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Zumist 60W Car Phone Charger $7.22 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ZUMIST Amazon AU


I bought one during this deal. I am happy with it so far. Charges my Galaxy S20 superfast. Comes with USB-C cable too!

50% coupon applied at checkout.

First-time poster :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Was gonna post this last night but it was late and I was sleeepy. But I got one, epic deal I reckon.

    • True, cable itself could be worth this price, lol.

  • Can I use this with USB-A? It looks like it has USB-A port but there's no mention of it

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      I can confirm it has both USB-A and C. Can charge both at the same time.

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        But note that fast charge does not work if both plugged in. Mentions it in the first point "Please Note: When the vehicle voltage is used at the same time as QC and PD ports, the maximum output power is 24W"

      • Thanks OP - got one

  • Thanks, the Baseus one couldnt do Samsung Super Fast Charging (25W)

  • The question is, are you happy with it?

    • Yes I am, I paid $13.59 under previous deal. Bought another one today for my other car.

  • it says it's rated at 60w but the ad mentions only 24w simultaneously? is that correct? That seems useless.

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      Yes it's 60W and 30W max on the C and A ports, respectively, or 48W combined*.
      Useless is not a reasonable description IMHO.

      *Unless that's only with 24V as discussed below, then maybe it is a reasonable description!

  • Grabbed 2 thanks

  • 50% discount only applies to the first one

    • Put it through as separate orders and it will likely work

      • Yeah, just did that.

        Actually first one gets 50% off, second one (in the same order) looks like 25% off.

        But putting in separate orders for one each time gets the 50% discount repeatedly.

        • I picked up two and noticed that I had to do them as separate orders to get both at 50% off.

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    Bought one of these during the last deal also and can't fault it. Small enough to not get in the way.

    Just keep in mind, 60W is in a 24V vehicle (eg: trucks, some boats, some larger 4x4s). In a 12V vehicle (most bikes, cars, suvs) those numbers are halved.

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      Where is this

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        Just found this: https://www.rewardbargain.com.au/bargain/n/990ed8b5bb0bb/zum...

        Question 5: Can I charge with Laptop?
        Yes. When the vehicle voltage is 12V, the PD power is 36W, it could charge laptop. If under the 24V (larger trucks) vehicles, the PD will work with 60W.

        If that's the case some people may be looking for a return.

        Also says

        【Please Note: When the vehicle voltage is 12V, the PD power is 36W. When the vehicle voltage is used at the same time as QC and PD ports, the maximum output power is 24W.】

        Why is the first part left off the Amazon listing?
        Maybe it's a different/updated model, but I highly doubt it…

        PS. Never seen this cheap trash rip-off 'RewardBargain' site before. Apparently they started it a year and a half ago.

      • It affects almost every car charger that outputs charge voltages over ~12v.

        I'm aware of a few by Baseus that do a 12v to 20v+ conversion for higher wattage chargers, but they are few and far between.

  • Thanks got 4 family gonna be happy

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        Export Accompanying Document ??

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        Excellent Acquisition Desi

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    Issue with coupon. I think deal expired.

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    no more 50% off, shows as $14.44 for 1 piece

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    Yeah, click the deal thing and shows error, or just goes away.
    All gone I expect :(

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    Also found https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08V8ZK5KZ for $14.44 (coincidence?), which looks identical (even same model number, but no included cable) and says

    GENUINE STATEMENT:『Someone copy our products and sold them at ultra-low prices. The safety and quality of their products cannot be guaranteed. The same model does NOT mean the same product. Please identify them before purchasing.』

    Also doesn't say anything about 12/24V.

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      The safety and quality of their products cannot be guaranteed.

      As if they are genuine brand themselves lol

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        I'll not allow you to utter a bad word about the well-respected ZingZhang… Zhonghang!

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      This is just another charger sold on alibaba and rebranded. Wouldn't be surprised if these show up branded in jbhifi for $70+ lol

  • $2 off - price is now $12.44

  • Sweet I got one, I have a Belkin wireless car charger which seems really slow with the supplied charger.

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    Just arrived.
    It's branded as Heymix on the charger itself. The box and manual are unbranded, sticker on box says Zumist.
    Found this - the Amazon listing is an exact copy of that, including the incorrect QC4 mention in the title.

    No mention on that page or on the charger of maximum power only being available with 24V.


    • Plugged it in, Pixel 5 shows 'charging rapidly', whereas my old (18W) one didn't.
      My USB tester is only showing difference of quarter to half amp higher though (ie. about 1.5A up to 2A and both only 5.1V, but my tester isn't very good.)

  • Just received mine. "Supercharges" my Galaxy S21+. Stoked with it, thanks OP.

  • Got mine today. Its super fast charge with usb c port but if you use usb port for dashcam power it drops to fast charge only. The Baseus still keeps super fast charge. It is cheap for certain reason. I paid for full price. Im quite disappointed and will return it tmr

    • It says in multiple places in the listing that it works that way…

  • Got mine today, didnt try out yet but couple of dodgy things.

    Its heymix not zumist

    The leaflet doesnt mention 65w anywhere

    Did they send me the wrong product?


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