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HEYMIX 25W USB C 25W Fast Wall Charger $11.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ SAA Selection via Amazon AU


Seems to be a good deal if reviews are correct comparing it to the similar Samsung Charger

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    FYI, there's gonna be a lightning deal for a 4 pack one in ~14mins

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    There are a lot of stories of these blowing up or failing on OzB. Sounds like it's money down the drain at any price. Stick with a reliable brand

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      Same here. We're risking over $1k phone and $2k laptop for about $20 savings.

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        I've never had one of these fail, at least of the brands that Ozb seems to trust and post each week. Regardless, most devices are smart enough these days that they handling the charging process, not the charger, basically avoiding any of these concerns.

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      For this model?

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      There are a lot of stories of these blowing up or failing on OzB. Sounds like it's money down the drain at any price.

      Also sounds like a valid reason to neg the deal to me. It's like the power boards that get posted on here. The comments always say they are faulty and shit, yet it always ends up with a bunch of positive votes. So unless you people trawl through the comments they won't know the issues. The only way to make this more obvious is to actually vote down a deal. It's not an attack on the OP for taking the time to post the deal at all, just of the product itself.

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        Second hand stories?

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          Yeah I follow these chargers closely and have yet to see a first hand story posted on one of these deals it's always "I've heard stories", I could have missed it but negging a deal based on someone else experience with a product…

          • @Annoying Source: When the thing is powering devices over a grand, I wouldn't risk it to save a few bucks. Don't take it personal. You can take the risk if you want with your devices and you can up vote the deal. Personally, I listen to the feedback from other Ozbargain members.

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              @PainToad: That's what I'm talking about, I'm not blindly taking advice from an OzB member that clearly doesn't understand the effort that has gone into the design and manufacturing of a 1k phone. If a bad changer is enough to brick a current flagship device, it's an issue with the device not the charger. Phones and laptops are smarter than that.

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                @Annoying Source:

                If a bad changer is enough to brick a current flagship device it's an issue with the device not the charger

                While I don’t agree with this comment, if it is genuinely a device issue it still makes more sense to buy a ~$30 charger that works with your ~$1000 device

                I’m all for saving a few bucks but chargers is something I’d rather spend a bit more on

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                @Annoying Source: Phones can try to protect themselves. But there are limits.

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          Can confirm first hand that my Heymix charger fried at the wall AND destroyed my phone battery.

          • @Kiran90: Oh 💩 maybe I will return my one, i bought a two pack a couple of weeks ago. It sparks when plug I plug it in.

          • @Kiran90: Damn well maybe I should reassess the quality of the ones I have, was that one of these chargers or the bigger GaN chargers?

            None of the ones I own or have gotten others to purchase have failed yet, I only own (and recommend) the GaN chargers and not any of these smaller chargers but I wouldn't want something I've recommended to brick a friends phone :(

            • @Annoying Source: It was the 20W PD Charger 2-Pack that I got. It had one USB-C and one USB-A port. The people at the phone repair place said dual fast-charge ports run too hot and are not recommended, so maybe that's where my issue was. But based on the item description I'd have expected it to at least not fry my phone

              And for context, I have a Samsung S21 and it wasn't smart enough to not fry itself…

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        I have a few of the dual ones and had no issues

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      Can confirm, this is exactly what happened to me. Granted I had a dual-plug fast charge but it not only blew up at the wall socket, but fried my phone battery and forced me to get it repaired.

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      I got a bunch of cheap Chinese chargers from another deal, not this brand. The car charger worked for a while and then blew a fuse in the car. The wall charger emitted a subtle, but annoying high pitched noise at all times. Chucked them out and now just pay a bit extra for a "brand name".

    • Yep. I bought a 4-pack, and 3 out of the 4 had a high pitched coil whine from the start. 1 has since failed (luckily when not in use), but the internals clearly aren't up to scratch.

  • Seems like a deal on these twice a week recently. Bought a couple for like 7-8 bucks each a few weeks ago. Then checked the blowup reviews and not sure if I'm game enough to use them :)

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      i use mine only if im at my desk to supervise it.

  • Any recommendations for iphone 13 pro charger?

    • thats a really good deal

    • Anyone getting an error trying to add the $20

      • Says An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later.
        when clipping

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      How? I get starting price of $49.99 and then $20 off = $29.99.

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        I think we're late. Not bad still

  • any super fast charging deals for s21 ultra etc?

    • These work with S21 Ultra

      • yep, people just need to remember it’s a 25w charger …..my new oppo came with 70w charger ….. people just need to remember that for some phones charge speed is dependent on wattage of charger …. so 25w is fast compared to 12w but not compared to 70w …… i use 25w to be gentle on the battery and cooler charge and longer battery life.

    • These will be super fast charger on s21 if they are the same quality as Samsung's own brand

      • I do have samsung's own 25w charger, but was looking for the 45w to try them out.

        • Won't see any benefit as Samsung s21 doesn't support higher

          • @asa79: s21 ultra doesnt support 45w?

          • @asa79: My Note 20 Ultra supported the 45W charger as Super fast charger, I cant imagine s21 Ultra which was released after note 20 not supporting it.

            • @abs898: The S22 Ultra supports 45W but the S21 Ultra does not.

  • Looking for similar but 2 port. Anyone do a good one for similar $$$s?

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    Keep in mind that this does not support a heap of the standard USB PD voltages. The peak USB PD voltage supported by this charger is 9V, so it won't fast charge an iPhone at 18W which requires 12V, and it won't charge your laptop, most of which require at least 15V (ideally 20V).

    It does have USB PD PPS, up to 11V, so it might be a decent choice for a very modern phone that supports PPS, but the iPhone and most laptops do not.

    • Would this charge an iphone 12 pro max @ 22w?

      Iphone 12 Pro max has Fast charging 22W and USB Power Delivery 2.0.

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        No, the iPhone requires 12V or higher for fast charging. You'd probably be limited to 15W (5V 3A) with this charger.

        • thank you

          • @Lionchu: Actually, let me clarify that. I know my iPhone 13 Pro requires a 12V charger to fast charge at 22W, but I believe the earlier iPhones shipped with a 9V charger, so this may work with your iPhone 12. I'm not 100% certain though, sorry.

            • @joshau: The iPhone 12 was the first iphone that ships without a charging adapter.

  • Clicked on the link and it wad 16.99 for 1

    • In Amazon under the price you just have to check the box to apply the Coupon Discount

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    GoodGuys Commercial (Superannuation access-Australian Retirement Trust previously SunSuper)
    1.Belkin 25w PPS USB-C $15.00
    2.Belkin 37w PPS (25w USB-C + 12w USB-A) $18.00
    2.Samsung 25w PPWS USB-C $18.00

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    EXPLOSION spelt backwards is HEYMIX.

    • -1

      😂 explosive deal 🔌💣

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