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[Pre Order] North Face Venture 2 Jacket (Mens/Womens) $149.95 Shipped (RRP $229.95) @ Rushfaster


Save $80 Off North Face Venture 2 Jacket (Mens/Womens) $149.95 Shipped (RRP$229.95)

Pre order, ETA late May.

Women's: https://rushfaster.com.au/products/the-north-face-womens-ven...
Men's: https://rushfaster.com.au/products/the-north-face-mens-ventu...

Rushfaster offers 100 day free returns as always
Rushfaster has 4.9 stars on Google
9am-10pm live chat M-F, 12-8pm Weekends
Ships from Australia in late may, some orders may ship immediately
Good stock/size availability currently
Ends in 8 days

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      for orange in s or xl, or navy or teal. if you want black… come to us.

  • Hi OP, are there currently any coupons available for the rushfaster outlet?

    • Rushfaster outlet prices are already keen

      • +2

        No worries, was worth a try - as my folks would say, if you dont ask you dont get : )

        Was hoping there might be another 40% off like we've had in the past

        Thanks anyways

        • That's usually right at the end of outlet to clear anything that doesn't sell. What are you looking at?

          • @RushfasterAu: Makes sense

            I've got my eye on the Bellroy weekender - i've wanted one for ages but reckon I would be in the doghouse if I bought it

            • @JointyJay: Ah yep, that one is 30% off. Tbh, it probably won't get to 40% because 30% off bellroy is a very good deal.

              • @RushfasterAu: Fair enough too - they make great gear. I have one of their wallets that is still going strong after 6 years

                Pay day tomorrow so might see if I can still swing it

                Thanks for the replies and stocking great gear

                • @JointyJay: np. We have afterpay also. And can reserve it for you for 2 days if you wish. Just ask our team on live chat 9am-10pm

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    • ^lockdown announcement not included
    • +1

      Yes. Even anaconda is more expensive than us.

  • -1

    I managed to snag one for $53 from a deleted OzBargain post (it was the only one in stock at Amazon). Such a great jacket, but probably wouldn't pay more than $100 for it (In the end, it is just a raincoat, a good one, and nice and light, but $150 is so expensive in my mind)

    • Thanks the deal of the century! Certainly not a regular occurrence. Just Amazon clearing bits and pieces that are getting in the way.

    • How warm does the jacket get? I like the sound of it being light and waterproof

      • It isn't warm at all. Very light and waterproof. Great windbreaker, but doesn't add any warmth. I wear it over a fleece.

        • Okay that's good to know, thanks mate

        • Sounds great for running or fast walking in the rain

    • Can i ask how the sizing was for you? Unsure if i may be a size small or medium hm

    • Yep. I agree a train coat is not worth 100+

      • what's a train coat

  • Where is this made?

  • -2

    Got it half price from The North Face store not long ago, no deal.

    • why didnt you post it on here

    • Share the love next time

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