This was posted 3 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 Off $10.01 Minimum Spend (Free VIP Membership Required) - Free C&C / + Delivery @ Spotlight


Greetings everyone, just tried a few variations of codes and found this one which is currently working. Even better now that they have implemented free C&C.

Not sure on the expiry of this one. Get in quick if you want to order.

Have to spend more than $0.01 as the payment errors if the total is $0.

Note: Code BONUS10 also works.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Cheers OP!

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Anyone find any $10 goodies? Some $10 stuff below:
    Galvanized Bucket
    Roasting Pan/Tray
    Gas Flame Lighter
    Crepe Pan
    Frying Pan

  • Payment isn't going through for $0
    But yes the codes are working, thanks OP
    I've run out of candles, this is a good chance to restock!

    • +2

      Ah okay, so is there >$0.01 after coupon spend required? Sorry I didn't try checking out yet, but can update if that's the case :)

      • Yup payment required, so needs to be > 0.01 to checkout

        • Thanks for confirming :)

      • +1

        Yes correct and I used each code to get $15 orders down to $5 each :) codes cannot be reused on the same profile.
        Missus trying with her account now lol
        Edit: codes no longer working?
        Edit2: she has not been logged in <facepalm>

    • Need extra to cover refunds for payment.

  • I'm having an issue at checkout, assuming you may need to spend over $10?

  • +5

    Had issues with $0 payment, so had to add something to make it 0.50c and then it worked
    Some tips:
    - each section has a hot buys link, use that and sort by price
    - Edit cart then move items to click and collect

    • What did you find for 50c. My total is exactly $10 and everything I find under $1 is not in stock for c/&c

      Edit: never mind, found a 40c balloon

  • wow finally free click and collect! thanks for the heads up OP!

  • +3

    Code doesn't work for me:

    Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

    • +1

      Make sure you’re using full capital letters as the code is case sensitive. And CELEBRATE10 may not work on some items that are on sale, BONUS10 should be fine.

    • +1

      Check if you are logged in to your account

      • Oh right forgot this was just for members cheers

  • +1

    Cheers doweyy. Ordered 4 pillows for $7 C&C - great deal.

    • Your back and neck won't think so

  • Thanks for the post

  • Got a $10 clock and added a mini whisk for $1 to bring it over the line. Thanks!

    • Got the same

  • Thanks so much. Worked fine. Just had to log in first.

  • +1

    Thank you, did 2 transactions and got themed balloons for my kids bday parties for a total cost of 80c!

  • +1

    Thanks op did two transactions had to throw a 40c balloon into each to get over $10 but great deal

  • +1

    both the codes don't work for me. I am logged in and VIP.

    Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

  • +1

    Not working anymore

  • working for me

  • +1

    Sill working.

  • Just now ordered. BONUS10 is working for me.

  • BONUS10 just worked for me. 35cm Pizza Pan for $1.20

  • Ordered 4 bath towels ($2.50/ea) and a face washer ($1) FTW

    • +1

      Cheers bought 4 with a 40c balloon

  • Amazing. Thanks
    I bought few towels for just 3 dollars.

  • Thank you, got some stuff I know I'll use, $1.06 over the two orders :)

  • I did 2 transactions, 1 with each code. And they both worked 👏👏👏 means 20 dollars saving.

  • +1

    Grabbed this door mat for $5. There's some cheaper and smaller designs available. I used CELEBRATE10 this time.

    I suspect each code can only be used once per account.

    • +1

      I got the same one using BONUS10. Thanks sween64!

  • +2

    Bought a toilet brush for $1 after code.

    • +2

      I prefer using a bidet, the brush is a bit rough for my rear.

    • It says toilet brush holder, not sure if it also comes with the brush?

  • Apron and foam tape for 16 cents total.

    • +2

      Cheers bought 4 foam tape. Will be useful to reuse led strips

  • marble cake stand

    Also got. $2.50 standard doormat to total $1.30

    What a bargain

    • Is the cake board/stand made from marble or is it cardboard with a marble-look wrap?

  • Was anyone able to collect their click &Collect order ? If yes, was it a smooth transaction or did the team member asked for coupon proof ?

    • +2

      picked up my order from the store, No question from the staff at all.

  • Not sure why, but CELEBRATE10 didn't work for me, just BONUS10. Thanks!

  • My order is cancelled.

  • Was working a few minutes ago but not anymore!

  • Both orders cancelled

  • +2

    I just picked up my two orders from the store, both used the code. No question from the staff at all. 5 Bath towels for $2.50

  • None of the codes working for me :(

  • Are orders being cancelled now?

  • Both orders cancelled, “unable to supply”……looks like they don’t want to honour them

  • I put through one order which was small enough it got picked ready for collection and so it doesn't seem to be cancelled…

  • +1

    2/3 orders cancelled and refunded

    • Any update on the third one?

      • Available for pick up, heading in tomorrow.

  • Order cancelled :(

  • Refunded :-(

  • +1

    picked up my order from the store, No question from the staff at all.

  • +1

    First order is ready for collecting. Picking it up after work.
    Second order was cancelled.

    EDIT: Picked up the first without issues.

  • Too slow for a second order, but my first is ready for collection… no cancellation so far.

  • +1

    Both of my orders are ready for collection.

  • +1

    3 orders went through and collect tomorrow.

  • Picked up both my orders no problems.

  • My order was canceled :(

  • Got email. My orders are ready to collect 😁

  • Cancelled :(

  • Cancelled and refunded

  • +1

    Ordered twice and picked up both from the same store. No issues. Got pickup confirmation sms 30 min after placing order.

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