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Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier $741.85 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


what-hifi 5 star product, excellent entry level stereo amplifier. it should be the lowest price ever according to camel price track

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  • Amazing amplifiers!

  • +2

    These cost $1200+ on average here in aus - what a bargain. It's too bad that i already have an AVR that works completely fine as a stereo receiver.

  • Cracker of a deal. I got mine for about $800 last year and I thought that was a steal.

  • This or an entry level 5.1 receiver? Like yamaha v385 or htr 2071

    • +1

      Marantz forever :P

      • Why? I know its a very high end product and all that but in terms of everyday usage, how much of a difference am I looking at. Specially in terms of sound quality.

        • put everything else aside and assume they cost the same, how much you think the manufacotry can spent the cost on just 2 channels OR have to allocate to 5.1 or 7.1 channles, plus varis fancy liscencs fee on Dloby Vision, Atmos, DTS X etc. :) i currenly use the Yamaha AVR A3050 (flagship model 5 years ago and cost 3K+), it did great jobs on movies, but when it come to stere music, it's still not compariable to a dedicated stereo amplifier cost only 1/3 of the cost or less.

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      Spend your money on speakers. A good amp will do. Great speakers make the difference

      • Room affects even more than speakers. Without DSP, you’re never getting what paid.

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      This is for serious 2 channels music. 5.1 receiver is for movies.

    • Don't get this, at least get marantz nr15xx if you into 5.1 but ne17xx even better 😉
      This is for high end music lovers.

  • -3

    Seams pretty overpriced for only 45watts per channel.
    Topping PA5 would be better

    • +1

      Topping is Chi-Fi, Marantz is Hi-Fi.

    • +1

      Wow. Topping vs pm6007. I think you should do a YouTube comparison for us all to educate us on why the topping is a better proposition

    • +1

      Do not offend the blind! My 45 year old JVC reference amp goes from DC to 400kHz and does 100Watts into 8 Ohms. Meanwhile they added coaxial and optical.
      I bought it from a boutique speaker builder and after all that time it still goes like day one.
      25 years ago I added a motorized volume control that worked with spare buttons on a Sony reference CD unit. Can't see a reason to update!

  • Would this come with a UK or AU plug?

    • It looks like the type of plug that goes into a desktop computer, so I expect many people would have plenty of those.

      • Thanks. Just saw that on one of the youtube reviews too.

        Now just the $2000 speakers to match….

  • No shipping to NZ, sad.

  • Damn looking for something to replace my HK unit but need dab and Bluetooth out (is this ever a thing?)
    Was looking at Cambridge audio axr100d but still no Bluetooth. How will I use my hifiman deva? :(
    Help me experts!?

    • +2

      i will stay away from Bluetooth when it come to any lossless or above (Hi-Res or DSD)

      • That's fair enough I still largely use speakers but it's just a feature I really need on any upgrade. Understand for what it is this is no doubt a lot better than what I have though!

    • +1

      i think BT out isnt thing on amps…

      BT as an input source yes. but you can just buy a cheap BT sender to your headphones?

      • That might be the solution then! Cheers :)

  • Looking for some advice on this with the klipsch 600’s for a tv and music setup. Vs something like the denon 1600. Never used a amp setup before

  • Ive currently got a yamaha 5.1 amp that i only ever use in stereo mode. Ive been looking at stereo only amps for a bit but cant decide on which one would be the best to purchase in this price range. Any other suggestions?

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      I have a Yamaha A-S201 Stereo amp that's 2x100w RMS. I use is to drive my Cambridge Audio bookshelf spears and pair of Yamaha outdoor speakers. It's been discontinued but there is a A-S301 which seems to be the replacement, which is around $600.

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    Note that this version is made in Vietnam while earlier versions like the PM6004 were made in Japan. This version however has a DAC chip inside and can accept digital signal from a streamer. For what it’s worth I have the PM6004 and it”s a banging amp.

  • Now $738.44. Somehow in notifications, it shows $736.23?

    • +1

      Amazon international seems constantly update the price according to their exchange rate, I've updated the price in title.

      • No worries mate. It was 19% off now 17% off. It’s more of a question of how ozb works because the price in notifications does not match anything.

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