigabyte can be requested for the Bronze PSU)
  • Leaper Maverick RGB [ATX] Case (+ $39 Extra to upgrade to MSI MAG Forge 100R [ATX]
  • Upgrades available on most lines.

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      Yep, this is relatively uncompetitive pricing.

      • Not as impressive as some of their past deals, but its a pretty fair price really.

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    Ryzen 5 5600 processor - amazon/umart/centercom - 285
    RTX 3070 8GB LHR graphics card - onlinecomputer.com.au asus ko - 899
    Gigabyte B550 GAMING X V2 ATX - umart - 139
    corsair 3200 LPX 16G 2x8 - amazon - 98
    Crucial P2 500G - ple/amazon/umart/centrecom - 69
    650w msi bronze psu - umart - 69
    MSI case 100R - amazon - 75 (recommend Fara R1 pro from umart for $76, has 4 fans included)

    total $1634 with Fara R1 pro $1635

    Did this one super quick today sorry, might be able to find better price on Motherboard, but did not have time to look around more. Hope this helps someone out. cheers

    Also you said it comes with a MSI MAG Forge 100R when it does not, it is a upgrade ($39). The standard case is a Leaper Maverick RGB (ATX) Case. Please list correct parts for the correct price. $1667 with MSI case.

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      Some people do not like building it so there is value there.
      Plus some stores will have shipping costs. Not every part will arrive at the same time.

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        This has shipping cost as well, The system parts I have listed are cheaper, if you dont like building you can easy find someone to do for you at a very low cost these days. This build has better parts.
        The neg is because I can build better cheaper and the price and a part they said are incorrect, which could mislead some people. I am sorry you do not agree but I am just trying to help people out. Hopefully some find the info helpful. Again sorry if you do not agree.

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          No it does not factor shipping. Check the sellers websites.
          Shipping to 2112, NSW as follows:

          Online Computer - 3070 Asus KO - $9.66 Shipping
          Umart - Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2 ATX - $10 Shipping

          The part is not incorrect though. They clearly stated MSI MAG Forge 100R [ATX] Case in the item description. Yes there is an error in the Options section but it still comes with the MSI Forge 100R.

          Heck even if I wanted to build it, I would rather buy from Techfast and let them ship it unassembled. All the items will come at the same time and any warranty issues are through the same store.

          Yes people can build PC's at a low cost. But it's still a cost. Even $50 to build a PC means it will be more expensive than this deal.

          • @tempestswitch: Plus the convenience of TechFast.
            If I felt comfortable building my own PC i'd definitely do it but I don't so i'll let someone else do it for a similar price

          • @tempestswitch: All parts from Umart except the video card - $31 to 2112 total $763
            VC from Computerland - $10 to 2112 total $909
            Total = $1672
            Techfast shipping cost to 2112
            Parcel Post (Signature on Delivery) - $53.27 = $1681.27
            Express Post (Signature on Delivery) - $107.92 = $1735.92

            if you get someone to build for $50 let say. that does take my build to $1722, if you build yourself like some might prefer, it is cheaper, but you will get better parts. (better video card, better memory kit, SSD, MB, better case - IMO)

            As for the website having a error, ok but if the final list says X case then I am going to think that's what I am getting, and if you change it the price increases, hopefully they will fix that soon.

            But all of this is just my opinion, and is what I would do if I was going to buy this, we do not have to agree, and if you have ordered one I hope its the best PC you have ever got. I am just putting it here to help people out. It is another option for people looking to buy. Thanks and best of luck.

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              @Auspcbuilda: I could build a pc for cheaper than listed price from FB marketplace, doesn't make this a bad deal. Surely it's not up there being the best with TF deals, there have been some bangers.
              Sure it's not hard to build a PC, but I've fried memory, motherboards etc in my time, that was a $800 build. Not spending $2k to slot the GPU into the wrong spot and fk it. You are paying for a conveniance because "I just want it to work". Others like to build and tinker and that's fine also. Neither is better than the other because they are subjective to each others own needs and desires. Sure as hell have spent hours trying to debug a pc only to find out it's something dumb like the memory not pushed in all the way or whatever. Not everyone wants that.

            • @Auspcbuilda: Yeah that's fair enough…

              I just know a lot of people are buying these sorts of PC's just because it's all done and you don't need to go and source the parts and find someone else to build it. But yeah agree with you can have better parts if you do it yourself.

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              @Auspcbuilda: I'll start by saying - Its not the BEST deal that's been offered but its still NOT a ripoff.
              With respect, you are part of a problem that professional system builders have been facing since PC gaming has become more mainstream.

              Yes, you can buy parts cheaper and build this for cheaper. That's great and no-one is stopping you or the next person from doing it.
              But what some fail to understand - You are not just paying for a bunch of parts, you are paying for someone else's time & time is (in my opinion) the most valuable thing you can offer. You are also paying for after sale support that basic Facebook Marketplace sellers cant offer or they fail to appeal to the public because their marketing skills are non-existent, a lot of the time they need to UNDERSELL themselves just to get views, clicks, interest etc..

              Your name suggests you might have an understanding of what I am talking about.
              Your Brisbane location also tells me you COULD be part of that Facebook bunch I referred to as I monitor Brisbane closely and there are many that undersell themselves.

              if you get someone to build for $50 let say

              If you think assembling a PC, full cable management, complete driver install, setting fan curves, updates & any other requests from the customer are worth $50 to you… You're basically scamming yourself.
              Time is money regardless of how much you have to spare.

              • @FartboxAU: Not on Facebook sorry, to old for that.

                What someone charges is up too them, some may do it for the love/hobby or too help people or see it as a easy job and don't think its worth charging that much for it (there the reasons why I do it). Maybe they make the difference in the part cost/upgrades/future work. They might buy the parts discounted or at trade and then sell it at normal retail price, and this is where they can make the extra to make it worth there time, or it could just be a side job to make some extra cash on the side and they can do it cheaper, everyone is different and different reasons and can run it how they see fit.
                Also I think that $50 price was what another person said and I just used it in that example, but I have seen people advertise to build for that or even less ( I do it for that or less, sometimes free for people I think are really in need/ or tight budget, because I just want gamers gaming and good people to get a good well working deal), also check that the person will repair/replace something if its there mistake, giving a personal guarantee for their work. I know I offer that, I'm sure others would too if they are good at it.

                As for how a PC store works, we would all have different opinions on how profit is made and how to run it as well, so no point me going into that, I have worked for a PC store and ran my own business before as well, but every one is different with different ideas on how to make a buck and how much to make, so we would be here forever talking about that.

                As for the neg, its because I can build better cheaper with better parts, and the price and a part they said are incorrect, which could mislead some people. I believe this has been fixed since then.

                As I have said already this is all IMO, I am just trying to help people out by giving them more options. Hopefully some find the info helpful, some might even see it as a reason to buy it, ether way I hope they are happy and are up and gaming as soon as they can and are enjoying there hobby. Again sorry if you do not agree. Thanks

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                  @Auspcbuilda: I agree to an extent with what you're saying and that's really nice of you to offer up your time to help others for free.
                  But to put it simple and short, (in my opinion) I think before posting 'I can do it cheaper' next time ask yourself is the PC built by just some random person who offers no warranty or after sale support.
                  Or is it like this case, where it's built by a professional and all of the above are offered for peace of mind.

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          Yep I wanna let someone handle my $1300 graphics card without some form of insurance just so I can get all these expensive parts built for free. Whatever dude.

    • Thanks for the info… Great research.

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    Its better off just to buy the whole system for someone like me & son who's not good at building our own, as TF is specialised particular for prebuilt, all we want is plug & play, hence this is a better solution for our need.

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    This isn't a bargain it's just an advertisement! Every month I see price changes realigned with market trends on the same systems and it's promoted as a "bargain", but they rarely are. If these systems can be assembled with optional "bargain" upgrades, why do we never see "bargains" downgrades - systems without RAM, GPU, etc.

    All this isn't to say Techfast hasn't had some good deals in the past, nor that the assembly team would be true experts after building so many units. Show us some true deals.

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      They were bargains when the retail of GPUs was stratospheric, and I guess in the context of pre-builts, they might still be the best price around, but agreed, hardly what I'd classify as a bargain.

      A well priced, good quality item at RRP isn't what we come to OzB for

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      As hinted by many on these pages - we'd like to see an Intel 12th gen, 3070 ti - 3080, liquid cooler, good mobo and PSU for <2K. As Ebany mentioned - forego the drop down lists (that just increase the price) and post a good system at a bargain price.

  • https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/kp-ps-heimdall-krakenpowe...
    Compared to this one, which one is better

    • That bpc build looks to be 'better' in that components are mostly 'better' brands or slightly higher spec (5600x Vs 5600 and 3600mhz ram Vs 3200, 1tb SSD Vs 500gb)… But that's why it's more expensive.

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    Just a warning techfast are not guaranteed to use the brands that are listed in the spec list.

    • Thats why I did message Luke first to confirm what I am gonna get or what can I choose right before I ordered. He has been super helpful, all you need is just ask.

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