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Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaning Tablets 8×1.5g $17.99 Delivered @ Coffeeelisa eBay


Keep your precious coffee machine in best condition using the Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner. These tablets cleaners help you maintain a clean machine, removing mineral buildup and coffee oils from your carafe, and preventing stains in essential pipes of your coffee machine. Freshen up your coffee machine at home with Breville Eco coffee residue cleaner.

Construction Odourless, phosphate and GMO free, and biodegradable ingredients

Mass 1.5g (per tablet)

Use and care Store in a cool dry place Refer to user manual’s instructions for proper usage and dosage

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    Pretty terrible deal. If you must go with these Breville ones and not some 3rd party cleaner (which are much, much cheaper), you can get a 40 pack of these for $27 at Amazon.

  • Bargain is?

    I paid $17.95 on 21 April for the same thing… this is regular pricing on ebay

  • Cup of vinegar should do the trick, it's what I use in the kettle, $3 for 2 litres at Cole's

    • -1

      I've read that you should be using vinegar to run through the machine occasionally (more often if you don't use filtered water) and using cleaning tablets like once a month. The 3rd party cleaning tablets are so cheap it doesn't really matter how often you do it. We find we get better pressure when we run the machine through the cleaning cycle using these sorts of tablets.

      • I'm not keen on chemical's in the mix, but yeah sure the chemicals do a better job

      • +1

        I've read that you should be using vinegar to run through the machine occasionally

        I've read you can ruin coffee machine by vinegar. There are other odourless acids which won't make you coffee smell like cider. :)

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      Cup of vinegar should do the trick, it's what I use in the kettle, $3 for 2 litres at Cole's

      These tables for removing oils left by coffee.
      They are not for boiler but for backflush line and solenoid valve only.

      Acids are used to remove scale. Although vinegar is not recommended for coffee machines.

  • +2

    You can get Cafetto 500g for around the same price

    • +1

      We get the Cafetto S15 tablets. 100 for about $23 on eBay.

    • +1

      Yep. It's nuts to pay for these radically overpriced tablets.

    • +1

      I was shocked at the lesson I learnt about buying coffee cleaning tablets too (thankfully before actually buying Cafetto in the end). The price for 'branded' tablets vs generic is astronomical.

      Reminds me of the days I was into PCs and they'd make it sound like your computer wouldn't work unless you bought the specific branded recommended RAM mentioned in the motherboard manual.

  • +2

    Can be found on eBay for $13.71 delivered


  • I was told denture tablets did the same trick. Not sure if it does though, can anyone vouch for this method?

    • why bother just get proper ones without a breville logo for cheap

  • I got 8 cafetto tabs from eBay recently but no outside package!

  • +1

    I picked up a tub of 40 tablets 8 tablets per pack 5 blister packs for $29 from the good guys.
    8 for $18 is a horrible price.

  • +5

    Yes, horrible price. These tabs are $1500/kg, Better to buy the organic Cafetto powder 1kg container for $21.95 from here: https://www.baristasupplies.com.au/1kg-evo-organic-clean-caf...

    • Need to add $10 shipping from what I can tell: better off getting it off amazon if you can hit free shipping

      • Ah, yes, good find. Might save me the drive next time although Barista Supplies are great to visit and very helpful. Recommend them.

    • Better to buy the organic Cafetto powder 1kg container

      Listen to the most reasonable person here. :)

      • +2

        lol "organic" potassium carbonate, sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate

    • +1

      concur, plus you can soak clean your filter, portafilter, filter basket and steam spout with the powder. instructions all there from cafetto / YouTube. owner of dual boiler here.

      • plus machine doesn't need to break down the tablets already powder form and helping the environment less blister packaging

  • +2

    GMO free

    These tablets are mostly Sodium carbonate and Sodium percarbonate.
    Do you have any GMO cleaning tablets?
    Asking for a friend who is a big fan of GMO.

    • +1

      Always found this anti-GMO hysteria a bit depressing. Not only are they totally safe to eat, there's massive environmental benefits by making agriculture more sustainable which is critically needed.

      Oh well, can't have efficiency because everyone wants their 'special' crops, lovingly fellated by a farmer who may as well be pissing phosphates up a wall.

      … Yes I'm aware we've got off topic here lol.

  • I use this on my machine, a pack will last you years (I clean my machine monthly, it’s used 5 times a week)

    Buy it when Inglewood has their 40-50% off everything sale

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    active ingredient: sodium percarbonate. (a mild bleach)

    If you want cheap, $3 will buy a lifetime supply (1kg = 300 doses)


    The label does not list other ingredients, but if you check the MSDS, it is all the same as machine-cleaning tablets.
    And yes, completely safe with no odour. It works well.

    e.g. https://naturesorganics.com.au/app/uploads/2018/10/Laundry%2...

    That is the Bargain Way.
    Some people mentioned vinegar, but that is for descaling and goes into the water tank. This powder or the tablets go into the portafilter with a rubber disc for a cleaning cycle.
    I use citric acid rather than vinegar, as less risk of residual taste.

  • +2

    House have the 40 pack for $26.99 (plus delivery)


  • Breville don't make their own tablets. They believe they are made by https://www.cafetto.com/

    I purchase the cafetto branded ones from ebay - example below - 100 tablet for $23.

    • They believe

      are they wrong?

      • +1

        Sorry, typo from me. I meant to say I believe they are made by https://www.cafetto.com/

    • +1

      Yes, the Breville tabs ARE made by Cafetto. Says on the Breville container "Manufactured by Cafetto".

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