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[PC, Epic] Free - Terraforming Mars @ Epic Games (6/5 - 13/5)


Freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 1am AEST.

This week's freebie - Paradigm & Just Die Already

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  • +5

    Great boardgame, but not a great port. Crashes frequently, no way to undo, poor ui, and the ai is exceedingly basic.

  • +1

    Elon doesn't need this freebie, he's playing the game IRL.

    • +1

      Establishing a settlement in Mars is far from terraforming it.

  • Love terraforming mars, have it on steam already

    • -1

      Yes sir, will do.

  • Watch out for roaches.

  • +1


    Reviews of the mars game rip it hard.

  • +2

    I have this on Android - the base game and Prelude are pretty well adapted now (the reviews from 2018 are out of date, as it's been continually improved since release, when the implementation was a bit rough). Hellas / Elysium are downright buggy and unplayable on Android. Unsure if fixed in the PC version. even the hard AI is not difficult to beat, but I still enjoy anyway. And you can play against friends without knocking your player mat and messing up the millions of little cubes, which is the real value of the game.

  • +1

    Not sure if I screwed it up or not but I didn't get my alert I thought I set for the start date of this. Anyone else?

    • I had seen it before and was surprised I didn't get the reminder. I assumed I just got distracted before setting the reminder.

    • Same case here

  • Elon's Simulator

  • I have 200 hrs on this game. It's awesome!

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