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[PC, Epic] Free - Prey & Jotun: Valhalla Edition @ Epic Games (13/5 - 20/5)


Freebies from Epic games. As usual, available from 1am AEST.

This week's freebie - Terraforming Mars

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    FYI, both have previously been free on Epic, check your libraries:

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      Yep, I thought I had seen both titles given away before. Oh well, it's nice taking a break from adding free games to my Epic Store library on the occasional week.

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    Woo! Terraforming Mars!

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    Anyone else remember that loser with the snoopy profile pic who would always whinge and complain whenever someone posted the weekly Epic free games deal before him?

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    Prey is an incredible game, highly recommended

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    Nice! I missed out on Prey last time so I'm looking forward to having it (although I've played it before). It's a good game and in the style of Bioshock/Dishonored with twists and turns. I'll be happy to play it again!

  • Yay, I just downloaded terraforming Mars, very happy that it’s free but I probably won’t play it Same goes with all the other games that I downloaded before

    • I generally just see next week's epicgames freebie being posted and follow the link to last week's game to get that game

      • saaaaame

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    got excited but its the crap prey we got instead of the awesome looking sequel to the real prey :(

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      ? This is the good prey, the spiritual successor to system shock 2, not the generic shooter one which admittedly had cool antigravity pathways.

      Death to paired objects!

      • it's really not, the real prey wasn't dishonored in space.

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    May be some big games coming soon.

  • I played through Jotun and it is surprising and captivating and wonderful. Around 3- 4hours to play , Norse mythology inspired 2D action/adventure

    • I love Jotun, the visuals and storyline are stunning. However, fighting Fe definitely gave me PTSD.

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    Another mystery free game will be released in about 6 hours

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      It's 6 days, not 6 hours.

      • Oops. You are right my bad 🥴

  • Where is the post for next weeks freebie @dealbot? I look forward to my Friday claim and reminder setting for Epic games freebies

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      Trying to find the keys to the vault first.

  • Redout is free too, maybe add that to the title.

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